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Dirty Soap Bonus Clip: Wine Tasting In Napa

October 12, 2011 10:27 AM by Lori Wilson

Last time on Dirty Soap
, Brandon, Nadia, Galen and Jenna headed to Napa, California for Nadia’s birthday. Since they were in wine country, the foursome, plus their two friends, who were largely edited out, did in fact do some wine tasting even though it didn’t make it to the final cut of the episode. If you’d like to find out what happened during their tour and why Galen was trying to get his wife drunk, keep on reading.

In the Dirty Soap bonus clip, Nadia, Brandon, Galen, Jenna and their plus two, head to a the Jarvis Winery, which is in a cave. On their tour, they see some waterfalls and learn that sound doesn’t echo. Their tour guide suggests even an opera singer couldn’t create an echo. Since Nadia is a singer, she belts out a few notes, proving him correct.

Jenna, who wore some inappropriate heels for the tour, stumbles a bit and then decides she’s going to get her drink on, which she doesn’t usually do. They sit down in a private room for some wine and Jenna reveals to the camera she’s not a big wine drinker or very “sophisticated in the palate.” She feels a bit out of place, like a hillbilly from Fort Lauderdale. Her heels suggest otherwise.

As Galen relays how happy he is his wife can finally relax and unwind away from the kids, Jenna wonders how many glasses it will take for her to get drunk. Galen doesn’t know. He just hopes she gets there so he can get some action. Wink, wink.

Check out the bonus clip for yourself from the E! reality show.

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