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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Korpai Family

October 16, 2011 06:02 PM by Candace Young

Tonight’s episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition kicks off with Ty Pennington and the design team, including Jillian Harris, Paul DiMeo, and Ed Sanders, watching a video of the Korpai family. Parents Darlene and Jimmy explain how their now five year-old daughter, Hailey, was born with dwarfism, and the challenges she will face growing up. Her baby brother, Hudson, will quickly outgrow her. Keep reading for highlights from this episode…

Ty and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition design team surprise the Korpai family at home in Crawford, New York and take a tour of their current two-storey house, which is not accessible or properly-equipped to suit Hailey’s need for independence as she grows.

Jimmy and Darlene run the New York chapter of Little People of America from their home as well, so adequate office space and accessibility for visitors is required. Ty introduces the family to the hundreds of blue-shirted volunteers and the builders from Hearthstone Contractors.  Ty tells the family they are headed on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas – off they go in the limo!

As the build gets underway, Ty tells the design team that the Little People of America meetings sometimes draw up to 100 people, so they have to be sure to include appropriate space in the Understanding Dwarfism center. The Korpai family is contacted to watch the demolition of their old house by ‘Future Pauly’.

Pauly visits Matt Roloff, the father from Little People, Big World, to get pointers on designing a home for people of different sizes. They do a walk-through of his property, and Pauly asks him to come with him to help on the build for the Korpai family. He agrees.

Matt and Pauly arrive at the Korpai build and Ty immediately gets advice on window height from Matt, who is able to provide plenty of insight. Jillian Harris, who is in charge of the main spaces in the house, discusses the height of the kitchen counters with Matt.

Ty has brought in Brent, Eric, and Dan, who design hi-tech gadgets to design a futuristic puppet show for the kids.  They decide to design a puppet which Hailey can control on a screen – a virtual puppet.

Jillian takes Matt Roloff with her to pay a visit to Hailey’s school. She’ll be starting in a few weeks and Jillian wants to prepare her classmates. While there, they contact the Korpai family on vacation and the kids tell her they can’t wait to meet her. Matt Roloff also speaks to them.  Jillian shows them the special playground equipment they put in at the school, which is safe for Hailey to use.

Jen and Bill, ‘The Little Couple‘, arrive at the build to help out. They speak to members of the design team about how to get awareness out there. Ed asks them to come to New York to help get the word out.

The Korpai family arrives in New York City and Ed meets them in Times Square. He introduces them to Bill and Jen, and then tells them they started a website for them. Ed asks them to look up on the big screen, where it’s being advertised!

Next it’s time to move that bus. The Korpai family is floored at the sight of the new house and thanks the crew from Hearthstone Contractors and the volunteers.  They go inside and check out the kitchen. Ty comes in and shows them the customizations to accommodate Hailey.

Hudson has a terrific room full of construction signs and over-sized blocks. Hailey’s bedroom is pretty and pink. It comes equipped with low windows, a rotating closet, and a washroom with everything at her level. Jimmy and Darlene get to check out their master bedroom, which features their garden and stream outside the window.

Ty then takes the family to check out the new ‘Understanding Dwarfism’ center. Jimmy and Darlene marvel at the facility which has reception, meeting, and office space galore. Ty says it’s missing people, and the doors open to admit a group of volunteers – both little and big! There are elevators to access the upstairs, and Pauly shows them the virtual puppet theater designed by Brent, Eric, and Dan. Hailey loves it, and Jimmy says it’s a tool the children can use while the parents are sharing information.  Ty finishes up by saying, “Welcome home, Korpai family, welcome home.”

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