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The Amazing Race Recap: Double Elimination

October 02, 2011 06:56 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on CBS, two teams are sent home from The Amazing Race. Which teams have their journey around the world cut short? Keep reading for all the details!

The teams are headed to Indonesia for the second leg of the race.  Teams are rattled when they learn, for the first time in race history, there is double elimination.  Everyone is on the same playing field, because all teams take the same flight to Indonesia. The sibling team, Justin and Jennifer, continue to fight with each other like they are toddlers.  All the other teams seem extremely annoyed by their bickering. 

Road block:

And the race begins!  It’s a fight with the taxis to hunt down the first clue.  Bill and Cathi, the grandparents, are the first to arrive at the road block.  However, since they were the last to arrive in the first leg of the race, Bill and Cathi must complete an extra task.  The “speed bump” task in untying a knotted rope, which they complete very quickly. 

The road block is spelunking!  Once the person repels down the mountain into the cave they must find a mask and a sword.  The teams must then make their way out of the cave and climb a huge bamboo ladder.  After the climb up the ladder, teams are given their next clue.  Bill and Cathi, Liz and Marie and Ernie and Cindy are the first three to teams to finish the road block.  Zac, Kaylani, and Bill are the last three people in the cave.  Poor Ron and Bill are the last team to leave this road block, but are determined to catch up.

It’s detour time! 

Teams must now choose between two tasks.  They can choose to be either a street dancer or work as a motorbike attendant.  All the money they earn must be delivered to the local orphanage.  Marie and Liz, the twins, decide to try the street dancing to earn their money. Bill and Cathi and Ernie and Cindy opt for the motorbike attendants.  Ernie and Cindy quickly park all the bikes and are in first place. Jenna and Ethan are in the middle of the pack and also choose to do the dancing task. 

Ernie and Cindy arrive at the orphanage first, to donate the money they earn, but they do NOT notice the sign that instructs them to leave all the money they have with them.  Bill and Cathi and Liz and Marie also don’t see the sign and only leave the money they earned. 

Tommy and Andy are the first team to actually read the sign and leave all their money.  

The only other teams to read the sign and follow the right instructions are Lawrence and Zac and Kaylani and Lisa.

The teams all receive a crest from the orphanage and must figure out the final pit stop, which is a palace.  Ernie and Cindy arrive first, but Phil tells them they didn’t leave all their money at the orphanage.  Cindy breaks down crying because she can’t believe she missed the sign.  Cindy cries saying, “Growing up in a competitive Asian environment, there is nothing short of success.”  Cindy and Ernie run back to the orphanage to leave their money.  The teams of Liz and Marie, Bill and Cathi also learn that they didn’t leave their money, frustrated they head back to the orphanage. 

The final check-point!

Tommy and Andy finish in first place, because they were the first team to see teh sign and leave all their money.  Lawrence and Zac would have been the eighth team to arrive, but because they also read the sign, they are actually team number two. Kaylani and Lisa are surprised to learn they are the team number three.

The last two teams to arrive, and therefore eliminated, are Ethan and Jenna and Bill and Ron! 

Both teams are very gracious about leaving The Amazing Race.  Ethan comments that since he beat cancer he just, “wants to take advantage of every single moment.”  While Bill and Ron say they had an amazing time and “it’s just a chapter in our race.”

The following is a list of how teams placed:

Tommy and Andy

Lawrence and Zac

Kaylani and Lisa

Cindy and Ernie

Liz and Marie

Jeremy and Sandy

Bill and Cathi

Justin and Jennifer

Amani and Marcus

Ethan and Jenna – eliminated

Bill and Ron – eliminated 

Are you surprised that Jenna and Ethan were eliminated so early from the race?  Let us know what you think, comment below!

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