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The Amazing Race Recap: Indonesia

October 09, 2011 06:48 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s another fight to the finish line on CBS’s hit show, The Amazing Race.  After the double elimination last week, which knocked out Ethan and Jenna, the remaining contestants are still on edge. Keep reading for all the race details and learn which team was eliminated this week! 

The race begins at an Indonesian palace.  Andy and Tommy are first to depart, since they were the winners of the last leg of the race.  It’s time to go biking!  Teams must now take a bike ride with a bicycle troop (who go at a slow pace) to reach their next clue.  As control-freak Cindy heads out on the challenge she shares that in order to prepare for the race they have studied geography, taken language courses and have exercised regularly.  Ernie rolls his eyes and snipes, “My life has been on her schedule for basically six months.”   To completely freak Cindy out, Ernie’s bike pedal falls off and they are left standing in the street with all the other teams passing them.  To say Cindy is stressing out is a complete understatement. 


After the bike race, the teams receive a clue to go to another location by taxi.  When the teams arrive at a small village they encounter a detour. The teams can choose between planting 300 rice seedlings or packing up grass bags and carrying sheep.  At this point, Andy and Tommy are still in the lead and they choose to pick-up the sheep.  Laurence and Zac are in second place and also choose to do the sheep detour.  Cindy and Ernie are relieved when they catch -up with a lot of the teams at the detour. Amani and Marcus are the last team to arrive at the detour, because their cab driver got lost.  Bill and Cathi are having major difficulties with the sheep; I have lost count how many times Cathi has fallen.  Amani and Marcus face another set-back when they give up on the sheep challenge and decide to try to plant the rice instead. 


Zac and Laurence are the first to arrive at the next clue.  The teams learn it’s a roadblock.  One member of the team must go around the temple and count the number of Buddha’s and then remember the hand position of the statues.  Once they have the hand-positions memorized they must show the four hand-positions to the guy to receive their next clue.  Most teams are confused by the clue, not sure if they should count the carvings or just the large statues.  Laurence is the first to crack the roadblock and since him and Andy worked together, both teams receive the clue to the final check-in.  As Amani and Marcus arrive at the temple, in last place, they pass Andy and Tommy.  Andy and Tommy actually share the answer to the roadblock with them.  The other teams still struggle with the clue at the roadblock, giving answers from five to 150. Ernie finally figures out what he needs to do and works with some other teams to do the counting. Marcus is kicking himself for not listening to Andy and Tommy’s instructions because he is lost!  Can you believe they were given the answer and they didn’t listen?  Bill actually works by himself and figures it out, so Cathi and Bill leave the temple in third place.  The other teams who worked together finally crack the roadblock. 

Final Check-In:

The first team to arrive is Laurence and Zac, but they learn they made a mistake at the detour.  Zac and his dad used four buckets instead of two; therefore they must incur a 15 minute penalty. Andy and Tommy then come in first place and win a trip to Dubai.  After the penalty, Laurence and Zac are officially team number two.  It’s now a foot race for the other teams to arrive.  Jeremy and Sandy arrive in third place.  Kaylani and Lisa are the last to arrive at the check-point and are eliminated from the race. 

Both the girls are sad, but Kaylani cries because she feels that she failed her daughter. 

The following is a list of how the teams placed:

Laurence and Zac

Tommy and Andy

Jeremy and Sandy

Justin and Jennifer

Amani and Marcus

Bill and Cathi

Liz and Marie

Kaylani and Lisa

What did you think of tonight’s Amazing Race?  Let us know, comment below!

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