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Dirty Soap Recap: Family Drama

October 03, 2011 07:13 AM by Lori Wilson

Week two of Dirty Soap introduces some of the casts’ family, which provides a whole new level of drama. While Kirsten deals with her brother leaving for flight school, Farah and Brandon face their significant others’ mothers. For more of what went down on the E! reality show, keep on reading.

JP’s mother Bambi comes to visit her son and Farah in New York so she can go to the One Life to Live fan luncheon. Farah thinks Bambi has high expectations of her and she wants to make a good impression. There’s clearly tension between the women though, especially when Bambi shows up with her own pillows and milk. Before the event, Bambi micromanages her son and encourages him to wear his pajama pants. Farah is livid because she is trying to get him to break his habit of wearing them out of the house. She wants him to grow up and for Bambi to let her son go.

At the fan event, Bambi sits down and signs autographs next to JP and Farah, who greet their biggest fans. Bambi tells stories about giving birth to her son. Mortified by her behavior, Farah assumes Bambi is jealous of her. Back at the house, Bambi privately questions her son about his move to L.A. She’s concerned Farah is coercing him.

Over at Nadia and Brandon’s house, Nadia’s mother cooks for them and Nadia’s brothers. Brandon eats before everyone else sits down, which upsets Nadia’s mom. She also gets irritated when he plays with his phone during their meal. Their neighbor Mike stops by and Nadia’s mom lavishes praise on him. Brandon is visibly offended, but says he just has to let it go. On another day, Nadia tells her mother she wants to set her up on a date. However, Nadia’s mom thinks her daughter has bad taste in men, besides she’s still in love with Nadia’s deceased father. She then tells Nadia she doesn’t like the way Brandon treats her. She jokingly tells Nadia she will kill her herself if she marries Brandon and has kids with him. He is not the right person. Later, when Nadia tells Brandon her mother was criticizing him, he says he only cares what she thinks. He knows he’ll never be good enough for Mama, but in an attempt to make nice, he brings her flowers. It doesn’t help though because Nadia’s mother tells him he is immature and has no class. He will never make a good husband.

At the Gering household, Jenna leaves Galen at home with the kids so she can get pampered at the spa. This will be the first time Galen has been alone with the kids for more than an hour and a half. Once Jenna is gone, his son Jensen locks himself in a room and can’t get out. Galen grabs a ladder and climbs up to the window to rescue his son. Jenna returns, but Galen doesn’t tell her what happened. Later in the evening, Galen and Jenna hit the hot tub and enjoy wine and chocolate cake. Galen eventually tells his wife about Jensen’s antics. Galen toasts to his wife for doing a great job of raising their kids.

Elsewhere, Kelly Monaco hangs out with some friends at the pool. Her friend Lena brings up Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Mike, who she ran into. They discuss all the drama surrounding the relationship and how he changed for the worse. Kelly confesses she still loves Mike, but she had to let him go because things became unhealthy. Kelly later hosts a girls dinner at her house and the topic of dating comes up. Kelly admits she’s never dated because she’s had one boyfriend her whole life. Her friends encourage her to get out there, so Kelly suggests they each write down a name of a someone she should go out with. Kelly laughs as she promises to try and date every one of the guys listed, which include several celebrities such as her General Hospital co-star James Franco and Kevin Connolly, who she says is one of her good friends.

Across town, Kirsten and her brother Austin hang out and we learn he is getting ready to go to flight school for the Army. He is the only person in her immediate family she still talks to. Kirsten tears up as she recalls a fight she had with her mother years ago where upon her mother packed up her stuff and kicked her out of the house. She’s sad Austin is leaving but promises to help emotionally support his fiancée, who is also the mother of his child. Kirsten has her brother and his family over for dinner and breaks down over the thought of Austin leaving. Later, Kirsten shares a tearful goodbye with her brother.

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