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Jersey Shore Recap: Flying Wine Bottles and Drunken Hook-Up Fallout

October 06, 2011 08:22 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore, Jionni left Snooki after she embarrassed him in the club by dancing with her skirt up, and by the end of the episode, Snooki was smushing with Vinny.  Keep reading to find out what will happen this week when Mike tries to find out who in the house is a rat…

After waking up with Vinnie, Snooki has a huge argument with Mike and tells him they’re no longer friends. Snooki and JWoww go out and Mike calls his friend to refresh his memory about the night he was with Snooki. After, Mike goes in to talk to Ronnie about it. He decides to tell him a lie and see if he rats him out. He tells Ronnie that he gave his friend Jionni’s phone number to tell him a;; about the night Snooki and Mike were together.

At a restaurant, Snooki and Jenni drink Mimosas and discuss Mike. Snooki claims she doesn’t remember having sex with him – only cuddling.

Later, Mike fills Pauly D in on his plan to see if Ronnie is a rat. Pauly tells the camera he’s sitting back with his popcorn to see everything hit the fan.  Sure enough, Sammi, who overheard Mike earlier, goes in and tells Snooki that Mike had his friend call Jionni. Snooki freaks out and starts throwing stuff at Mike while screaming at him. Ronnie’s jaw drops as she throws a wine bottle and it smashes against the wall! Everyone intervenes and Vinny says Mike didn’t actually have his friend call Jionni. Vinny thinks Mike should learn to stop lying after all the consequences he’s already faced.

Snooki ends up crying outside, while Mike tries to tell Pauly and Vinny that all she had to do was ask him and she could have avoided all the drama. Jenni comforts Snooki in the other room. Sammi tells Ronnie that Mike is a sick pig.

The next day, the guys head to Sicily, so the girls will go their own way. Jenni wakes up Snooki, who is rude to her. Meanwhile, the boys board their plane – Vinny is stoked to explore his heritage in Sicily – the mountains remind him of Jurassic Park. Ronnie isn’t sure about their rustic accommodations, but Vinny is thrilled to be meeting his mother’s family for the first time.

Vinny’s family members come out of the woodwork. Photos are taken and games are played. Vinny gets up and makes a toast during a meal. Later, he says he’ll remember this trip for the rest of his life.

The girls are on a wine tour. Sammi thinks the first winery is creepy. Snooki agrees it’s spooky and haunted in the cellars. They go up to do a tasting. The girl tells them about the history of the wine and how it’s made. Snooki burps and says she’s not into geography anymore – she just wants to talk about Jionni. When they’re finally allowed to talk about personal issues, a huge debate erupts over Jionni. Jenni tells Snooki to cut him loose, and Snooki doesn’t want to hear it.

Jenni confronts Snooki about cheating on Jionni with Vinny. She insists Jionni isn’t for her anyway. Snooki denies sleeping with Vinny, but Jenni says she knows she did. Deena tells the camera she knows Snooki did too, but wouldn’t call her out on it.

About 10 bottles of wine later, Snooki announces she’s horny as they make their way into the next winery. They don’t want to hear what the guy has to say – they just want more wine and cheese – and arguments.

Jenni tells Snooki she keeps feeding people lies.  Snooki says she’s no longer her best friend. Snooki runs out and down the road. It ends up being an awkward ride home.

Back at the house, Jenni and Snooki make up. JWoww tells her she just wants her to do something to deal with the guilt. Snooki calls her dad and says she misses Jionni.  Her dad tells her Jionni changed his Facebook status to ‘single’.

Snooki phones Jionni and confronts him about his Facebook. She cries about how much she’s hurting without him. She then announces that she has to tell him something and he’s never going to talk to her again. Snooki tells him she went to bed with Vinny. Jionni hangs up, but first says Vinny is dead if he sees him.

Snooki calls Jionni back. He asks what she did with Vinny. She says she thinks they tried to have sex but it didn’t work – she can’t remember. She cries that she’s a horrible person. Jionni tells her he’ll give her a second chance. She screams happily and declares that she’s in love.

Vinny gets back and Snooki tells him she called Jionni and told him they were together, but couldn’t remember what happened. Vinny confirms that they definitely had sex – she was asking repeatedly for it.  Snooki calls Jionni back and tells him she had sex with Vinny – this revelation is met with silence.

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