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The Amazing Race Recap: Thailand

October 16, 2011 06:44 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s another nail biter on CBS’s hit show, The Amazing Race. The remaining teams travel to Phuket, Thailand to continue the race. Keep reading to learn which duo finished in last place and if they were sent home!

It’s the fourth leg of the race and Andy and Tommy are the first to depart for Phuket, Thailand. 

Laurence and Zac are the second team to depart, both teams head to the airport to catch the flight.  The two teams work together to take an alternate route through another city, we will see if it pays off.  The other teams start to head to the airport.  All the remaining teams are on the same flight, which arrives in Thailand at 6:50 p.m.  As for Andy and Tommy and Zac and Laurence they get a flight into Phuket almost an hour later than all the other teams – their risk didn’t pay off. 

As the first teams arrive in Phuket, it’s a race for the taxi-cabs.  Everyone arrives at the first clue and find out they must now wait until morning for the dock to open.  The teams who arrived over an hour later to Thailand are relived they could catch up to the others. 


When morning comes, it’s finally time to start the detour. Teams must decide between planting coral under water or setting up chairs and umbrellas along the beach. 

Liz and Marie, the twins, choose to do the beach preparation challenge,while Amani and Marcus tackle building coral reefs. Justin and Jennifer, the siblings argue through the entire time they are trying to build the coral reef.  Andy and Tommy are the first team to complete the coral reef challenge and they receive the next clue.  Several of the teams are struggling with the coral challenge because of the current.  Bill and Cathi, Amani and Marcus, and Jeremy and Sandy have major difficulties, so they abandon their boat and head to the beach detour.  As for the umbrella challenge, the wind causes problems for the teams trying to set-up the umbrellas.  Cindy and Ernie are the first team to finish the chair challenge and receive the next clue.  The final two teams left on the beach are the twins and grandparents.  The twins are having major issues and are frustrated, especially since they were the first team to start the challenge.  Bill and Cathi finally conquer the beach challenge, leaving the twins in tears at the beach.  The girls have reached their breaking point and just yell at each other to finish.  Finally after more than three hours of setting up beach chairs, the girls complete the task.   

Road Block:

Now the teams must travel 13 minutes by boat and look for an island that matches the medallion they were given.  Andy and Tommy reach the road block way ahead of all the other teams.  Justin and Jennifer are the second to reach the road block. The teams learn they must now rock climb to reach their next clue.  Andy reaches the clue first and it tells them to head to the next pit stop.  Jennifer is heading up the rock wall, while other teams are still struggling at the beach.  Jeremy, Amani and Ernie quickly climb the rocks to receive the clue for their teams.  Bill climbs the rock and receives the clue before the twins even leave the beach. 

Pit Stop:

Once again, Tommy and Andy are the first team to arrive at the pit stop.  Justin and Jennifer, the arguing siblings, place second this leg of the race.  The third team to arrive is Jeremy and Sandy.  The remaining teams file in close to one another, leaving only one team still at the rocks – the twins.  Liz and Marie finish in last place. But wait, it’s a non-elimination round and they get to continue on with the race!

Below is how the teams placed in the fourth leg of the race:

Tommy and Andy

Justin and Jennifer

Jeremy and Sandy

Laurence and Zac

Ernie and Cindy

Amani and Marcus

Bill and Cathi

Liz and Marie

What did you think of tonight’s race?  Let us know, comment below!

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