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Dirty Soap Recap: Fashion Shows, Babies And Health Scares.

October 16, 2011 09:01 PM by Lori Wilson

Week four of Dirty Soap addresses Jenna and Galen’s differing views on having more kids, Kirsten’s health issues and Brandon’s insecurities about being vertically challenged. Keep reading to find out what went down on the E! reality show.

At home with the kids, Jenna tells Galen she wants to have a little girl. He doesn’t seem as enthused about having another child and points out they could end up having another boy if she got pregnant. She tells him she does all the work anyway since he’s at Days of our Lives all the time, so he shouldn’t care that much. Jenna also tells him there is such a thing as gender selection and he goes with her to talk to the doctor. The doctor explains a couple of options to the Gerings with in vitro being the best way to go, but confirms it could result in multiple births. Galen is not happy with that possibility or the thought of giving a sperm sample to be tested. Galen wants to think about it more and not rush into it. Later, as the Gerings hike, Galen shares his doubts about adding another kid to their family. He wants to enjoy life right now and worries having another child won’t ensure that. Jenna agrees, but they decide not to permanently close the door on the topic.

At home, Brandon tells Nadia he’s going to be a model at Fashion Week in New York. He’s hesitant though because he feels too short and doesn’t have the right body structure. Nadia doesn’t feel he has any reason to be insecure and is proud of him. She hopes she can be there, but her movie might interfere.

During a photo shoot for Dirty Soap, the whole cast gathers and takes note of Kirsten walking off the set to sit down. Kelly wonders if Farah’s presence has anything to do with Kirsten’s low energy. During another set up, Kirsten is seen laying her head down and wrapped in a blanket looking ill.

While on the General Hospital set, Kelly sees Kirsten laying down in between scenes. After they wrap for the day, Kelly finds Kirsten and asks what’s wrong with her. Kirsten immediately tears up but just says she isn’t feeling well. Kelly asks if she went to the doctor and Kirsten gets more emotional, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kelly is concerned and assures her she is there when she’s ready to talk.

In New York, John-Paul hangs with Brandon while he’s there for Fashion Week. JP is happy to have someone to run with for one of his last jogs in Central Park before the big move. JP is in awe of Brandon’s abs and states he would back out if he were invited to do the fashion show because his abs apparently don’t hold a candle. Nadia’s schedule frees up and she joins Brandon in New York. Farah and JP accompany them to some parties for the event and they discuss Nadia’s crazy schedule for the movie. Nadia then stuns them with the news that Kirsten is being temporarily recast on General Hospital due to illness. Farah is sick to her stomach and wishes she knew what was going on.

Back at her place, Farah looks online for news about Kirsten. She then calls someone in Kirsten’s camp named Tiffany to try and find out what’s going on. Tiffany doesn’t take well to Farah calling after all this time, but does inform her that Kirsten has endometriosis. It’s serious. Tiffany and Farah bicker about Farah’s place in Kirsten’s life and they hang up.

Farah’s mom visits her and they spend the day laying out by a pool. Farah brings up Kirsten and how worried she is about her. She cries as she says things have been put in perspective for her regarding their feud.

After Nadia is forced to head back to L.A. for the movie, Brandon prepares for the fashion show. He gets some tips from a professional runway model and his nerves fade the closer he gets to strutting his stuff. It goes off without a hitch and he’s proud he went out of his comfort zone and conquered it. Once he gets back in L.A., he and Nadia discuss spending more quality time together.

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