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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — No Hug For You

October 05, 2011 06:48 PM by Ryan Haidet

Scattered.  That’s the best way I can describe tonight’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific.  The focus seemed to switch way too much from one point to another in an effort to clearly foreshadow upcoming events in the game.  It all started with Ozzy and Elyse swinging in the hammock together at Savaii.  Their quickly forming relationship was really rubbing Jim the wrong way since he saw it to be way too threatening.  So he concocted a plan to get rid of Elyse to shock Ozzy’s system.  He got Cochran on board and the duo joined hands in a new alliance.  Where did the show turn next?  Who was eliminated from the game after losing the duel on Redemption Island?  Read on to find out!

Brandon’s Nonstop Apologies

Switch to Upolu where Brandon was still struggling with his bizarre decisions in the game thus far.  So, he started apologizing to everybody.  He started with Mikayla for the way he had been acting the first few days.  Mikayla was accepting, but thought he was just making himself look like a fool.  She also said his actions should come as no surprise since he is related to one of the most notorious Survivor villains of all time — Russell Hantz.

Next, Brandon went to Edna to apologize to her.  But while trying to clear the air with her, he made the skies around Upolu so much murkier.  He told Edna that she was not part of the core alliance like she thought.  Instead, she was on the outside of their deal.  She was visibly upset by the entire situation.

The Second Duel Demise

Witnessing the duel this time around was Brandon and Edna for Upolu along with Cochran and Jim for Savaii.  Moments before the duel began, Brandon apologized to Christine for the way he had been acting.  Oh, geez.  Another apology?  I wish Brandon would realize that his apologies are making him look like a wimpy player.  Anyway, Christine accepted his apology, but said she didn’t necessarily believe it.

For the duel, Papa Bear and Christine tossed sand bags onto 10 crates at varying distances.  The first player to land a bag on all 10 crates would stay alive on Redemption Island.  This battle was extremely close as they were both tied at nine.  The nail-biting challenge came to a close when Christine landed the final bag and claimed victory for the second duel in a row.  Papa Bear gave her a big kiss, said his goodbyes and tossed his Savaii buff in the fire.  With that, Papa bear officially became the second person eliminated from this season.

More Scattered Scenes

Back at Upolu, Edna was trying to stay as polite as possible — especially after hearing what Brandon told her about being on the bottom of the tribe.  She was asking everybody lots of questions about their personal lives — lots of questions.  Then she did Coach a favor and walked on his back.  But her attempts to be polite really started irritating most people around camp.

Then switch gears back to Savaii.  Dawn was chatting with Cochran about Ozzy’s attitude, which came when she overheard jungle boy talking about Jim’s constant push to be strategic.  She clearly didn’t appreciate what Ozzy had to say and wanted to make sure Cochran was aware of it.  This is when Cochran took the opportunity to let the plan out of the bag.  He asked her to join with them in targeting Elyse at the next Tribal Council.  Although Dawn seemed more interested in ousting Ozzy, she agreed to the plan.  “I’ve been dying to be a part of something like this,” Cochran said in confessional regarding his potentially big move.  “Getting rid of Elyse is gonna devastate Ozzy and it might make the other pretty people feel a little bit less secured.”

Weight Battle

For the Immunity challenge, it was a competition we have seen throughout various seasons.  Three members from each tribe (two men, one woman) fought to hold as much weight as possible on a pole across their shoulders.

This challenge was very painful to watch the deeper it went.  Brandon and Jim made Survivor history by each holding 240 pounds — a record for the challenge.  Their efforts to fight stopped there as each dropped their poles shortly after reaching 240 pounds.  The battle came down to the two women: Dawn for Savaii and Stacey for Upolu.  Each woman was holding 140 pounds, and although it appeared Dawn was about to drop out, she outlasted Stacey and claimed victory for Savaii!  In addition to winning Immunity, Savaii also won Reward in the form of one rooster and two hens.

Brandon’s Paranoia

Both Edna and Stacey were concerned about their safety within the tribe when they all arrived back to camp following the challenge.  Edna was asking Stacey if she should pack her stuff just in case.  But Stacey was more worried about herself.  To try and stir things up, Stacey approached Brandon and told him to keep his eyes out for Sophie, Mikayla and Albert.  She warned him that they were working out their own deal without him.

So, in true Brandon fashion, he rushed over to Coach and told him they have a problem.  “Another one?” Coach asked.  When Brandon told him about Stacey’s warning, which he clearly believed, Coach snapped.  “Stop it.  No, I want you to stop it.  Stop it,” Coach said as Brandon looked down.  “Look at me.  Dude, look at me.  This game is gonna get so much crazier than this.  And if you believe somebody — tell me if somebody is sneaking up on me — if you believe somebody that is on death row, like Stacey knows she is, over somebody that is in our core alliance, then you might as well throw in the towel right now.  I’m telling you.  I don’t care what she says.”  At this point Brandon stood up and started to walk away from Coach.  Then Brandon threw out his dagger by asking Coach how many times he’s been screwed in the game before.

Tears & Trust

Probst was on his game during Tribal Council tonight.  While holding “tribal therapy,” Probst asked several players what the most annoying thing is about another specific castaway.  He started with Rick by asking him to dish on the most annoying thing about Albert.  Rick, who has barely been visible this entire season, said that Albert is annoying because he snores.  Next up was Brandon who was asked what was annoying about Edna.  He claimed she says too much.  Then Edna was asked the same question about Stacey.  “I don’t feel she opens up,” Edna said.

Then Probst’s question landed at Mikayla.  He asked her to explain the most annoying element about Brandon.  She started out by saying Brandon is a good kid, but explained that it’s annoying to know his uncle is Russell.  This sparked another Brandon speech about wanting to clear the Hantz family name from everything his evil uncle had done throughout three, er, two seasons of Survivor.  Cue the tears.  When Probst asked him why he was emotional, Brandon said he just wants to be somebody God is proud of.  He said it was his responsibility to place the Hantz name in a good light.


After all that, Probst tallied the votes and revealed that Stacey was eliminated by a landslide.  As she grabbed her torch, Coach suggested to the rest of the tribe that they offer her a hug.  When she walked by, Coach tried to embrace her but Stacey walked right through his hug.  As her torch was snuffed, Stacey vowed to Probst that she “will be back.”

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Are you a fan of Brandon’s?  Are you sad Papa Bear was eliminated?  Should Stacey have hugged Coach?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: South Pacific Recap — No Hug For You”

  1. maid marion Says:
    October 5th, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    survivor bikini quiz: does anyone know the brand of the bikini worn by elise?

  2. D. Snyder Says:
    October 6th, 2011 at 2:06 am

    I really can’t stand Brandon and can not believe they are keeping his whining butt in the game. It didn’t bother me to see Papa Bear go because he had no chance of winning the game. I have always disliked Coach but he is playing a much better game this year and isn’t as annoying. Ozzy better watch out with his laid back attitude, I think it will hurt him in the end. Haven’t been able to pick anyone yet that I really like and want to win

  3. Tina Says:
    October 25th, 2011 at 2:52 am

    I’m with maid Marion on the bikini question…the sort of red/orange one I think she was given at the start…


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