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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Going To Carnival

October 12, 2011 08:38 PM by Lori Wilson

Week 8 of Top Chef: Just Desserts tasks the five remaining chefs with baking pies, with a catch of course, and creating upscale dishes for carnival patrons. Keep reading to find out who served up the best carnival fare and who was sent packing from the Bravo reality show.

The Quick Fire
Gail Simmons introduces the Top Chef: Just Desserts cheftestants to guest judge and renowned pastry chef Francois Payard. For the Quick Fire, Gail instructs them to make their best pie, which seems easy enough, but then she throws in the twist that they can only use one arm. The winner will receive $5,000. Orlando makes a berry pie, Sally makes a plum strawberry pie with white chocolate, Chris makes a banana crème pie, Carlos makes a raspberry lemon meringue pie, and Matthew, who accidentally moves a plate with his second hand while creating, is disqualified. After the taste test, Francois deems Sally’s dessert too tart, with too much dough and Chris’ pie disappointing. His favorites are Orlando’s, which is homey, and Carlos’, which has beautiful piping on the top. In the end, Carols goes home with the $5,000.

The Elimination Challenge
For the elimination challenge, the chefs must serve upscale desserts at a carnival. They will be judged by Dana Cowin, Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine magazine. The chefs shop at Sur La Table with $400 each in order to plan their dishes. Matthew decides to make a fried apple pie and, in the spirit of carnival fun, buys three pigs to raffle off. Chris makes funnel cake ice cream, which he has never done before so he also makes vanilla ice cream as a back up. When Johnny Iuzzini stops by to check on the chefs, he tells Chris to make sure the guests can really taste that funnel cake flavor or else they won’t know what they are eating. Orlando makes a candy apple layered cake with chocolate, but Johnny reminds him candy apples don’t usually involve chocolate. However, Orlando feels everything should have chocolate added to it. Carlos makes desserts that look like fries, burgers and sodas. He chooses to make chocolate macarons for his burger buns despite Francois being known for them. Johnny feels this could be amazing or a spectacular failure. Sally whips up some kind of corn pudding, with popcorn and peanuts, but she leaves the pudding in the blast freezer as time runs out, which means she can’t remove it.

The next day, the chefs have two hours to complete their desserts. Sally decides to defrost and try to salvage her pudding, while Carols discovers his macarons are too dry so he makes angel food cake to replace them. After they scramble around trying to finish in time, the chefs present their dishes to the judges and patrons at the carnival, where Matthew’s raffle proves to be a big hit.

The Judges’ Table
After the carnival, Gail calls Matthew and Sally to the Judges’ Table first. They are told they made their favorite desserts. Matthew’s dessert was clean and simple and wonderful overall. Sally’s balance of peanuts was well received. In the end, Matthew’s apple pie is chosen as the winner. He feels vindicated after the Quick Fire.

Orlando, Chris and Carlos are called in next. They are told they made the judges’ least favorite desserts. The apple flavor in Orlando’s dessert got lost in the chocolate; Carlos’s angle food cake was sticky and not the right texture, not to mention, his churros as fries were cold; and the texture of Chris’ dessert did not go over well with the guests and he was too ambitious in utilizing so many steps. Despite having a great concept, Carlos’ execution fell short so he is instructed to pack up his tools and go home.

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  1. dani700 Says:
    October 12th, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    I was disappointed in the judge’s decision to send Carlos home. I thought he had the potential to win it all! Mathew or Rich are not that great! I think they both need to go home next!


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