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The X Factor Recap: The Final Auditions Bring Some Massive Talent

September 29, 2011 06:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Simon Cowell, and the crew are back tonight for more auditions on The X Factor on Fox. With the final hopefuls from New York, New Jersey and around the nation, will they find talent, or will these hopefuls fall flat? Read on for all the highlights!

The X Factor was back tonight for the final audition episode. This time, they were in Newark, NJ for the New York/New Jersey auditions. Up first for the auditions was Brian, who claimed that in another five years, he would be bigger than Jay-Z. 14-year-old Brian Bradley called Simon out when Simon referred to him as a “mini L.A. Reid,” and then he went on with his performance of “Stop Looking At My Mom” which was great. Brian had the entire audience and judging panel, with the exception of Simon, dancing along with him. Simon Cowell told Brian that he was the most arrogant and argumentative contestants, but he loved him, and all the other judges followed suit. L.A. Reid said that in all his years at Def Jam records, he was looking for Brian, but Brian never walked in. With 4 yes’s Brian Bradley was moving on to the next round!

Then we watched many others sail through such as Kelly Warner, a hairdresser at a nursing home with a gorgeous voice, and Aaron Surgeon, who pulled off an Aerosmith tune for the panel. Liliana Rose Andreano worked her magic on the judges with “You Are My Sunshine,” and Simon told her despite not looking like a singer, she was one of his favorite auditions of the day. 43-year-old Andy, who seemed to only be interested in getting a girlfriend, tried desperately to impress the judges with his rendition of “Hero.” which was absolutely awful. All four judges told him no, but Simon assured him he would have an easier time with the ladies now.

And the horrible auditions continued, but then we met Clarissa, an office worker, who hoped she could impress the panel. Clarissa “Cashmere” Cheatham gave us her rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby,” but it was not good, much to her dismay. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul could not stop laughing, and then Simon insulted her by saying the people who scream when she sings karaoke were not screaming in compliment of her. Nouf Taraman was up next with a bad performance, and when the audience started to boo, she snapped at them. Jean Loup Wolfman, a life coach took the stage the next, and L.A. Reid told him he was lucky he couldn’t hear himself! 58-year-old Maya Lehmann was hoping to impress with “We Are The Champions,” but it was another awful audition, leaving us to wonder where all the East Coast talent was?

The X Factor auditions continued with New Jersey native, Cari Fletcher. 17-year-old Cari performed “Alone” by Heart and it was unbelievably good. Simon Cowell told her despite her great vocals, she was boring. But, this talented young lady managed to get all yes’s. After a few more, quick yes’s, a duo called Ausem was up next. Emily and Austin performed “Jar Of Hearts,” and they were good. Simon Cowell loved them and gave them a yes. L.A. Reid said that he thought Austin was a star, and gave them a yes based on Austin only. Nicole Scherzinger also said she didn’t think the duo worked, but she liked Austin and eventually gave them a yes. Ausem was sent through to the next round.

The X Factor continued with nationwide auditions, and the first up was Tora Waloshin, a student studying auto mechanics. With her tattoos and love of cars, Simon called her the “perfect girl,” and Tora took control of the stage with her rendition of “I Want You Back” by The Jacksons, and she rocked it! This talented gal really impressed with her stage presence and star quality, and Simon Cowell told her that she could be something special. Needless to say, Tora was moving on! Jor-el Garcia was up next and very confident in his ability to impress. This character was more of performer than singer, as he had the crowd laughing to his performance of Madonna’s “Lucky Star,” but the judges were not impressed. Jor-el was sent packing after Simon told him he didn’t know what was worse – his singing or dancing!

And the comical auditions continued with multiple hopefuls who thought they had the “moves” to impress – I thought this was a singing competition? The Stereo Hogzz were up next, a group of friends determined to prove they had The X Factor. This band had the moves and the vocals, although Simon said it was “over-rehearsed,” everyone sent them through. 26-year-old model, Brennin Hunt was up next and he was super confident, or was it cocky? Brennin performed his very own tune that he wrote, and despite the fact that we thought his attitude would kill him, Brennin had a great voice. Simon Cowell said he could make Brennin into a great artist, and all the other judges loved him as well. Brennin was sent through to the next round.

Paige Elizabeth Ogle impressed with “You and I” by Lady GaGa, followed by 59-year-old Leroy Bell, who sang “Lean On Me” – both were sent through. The Brewer Boys, a duo of teen boys, as well as 14-year-old Nick Dean, who sang his own song were both sent through to the next round. Then we met 21-year-old Devon Talley, a retail worker, who hoped to impress with his performance of “Seasons Of Love,” but it was awful. Devon’s performance seemed to be never ending, but finally Simon Cowell called it off, and at that point, Devon blamed his nerves and said he had a second song. Then Devon began to sing again, despite the attempts to get him to stop – and he was quickly shut down and sent home.

With the auditions coming to a close, the final contestant was Jazzlyn Little. This 16-year-old came in extremely nervous. Jazzlyn seemed to have a low self esteem, but continued on with her audition of “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige, and ironically her nerves went down as soon as she started to perform. Jazzlyn had an awesome voice and she rocked the stage, earning her a standing ovation. L.A. Reid told Jazzlyn that she even had a superstar name, while Paula called her a “gem and a star” and Simon said he wanted to see her with confidence. The judges obviously sent her through to the next round, so we will see Jazzlyn again.

Be sure to tune in next week for the start of Boot Camp on The X Factor on FOX!

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