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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Mirror Ball Collides With Silver Screen

October 10, 2011 07:10 PM by Candace Young

Last week was the surprising elimination of Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas, and tonight, nine celebrities and their partners remain on Dancing With The Stars.  Tom Bergeron and Brooke Charvet announce that the dances this evening will be inspired by movies. The contestants and pros are introduced, along with the judges. Keep reading for all of the highlights…

After a tribute to the movies by ‘the Troupe’ involving such exciting things as light sabers and Val Chmerkovskiy dancing shirtless, Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani prepare to perform first on Dancing With The Stars tonight.

Chynna and Tony‘s movie inspiration is Mission Impossible, and they will dance the Tango. Tony is lowered from the ceiling on a cable dressed in black and Chynna is is a sultry red gown with a black garter. Chynna looks slightly awkward and unsure at times. Len says Tony got the choreography right, but the rest went up the Swanee River – there were a lot of mistakes. Bruno says they lost the thread, but he hopes they come back. Carrie Ann says Chynna kept her composure even though she totally got lost. All three judges award a ’7′.

David Arquette and Kym Johnson have chosen a Raiders of the Lost Ark theme to which they will dance the Pasa Doble.  David swings onto the stage dressed as Indiana Jones. Kym joins him in a sexily shredded gown and they put on a really good show. The choreography goes well with the music and it’s quite possibly the best David has danced on the show to date. They get a standing ovation. Bruno says he loved the way David cracked his whip. He says it was very strong, he just needs to work on his turns. Carrie Ann exclaims that David saved the day – he’s catapulted onto a different level. She loved every minute of it. Len liked David’s attitude but says the rest was all Temple of Doom. The crowd boos loudly and the judges argue about posture and tight buttocks. Carrie Ann and Bruno award ’8′ and Len gives a ’7′.

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya will be doing a Viennese Waltz inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Curse of the Black Pearl.  Carson finds his pirate waltzing groove at times, but at other moments it’s more like jerky running around the stage. Carrie Ann says it was weird at times, but it was Carson’s butch-est performance yet. Len says there was no quality of movement and no technique, but it was great fun. Bruno wants Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Revenge of the Gay Blade! He says it was bonkers and fun. Carrie Ann and Bruno give ’7′ and Len gives a ’6′.

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus  have selected Flash Gordon as their inspirational film and they will do the Pasa Doble. Although the Queen song seems difficult to match to the choreography, Nancy and Tristan try to generate some intensity with their dance.  Len says he couldn’t get excited about it – there was no expression. Bruno tells Nancy she has to become a ball-breaker out there. Carrie Ann says Nancy has solid technique and is doing a great job out there – she only needs to connect with the audience more. All three judges award a ’7′.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy will be doing the Fox Trot to You’ve Got A Friend from Toy Story.  Dressed as Woody and Jessie, Maks and Hope take the stage and do an upbeat dance which leaves everyone feeling good. Bruno calls it lovely. Carrie Ann says she smiled the whole way through – it was refreshing. Len says Hope could go all the way but she has to work hard and they have to rehearse more than they have been. All three judges award an ’8′.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke are inspired by the movie Superman for their Pasa Doble. Rob is dressed as Clarke Kent and Cheryl is wearing a blue gown and gold headband. Rob still doesn’t look like a man who was made to dance, but he fully commits to the role and achieves a really good outcome. Carrie Ann likes the way he moves  – it works. Len didn’t mind it, but describes how Rob lacked the proper intensity for the Pasa Doble – he needed more drama. Bruno says Rob has the ability, but he has to believe in himself more and become more assertive. All three judges award an ’8′.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough will be doing a Tango inspired by the movie Psycho.  Derek finds it challenging to do the choreography for this one. Onstage, they begin their routine as shadows behind a screen before revealing themselves to the audience in black formal wear. They do a riveting, edgy Tango and end the dance dramatically posing behind the screen again. It earns a standing ovation. Len says he lost the lid from his pen in the excitement of the dance. He believes they’ll be top of the leader board. Bruno says it was a performance worthy of three sequels! Carrie Ann calls it brilliant in the ballroom. Carrie Ann and Bruno award them the first ’10′s of the season, while Len offers up a ’9′.

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer will be doing a Pasa Doble inspired by the movie, RockyChaz is excited to have Cher in the audience tonight.  Richard Simmons was brought in to the practice by Lacey to help whip Chaz into shape. The dance is energetic and Chaz gives it his all – he even runs up a flight of stairs for the big finish! Bruno says he keeps coming back, fighting, and getting stronger in the true spirit of Rocky. Carrie Ann cries that Chaz gets under her skin and makes her root for him – he has magic. Cher stands up and applauds in the audience. Len agrees he’s getting stronger – it was his best dance to date. All three judges award a ’7′.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff will be dancing the Foxtrot to the Pink Panther theme. A male ballroom dancer was brought in to help J.R. learn his part, which he found very helpful. J.R. hits the stage in a bright pink suit and top hat. Karina has a light pink glittery gown. Their dance is elegant and a little bit naughty – it works! Carrie Ann thought the technique was all there, but the performance didn’t need the humor. Len totally disagrees – he says J.R. was the best male dancer tonight – it was fabulous! Bruno says he’s a dancer with great ability – he can do any style – he’s great! Carrie Ann gives them an ’8′, while Len and Bruno give them ’9′.

Ricki Lake is once again at the top of the leader board going into voting!

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars Recap: Mirror Ball Collides With Silver Screen”

  1. hannah Says:
    October 10th, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    You are great Chaz!!! I hope to see you win this! You aare doing better and better! WTG! Your mom looked lovely as usual!

  2. Dorothy Says:
    October 24th, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    I am so happy Derek is back. wish his sister joined him. They both have such personality. Max is so sexy I hope he never leaves the show. I have watchd every season and it gets better and better. I hope David is in the top3. It will end up between JR and Rikki I think. I love Chaz’s personality and I am glad he came on the show. Hopefully it will help people to realize no matter how different people live their lives they are in the end just like everyone else.
    Jr is a hero and an incredible man with an unbelievable look on life. Wow is all I can say!


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