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Dirty Soap Recap: Farah And Kirsten Face Off

October 09, 2011 09:07 PM by Lori Wilson

On the third episode of Dirty Soap, Farah and Kirsten finally have it out, while Brandon tries to wow Nadia on her birthday. Keep reading to find out how everything panned out.

On the E! reality show, Brandon gives Nadia a gift for her birthday at their house. He’s excited, but she’s less than thrilled by her iPad. Nadia tells the camera she wanted something more personal and for Brandon to go above and beyond.

Nadia later meets Farah for lunch. Farah wonders why Nadia and Brandon aren’t engaged yet. Nadia responds that she doesn’t really care about getting married because it doesn’t guarantee happiness. They move on to talking about the people they worked with on Days of our Lives and Kirsten’s name comes up. Nadia asks what happened between the former friends. Farah explains something about a cross promotion Kirsten and JP did a few years ago where they had to make out. They haven’t talked since. Nadia reminds her that Kirsten will be at her birthday party.

Brandon and John-Paul play pool at a bar and discuss the pressures of dating their girlfriends for so long without getting engaged. Brandon explains that he didn’t get Nadia anything for her birthday last year, so this year he has to blow her away. That way he’ll be off the hook.

Farah meets her friend Danny at his place of business. He tells her he saw Kirsten the other day and relays that she thinks Farah is jealous of her. Farah is aghast, so Danny offers his assistance if Farah is ready to unleash her pent up anger at Kirsten.

Everyone gathers at a bar for Nadia’s birthday party. As Farah and JP talk, they see Kirsten and Kelly, who came as Kirsten’s back up, walk in. Farah gets emotional as she confronts Kirsten. She declares she knows Kirsten thinks she’s jealous of her scene with JP. Kirsten denies telling anyone that, but Danny sits down and backs up Farah. Literally stuck in the middle of the girls, Kelly remains confused over what exactly they are fighting about. Farah tells Kirsten she doesn’t have bad feelings towards her, but Kirsten throws it back in her face. Farah is too exhausted. She walks away and cries to Nadia, as Kirsten appears unaffected.

The next day, Brandon surprises Nadia with an impromptu trip to Napa. Despite having anxiety about leaving her kids for the first time, Jenna and Galen join them on a private jet to Northern California. Once at the hotel, Galen thinks the trip will be great for their marriage because they are finally away from the kids. However, as soon as they enter their room, Jenna calls to check on the boys. Galen immediately leaves to get a drink. Despite not having a change of clothes because she was too rushed when she packed, Nadia joins Brandon, Jenna and Galen at the driving range. Jenna calls her kids again. Once she realizes they are fine, she makes plans to drink a lot of wine and doesn’t feel the need to check on them for the remainder of the evening. After some golf, the soap stars enjoy dinner together. Overall, Nadia is pleased with her birthday.

At the studio, Kelly has a dress fitting for her character Sam, who is about to get married on General Hospital. Kelly makes it clear she isn’t a big fan of weddings. Kirsten however is excited to be part of the process because her character will be a bridesmaid. Kelly starts to cry as she tries on one of the dresses. She never dreamed about a wedding or marriage, but it’s making her think about where her life is going. Kirsten worries Kelly is more upset than she lets on. Kelly shoots her character’s wedding scenes and tells the camera she is living for today and won’t be consumed by the future.

After reaching out to Farah, Kristen meets her for coffee. Farah doesn’t want the drama she feels Kirsten brings and says everyone is scared of her wrath so they don’t tell her the truth. Kirsten thinks that’s crap. Farah doesn’t like how every time they get close, Kirsten drops her. Kirsten is offended when Farah makes digs about her personal relationships because she doesn’t know anything about it. Farah gets up and leaves.

Farah returns home and tells JP, Danny and another friend about her meeting with Kirsten. She rips on Kirsten’s roots and her choice of meeting in the valley. Farah claims she’s the easiest person to get along with but Kirsten needs drama in her relationships. She feels Kirsten should to take a good look at herself because not everyone else can be screwed up.

To get their minds off things, Kelly and Kirsten head to Las Vegas with some of Kelly’s other friends. They tan, drink, dune buggy, zip line and plank up and down the strip. Kelly feels free.

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3 Responses to “Dirty Soap Recap: Farah And Kirsten Face Off”

  1. Jacqueline Says:
    October 15th, 2011 at 9:30 am

    I’m Sorry but Farah’s behavior is SOOO immature.
    You are losing a friendship over what somebody said…then you become CRAZY with it.
    What a SMALL CHILD you are….

    What a truly SAD GROWN WOMAN YOU ARE!!!

    And just be be on record. Your behavior is NOT RIGHT….you have made a mole hill into a mountain….and what it REALLY was…was ABOUT YOURSELF. It was REALLY about your VANITY….


  2. lizzy Says:
    April 6th, 2012 at 4:05 am

    Well i really have no idea what is happening here but all i can say is that farah should just leave Kristan alone and she must stop licking her ass,cz Farah has friend who care and love her Kristan can go …..

  3. lizzy Says:
    April 6th, 2012 at 4:11 am

    Well all i can say is that wow they fighting over stupid things also why don’t they just 4gt evrythng and move on cz friendship is important and no fighting!


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