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Jersey Shore Recap: Drunken Meatballs and a Solitary Situation

October 13, 2011 08:30 PM by Candace Young

Last week, Jersey Shore ended with Snooki telling Jionni over the phone that she slept with Vinny. All we heard was silence on the other end, so it’s anyone’s guess if Jionni will offer up yet another chance to Snooki.  As this week kicks off, we find out his response to her revelation. Keep reading for that and all of the highlights from Florence, Italy…

After a long moment of silence, Jionni tells Snooki that he can’t believe she used her second chance to sleep with Vinny. She cries that she needs to know if they’re together or not. Jionni is unable to give her a definitive answer at this time. They hang up and Vinny offers to cuddle, much to Snooki’s chagrin.

Elsewhere in the house, Deena, who is leaving soon, has decided that she and Pauly D need to ‘do sex’. She’s on a mission – and so is Pauly, who decides to head out to the club and net a woman to keep Deena from his bed. Vinny thinks it’s hilarious, especially when Pauly fails to bring home a woman and Deena pesters him all the way home – and after they get home.  Vinny tells the camera that Pauly doesn’t like meatballs.

‘Nice guy’ Pauly manages to get through to her by insisting he doesn’t want to risk their friendship. Deena drunkenly stalks out, saying she hates the house. Pauly feels bad.

Deena and Snooki, both emotionally upset, don sexy outfits, bows, and even a cowboy hat. They head to Astor and try to start a dance party at 11 AM.  They teach the Jersey Turnpike.

Back at the house, Vinny and Pauly get laughs when Mike uses a dirty toothbrush in the hygiene-challenged washroom.  Deena and Snooki return drunk, and try to get ready for the last big Saturday night in Italy.

At the huge club, Jenni and Sammi are in ‘mom mode’ and are disgusted by Deena and Snooki’s dancing. Vinny thinks he sees a mosh pit starting, but it’s the crowd reaction to Mike, who is standing there giving guys the finger and yelling obscenities. The crowd shouts, “Shame, shame…” The other guys realize trouble is brewing. Pauly spots their cabs, and they are escorted out by security. Vinny tells the cameras that Mike only acts like a tough guy when there are bouncers to keep control.

Everyone goes home except Deena and Nicole who head to a club called Central Park to dance. People make fun of them and throw ice cubes at them. They get thrown out.

They return to the house with their horrific tales. Jenni and Sammi think they’re insane and want nothing to do with them. Ronnie feels like he’s in a Snoopy episode. Snooki and Deena head out to the hot tub. Snooki assures Deena she can pee in the jacuzzi.

Later, still tipsy, they decide to dress up like hookers and go out even though it’s early morning. They head to a restaurant and explain that they’re not hookers, they’re from Jersey. Once seated, they both put their heads down and sleep on the table.

When they return to the house, Pauly takes in the outfits and wonders what they put in the alcohol in this country. Ronnie starts a kitchen fire. Pauly becomes a human fire alarm.  Ronnie recruits Sammi to go with him to get more food.

At dinnertime, Jenni asks for someone to do the dishes while Ronnie and Sammi put food away. Deena is asked, but refuses. Mike snarks that she never does anything. Deena says she hates  him. A huge confrontation ensues. Vinny gives Mike a run-down on the negativity he’s faced in the house while in Italy. Jenni and Sammi amaze the others by putting aside their past differences and cooking side-by-side.  They sit down to dinner and talk about how they’re ready to go back to Jersey.

A happy toast soon disintegrates into an argument about who will take which room back in the house on the shore. Mike announces that he may not go back into the house in Jersey. Snooki says, “Bye!” Mike insists he’s not a douche, but admits he doesn’t understand how Pauly always takes the high road. Mike tells the camera that he can stand up himself. Vinny and Pauly, meanwhile, establish their bromance, even crawling into bed together to illustrate the point.

They head out to the club again, determined to have fun without drama…and they succeed until a guy at the bar looks at Mike the wrong way. Mike turns to see who has his back – and it’s just him.

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