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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Biting Off All They Can Chew

October 12, 2011 07:30 PM by Ryan Haidet

A disgusted contestant, a disgusting challenge and a disgusting attitude.  Yep, tonight’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific was pretty disgusting.  The disgusting-ness (my new word creation) began with Stacey pissed off about the way Upolu had treated her at the last Tribal Council.  Then it moved to a nasty Immunity/Reward challenge filled with slobber, spit and meat that likely had you glancing away from the screen (see video of the disgusting-ness inside).  Finally, it all transformed into a disgusting attitude as one Savaii member set himself up, as Cochran described, as an arrogant “lazy ass.”  What’s this all about?  Read on to find out!

Disgusted With Coach… I Mean, Benjamin

Moments before the duel at Redemption Island, Stacey ignited in a rant that was tough to follow.  What was that comment about Chuck E. Cheese?  Huh?  While some of her whining was hard to understand, one thing was certainly clear.  She was very angry with Coach.  So angry with Coach that she wouldn’t even call him Coach — he’s Benjamin to her.  Stacey wanted to make sure the witnesses to the duel knew the dynamic at Upolu, so she turned to Dawn and Whitney of Savaii to tell them Coach, er, Benjamin, is running the show with Albert and Sophie at his side.  Wow.  She really did lay it all out there.

If only Stacey would have been as focused on the duel as she was on complaining about Coach.  Clearly not paying enough attention during the challenge, she dropped a ball and found herself walking out of the game for good as the third official elimination of the season.  Whoops.  Could have used a coach to help you through that one, huh?  I know.  Bad attempt at a jabbing joke.

As Stacey walked out of the duel arena and burned her buff, she had no words for Mikayla and Albert — the witnesses for Upolu.  Instead, she focused her attention to Savaii and only had parting words for them (at least what we were shown).  Stacey’s loss meant the third consecutive victory at Redemption Island for Christine.  Could she be Matt Elrod: The Sequel?  We shall see…

Benjamin Fights Back

After the duel, Albert came back and told everybody what Stacey had to say about Coach, er, Benjamin.  Coach was irate hearing how Stacey acted — even saying he would go nuts if anybody calls him Benjamin.  He said he’s been called Coach since he was 18 — even his parents call him Coach.  If it’s any consolation, I’ll still call ya Coach.  You’re still one of my favorites and you know that.

Anyway, out of concern he was outed as a power player due to his alliance with Coach and Sophie, Albert started searching for the hidden Immunity Idol.  Although he never found the Idol, he did uncover a hidden clue, which he shared with Coach and Sophie.  Coach then took that info and found the Idol himself — after saying a prayer, of course.  Instead of keeping his find a secret, Coach showed the Idol to Albert and Sophie.  “We’ve got this game by the balls, guys,” Coach said.  Coach went on to say that finding the Idol was the most exciting thing he’s experienced throughout the 67 days he’s played Survivor.

Ozzy’s Attitude

Back at Savaii, Cochran was busy working around camp collecting wood when Ozzy made a smart remark.  He asked how “Cochran” is spelled correctly.  Cochran, in his true style, shot back saying there is no reason to learn how to spell his name anytime soon.  Then in confessional, Cochran admitted to becoming increasingly frustrated with the way Ozzy and Elyse sit around and sleep all the time while he busts his butt around camp.  He thought Ozzy was coming across as an arrogant “lazy ass.”

When Dawn and Whitney returned to camp after the duel, something interesting happened.  Ozzy told the entire tribe that Coach should target Albert next to get him out before the merge.  This struck Jim as the perfect element to put fear in other people.  If Ozzy thinks Coach should get rid of a strong ally, why wouldn’t he do the same to one of his own Savaii members?  Good point.

Later on, Ozzy continued boosting up his ego as he went on a fishing trip with Cochran and Keith.  During confessional, Ozzy kept trumping up his efforts by saying fishing is extremely tough.  “It takes a lot out of me.  I get cut up all the time. …  It’s almost like underwater yoga.  It’s very difficult.”

Now please don’t get me wrong here.  I’m not saying fishing with a spear is easy.  I’ve never even tried it myself.  I’m just saying that Ozzy needs to stop bragging about himself because there is so much more to playing Survivor than catching fish.  That’s where Ozzy screwed up the first time when playing in the Cook Islands.  He even told me on the red carpet following that season’s finale that he messed up his own game by spending too much time away from camp working to catch food, etc.  He’s doing the same thing now.

Here’s what he told me on the Survivor: Cook Islands red carpet back in December 2006:  “Yul deserves it, and for whatever reason, I didn’t get that one vote.  And maybe that’s a big signal out there that I should be focusing more on my interpersonal relationships and how I talk and deal with people — and not so much on my loner aspects.  Which, I’m a huge loner and I like to be by myself and I like to do things by myself.  There is a big message, and the message is to learn from your mistakes and to learn, learn, learn.”

Clearly he hasn’t learned.  Still playing the crummy social game he’s always played.

The Taste Of Victory

The Immunity/Reward challenge was one we originally saw on season six — Survivor: The Amazon.  With their hands tied behind their backs, the contestants had to chomp off pieces of a massive roasted pig.  The tribe that chewed off the most weight from the roasted pig at the end of 10 minutes would win Immunity and Reward in the form of veggies, spices and bread.

Hopefully you weren’t eating dinner when this segment began.  From the moment Jeff Probst started the challenge, the castaways turned into competitive heathens.  It was truly disgusting to watch as each of them smushed their faces into the pig.  The squishy sounds and splash camera underneath the basket they were spitting into made the whole thing even worse.  Each time the players would spit their meat into the collection basket, lots of disgusting saliva poured out, too.  So much spit it looked like somebody turned on a faucet (see picture below).  Yuck!  At one point, Dawn used her mouth to get a piece of pig that was stuck in Keith’s teeth.

If you want to see a portion of the challenge once again, check it out below:

One interesting thing to note, Probst said on one of his Touts tonight that the challenge was actually worse during rehearsal.  Why?  Because it was initially being done with a full pig.  Yep, had the producers not changed the challenge we would have watched the castaways tearing at ears and snouts.

When the sloppy battle came to a close, Upolu won by just two ounces.  They had chewed off a total of 22 pounds 14 ounces.  In addition to the aforementioned Reward items, Probst then told Upolu they could keep all of the roasted pig they collected.  Despite all of the spit mixed with the meat, everybody at Upolu seemed thrilled about getting to keep the pig.

First Blindside

Oral herpes.  That’s what Cochran said they were likely going to get from exchanging so much spit at the challenge.  Absolutely hilarious.  This is why I dig Cochran.  He’s so real.  But oral herpes were the least of anybody’s worries.  Little did Ozzy know there was a big plan brewing.  We saw the birth of this plan during last week’s episode as Jim, Dawn and Cochran wanted to blindside Elyse in an effort to wake Ozzy up.  To try and get more support, Jim went to Keith and tried to convince him that the best move would be to get Elyse out next.  Keith listened to the pitch, but was weary about Ozzy’s reaction to everything.

When the votes were tallied at Tribal Council, the plan worked.  Elyse was blindsided and sent to Redemption Island.  While it was a predictable elimination, the most interesting thing came from the votes made by Keith and Whitney.  Instead of breaking their trust with Ozzy, they didn’t go along with Jim’s plan and voted against Dawn.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Elyse was voted out?  Did the challenge gross you out?  Leave a comment below and sound off!

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2 Responses to “Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Biting Off All They Can Chew”

  1. Jay Borcherding Says:
    October 12th, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Good recap. I agree with virtually everything you wrote.

    I came into this season still rooting for Ozzy, based on his raw ‘survivalist’ skills and the great run of challenges he had during his first season. But dang, it is so hard to stay in his corner when he still plays such a lousy social game. Investing all his emotional energy in Elyse was dumb, and obviously made her a target. Quashing the natural desire of others to talk strategy was arrogant and condescending, and obviously led others to talk strategy behind his back. Letting slip that Coach should target Albert was stupid, as you noted, as that was an implicit threat to the strong players on his own tribe. Ozzy will be lucky to make it to the jury if he doesn’t wise up in a hurry.

    As for the challenge? Barf! I literally gagged. And Elyse? A sweet girl, not at all dumb and absolutely gorgeous, but pairing up so blatantly with Ozzy was a risky, all-or-nothing approach to the game–she didn’t hedge her bets at all on camera, so deserved to go.

  2. Hanna Says:
    October 15th, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    loved this episode.I always liked Ozzy but he really lacks social skills.Instead of congratulating the guys on bold move he behaves like primadonna.He’s admitted loner and now he is alone.I wonder if he shares his fishing bounty with others.I love Cochran because I love Woody Allen.Is it only me to see that Cochran looks and talks like Woody.I’m calling him Woody any way.This Survivor is very good, the characters are great.Two great survivors in the row.Excellent job,CBS.Just like Woody, I’m devoted fan having been watching from day 1.


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