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The X Factor Recap: The Final 32

October 06, 2011 07:29 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Fox, it’s round two of bootcamp for The X Factor contestants.  The judges are trying to narrow down the hopefuls to the final 32.  So what performers impressed the judges?  Keep reading for all The X Factor details!

By the end of the night, 32 of the top acts will remain and each judge will be assigned a group to mentor.  The four groups will be; boys, girls, groups and over 30s. 

Bootcamp Day 2:

Tonight the group challenges will continue.  The first group will be singing Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On.  Marcus Canty is excited about the song choice.  Marcus first auditioned in Seattle, and Simon Cowell told him he was “one to watch out for.”  After only five hours of practice the group is ready to sing for their lives.  The judges think Marcus is “amazing”, but whisper that a certain girl has to go.  We will find out later who makes the cut.  

The next group to face the judges is singing a Rascal Flats song.  Tim Cifers, is in this group and he is ready to impress Simon.  Simon thinks Tim is a contender, but doesn’t know if he is a star.  

Nathan and Justin Brewer, the brother duo, is part of the next team to hit the stage.  The group belts out If I Lay Here, by Snow Patrol.  Were they good enough to make it through?  Everyone is waiting anxiously to hear the news. 

Group Decisions:

Now the judges discuss all the contestants, they banter on who they like and who they don’t.  The contestants will now be called to the stage in three groups.  Each group is either a yes or a no.  The first group to the stage has to hear Paula Abdul tell them their journey ends tonight.  Let the tears begin to flow, “maybe I’m too talented” comments begin to fly.

As for the second group, Nicole Scherzinger announces they made it through to the next round.  The last group also learns from Simon that they made it to the next round.  Tears of joy, hugs and phone calls home follow the announcement.

Day 2 Challenge:

So what’s next?  Simon announces that half of the remaining contestants will be gone by tomorrow.  The next challenge is to pick out of 35 songs, one that defines them as an artist. 

First up to the stage is 14 year-old Rachel, who belts out a Beyonce song like she is 30!  It seems like she nailed it, but the judges won’t comment yet.  The contestants keep coming and coming, all with high hopes that their dream will be realized.  Josh, who makes burritos for a living, sings a Kelly Clarkson hit that he hopes the judges will “remember forever.” L.A. Reid gives Josh a thumbs up, so I think he impressed the judges. 

Simone Battle believes there is no other artist like her and she will be the next pop icon.  Simone tries to sing Elton John, but she forgets the words and makes up her own song.  Simon Cowell isn’t impressed that she didn’t remember one word from the song.    

Simon calls for a break because he is getting frustrated that contestants are trying to be unique with the songs, instead of just singing them as is.  The Stereo Hogzz better step up and show the judges they are worthy to be in the finals.  It’s a standing ovation for the Stereo Hogzz, but Simon says the group is too inconsistent for his liking.

Stacy Francis first saw her in Los Angeles where she blew Simon away.  Stacy shares that on the first day of bootcamp her father passed away, but she knows her dad would want her to follow her dreams.  L.A. Reid says, “that’s real pain,” after Stacy finishes her song.  As the audience gives her a standing ovation, Stacy walks off the stage overwhelmed with emotions.

Judgment Day:

It’s time to pick the top 32 performers.  The four judges will need to make some hard decisions, and decisions they won’t all agree on.  Paula grabs a picture and says “I’m not letting this one go.” 

The contestants are split into four categories; boys, girls, groups and over 30s.  Each group will be called to the stage and the names of those who made it will be called out.  The people who don’t make it will be left on the stage. 

The girls group is up first and Simone Battle and Rachel (14 year-old) both make it through.  As for the boys, Tim Cifers and Marcus Canty will both be headed to a judge’s house.  The Stereo Hogzz make it in for the group category.  As for the over 30s group, Stacy Francis earns her place. 

It’s over, but wait – the judges call some contestants back to the stage.  The judges actually form two new groups from the single contestants. 

The Groups:

The judges finally find out which group they will be mentoring for the remainder of the show. Nicole receives the news first ands she will be with the over 30s group.  Nicole seems surprised it’s not the girls, but she is happy.  L.A. Reid will be with the boys and his response, “ I think I just won.”  As for Paula, she will be mentoring the groups.  Simon will be with the girls and he thinks the girls will be thrilled he is their mentor. 

So what did you think of tonight’s show?  Let us know your comments, leave a comment below. 

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