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Dancing With The Stars Results Recap: A Star Is Sent Home But Julianne Hough Returns

October 11, 2011 07:15 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on ABC another couple will be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. Will another team at the top of the leader board be sent home? Keep reading and find out if your favorite star is still in the running for the mirrorball trophy.

To get the crowd on their feet, the show kicks off with Raphael Saadiq singing his version of Soul Man.  The musical performances continue with Susan Boyle who sings Unchained Melody from the movie Ghost. 

Results for Three Couples:  

It’s now time to reveal some results.  Cheryl and Rob, J.R. and Karina and Ricki and Derek are first to hear if they will be returning to the ballroom next week.  The first couple who is safe is Ricki and Derek.  Brooke then announces that J.R. and Karina are still in the running.  As for Cheryl and Rob, they learn they are in jeopardy of leaving.   

Returning to the ballroom for the first time in two years is Julianne Hough!  Julianne is dancing to songs from the remake of Footloose, which she stars in.  Blake Shelton belts out the theme song to Footloose while the cast from the movie joins Julianne on the dance floor.  Julianne cries after the performance, saying she “is emotional.”  “This is my home, thank you for having me back,” Julianne says to the audience.  Later in the show, Julianne will take to the stage with her brother for another dance.   For all of you wondering, Footloose will be in theaters this Friday. 

Results for Three Couples:

The contestants at the bottom of the leader board are next to learn their fate – Chynna and Tony, Anna and Carson and Chaz and Lacey.  Will Chynna be able to survive from last night’s dance where she completely blanked?  Tom announces the next couple who is safe is Chaz and Lacey!  The next couple who is safe is Carson and Anna.  Carson is surprised that he made it through.  Chynna finds out that she is the star in jeopardy of going home. 

The contestants share what they expected of the show and what it has really turned out to be.  Chaz shares his feelings about Lacey, “You have this 23 year old kid pushing you and poking at you. It’s crazy.”  As for Ricki’s feelings about the show, “It’s even harder than I ever imagined.  I have no life.” Nancy Grace says it is really hard work, but “she is having the time of her life.” 

It’s a family reunion – Julianne and Derek Hough perform together.  It’s a freestyle dance with a lot of lifts and spins.  The crowd gives the duo a standing ovation. 

Results for Three Couples:

Nancy and Tristan, David and Kym and Hope and Maks are the final three teams left to learn if they will dance next week.  Tom announces that the next couple to return to the ballroom is Hope and Maks.  Nancy and Tristan learn they are in jeopardy, while David and Kym are safe.

Elimination Time:

So the couples who still don’t know if they will dance next week are: Rob and Cheryl, Chynna and Tony and Nancy and Tristan.  Tom announces that the couple who is safe is Nancy and Tristan!  Wow that leaves either Rob or Chynna going home.  So who will it be?  After four weeks of competition, Chynna and Tony are sent home.  Wow!  Chynna went from the top of the leader board last week, to the bottom.   Another great dancer is being sent home.  Chynna says, “I’m disappointed and sad, but I have to take responsibility.”  As for her partner Tony, she has only great things to say about him, “Tony is amazing and he has been there for me 100 percent.”

Do you think Chynna deserved to go home because of her performance last night?  Let us know your opinions, comment below. 

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  1. Gill King Says:
    October 11th, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    When is that politically correct farce Chaz Bono getting eliminated? Can you honestly believe that it’s honestly succeeding above those whom have been eliminated thus far? Oh yeah, and I have an igloo to sell you outside of Phoenix, Az!
    Political Correctness..the devils tool!


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