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The X Factor Recap: The Contestants Meet And Perform For Their Mentors

October 13, 2011 07:12 PM by Lisa Princ

After being cancelled last night, The X Factor was back tonight on Fox as the final 32 met their mentors, and special guests, including Rihanna. The remaining 32 hopefuls then had to give another performance before each category would be cut in half. Read on for all the highlights!

Last week on The X Factor, the judges learned who they would be mentoring, and tonight the show kicked off with the 32 hopefuls heading out to find out who would be mentoring them. The contestants were left in the dark until they got to their judge’s home. The girls headed to Simon Cowell’s house in France, while the guys headed to The Hamptons to L.A. Reid’s home. The groups went off to Paula Abdul’s, while the over 30 group went to Nicole Scherzinger’s Malibu home. All of the contestants were excited to be with their mentors, while each of the judges were certain that they had the best group.

But then it was time for more surprises for the contestants as each judge announced they would have some help. L.A. Reid brought out Rihanna to help him with his group, while Nicole Scherzinger had Enrique Iglesias with her. Paula Abdul told her contestants that Pharrell Williams would be helping her. Meanwhile, Simon was supposed to have Mariah Carey in his corner, but due to Hurricane Irene, Mariah’s plane was delayed and she could not make it this time, but maybe we will see her on the next episode.

Then it was straight to the solo performances, before four contestants from each category would be cut. Brian Bradley, the young rapper was up first for L.A. Reid and Rihanna, who thought Brian was adorable after he put on a great rap performance, but L.A. Reid worried whether or not he would get votes because a rapper has never been on a singing competition. Then we were taken to Paris where Simone Battle tried to impress Simon with her version of “Help” by The Beatles. Simon, who was missing Mariah Carey, had to talk it over with his crew, but he was unsure.

The Answer took on “F**cking Perfect” by Pink, while Dexter Haygood broke down after his performance of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” and it was definitely different, but Nicole and Enrique wondered if it would it sell? Skylar Anderson was up next with “Nobody Knows It But Me,” and Rihanna loved the dimensions of his voice, while L.A. Reid wondered if he chose country as his genre or if he was an authentic country singer.

The X Factor then brought us Tora Woloshin, the auto mechanic turned singer to Simon’s house and she had trouble memorizing the lyrics. But when she performed “Satisfaction” it was awesome, and Simon thought she had “rockstar” qualities. Lakoda Rain was up next at Paula’s house, and these four girls had one of the hardest auditions yet as this group was one the groups that the judges formed last week (instead of sending them each home). They took on “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, but it was nothing special.

Stacy Francis was up next at Nicole’s house, and Stacy was extremely nervous. Stacy decided to give “Purple Rain” a try and it was incredible. Stacy’s performance had Nicole in tears and had Enrique thinking that Nicole’s neighbors probably heard Stacy. The X Factor then took us back to Paula’s house, where the Brewer Boys gave us their rendition of “Only Girl In The World” by Rihanna, and they put their own unique spin on it, but Pharrell thought they may not be good enough.

Back at L.A. Reid’s house, we got another Rihanna performance to Rihanna…yes, Phillip Lomax gave Rihanna and L.A. Reid his version of “Please Don’t Stop The Music” and it was definitely different. Rihanna thought he was charming and very sure of his performance, while L.A. Reid was not sure it worked commercially. Meanwhile, Elaine Gibbs gave Nicole and Enrique her rendition of “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” and Nicole wondered if she was a superstar, but Enrique thought her confidence could make her a superstar.

The X Factor then took us back to Simon, where we watched Caitlin Koch perform her version of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” and Caitlin was tender and beautiful in her performance. Nick Voss hit the patio next at L.A. Reid’s house as he took on “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” and L.A. Reid told Rihanna that he had seen Nick better. 4Shore was up next up at Paula Abdul’s home, and they gave us their rendition of “If You Love Me” and it was rocking. Pharrell said their only con was that they needed to “dirty” up a bit, but he loved them.

Meanwhile, back in Malibu, Nicole and Enrique were about to hear from James Kenney. James gave us his version of “Russian Roulette” and Enrique thought he could be a rock star. Drew Ryniewicz was ready to blow Simon away with her rendition of “It Must Have Been Love,” and it was toned down and sweet. Simon thought it was good, but he questioned whether or not she was too young.

Be sure to tune in Sunday for the remainder of the performances before the judges cut their hopefuls in half on The X Factor on Fox!

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