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The Biggest Loser Recap: Immunity Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

October 18, 2011 06:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, we watched as the contestants were treated to one of the best prizes on the show – letters from home, but tonight, it’s all about immunity. When the immune player is the only one whose weight loss will count for the team, will it be enough to save them from elimination? And what has the trainers ticked off this week? Read on for all the highlights…

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight as the contestants and trainers were greeted by Alison Sweeney and what appeared to be a Plinko type board. Alison then announced that one player would be heading home for a week, and be granted immunity, but it came with a price – that player would be the only player who would be weighing in this week for their entire team. Oh, but it got better…not only would one player be going home, but they would be taking their trainer with them. In the order of the percentage lost thus far, the contestants placed their name on the bottom of the board and the chip would choose which player would be going home.

Bob Harper expressed his concern over this, but he had no idea how much worse it was about to get for him, as one of his players, Sunny, was the unlucky person whose name the chip had landed on. As soon as Sunny saw her name, she started to do the happy dance, but Bob quickly put her in place. Bob was pissed and he even told Sunny that she would be lucky to see anyone but him all week long, and that it was not a game, instead it would be nothing but work for her. As the black team struggled to workout without Bob, the red team was thrilled by it and hoped that they would finally beat the black team in a weigh in. Meanwhile, Bonnie, of the blue team was struggling with her workout – could this be the demise of the blue team after she sent coach Mike home last week?

As Bob Harper and Sunny settle in at Sunny’s home in Texas, the black team seems to be breaking apart at the seems. Antone and Joe spent some time bonding, but they were also discussing their other team members’ faults. John was alone in the pool, while Jen was alone in the kitchen. Sunny was in for the shock of her life when she and Bob headed to the gym for her first workout at home. Bob pushed Sunny harder than she had ever been pushed before in a workout – she even fell off the treadmill. Then it took an emotional turn when Sunny relieved being humiliated in that gym as some kids used to laugh at her while she was there, but Bob quickly encouraged her to keep going.

For their challenge tonight, the teams had to carry glasses of orange soda pop through a maze of string, and into a cylinder, with the first team to fill their cylinder, the winners. The black and red teams were neck in neck, and the blue team had their own issues as Bonnie fell while trying to get through the maze, but luckily she was okay. The red team ended up winning the challenge, and their prize, in the spirit of paying it forward, was that each player was able to send someone they knew to The Biggest Loser resort for 2 weeks.

Meanwhile in Texas, Sunny’s family decided to take Bob to a good ole Southern BBQ joint to eat, but Bob did not find the humor in it and ordered all the lean meats on the menu for everyone. Then Sunny decided to take Bob bull riding, and he was not a fan, but he was a good sport about it. Then Bob phoned into the black team to see how they were doing and Jennifer admitted that she was feeling like an outsider, and they all vowed to work together as a team, despite Antone’s bashing of Jennifer to the cameras. Bob admitted to the cameras as well that Jennifer has alienated herself from the team – let’s hope they could pull together for the sake of the team.

Back at the ranch, Dolvett Quince joined his team and shared how proud he was of them for winning the challenge, but he quickly became annoyed when Vinny started joking around about his stomach, even naming it. Then he decided to push the team into a tough workout, but got even more ticked off when he saw Vinny and Ramon laughing and joking around again. Dolvett showed his angry side as he got upset and started yelling at the guys for joking around, and making sure they knew that their health was no laughing matter! As he calmed down, Dolvett reminded his team that while they may have won a challenge, they have yet to win a weigh in, which made Vinny and Ramon work a lot harder.

On the blue side of things, Bonnie is having her own issues with none other than Anna Kournikova. Bonnie admitted that her mood changed whenever Anna came around, and Anna also noticed her anger. To the cameras, Bonnie said that Anna tries to pull Bonnie’s issues out of her past, but Bonnie believes it an issue she has with Anna Kournikova, but she didn’t say much more – could there be trouble brewing with the trainer that no one is liking this season? Before they weighed in, Bonnie blew up that Anna always praises Becky, who is 13 years younger than Bonnie, but that Anna never praises her. After the last chance workout and Sunny’s return, here is how the teams fared this week:

Anna’s Blue Team:

from 233 lbs to 229 lbs (-4)

from 212 lbs to 204 lbs (-8)
*total team loss of 12 lbs and 2.70%

Bob’s Black Team *note that while all the players weighed in, only Sunny counted tonight
from 301 lbs to 294 lbs (-7)

from 381 lbs to 377 lbs (-4)

from 241 lbs to 227 lbs (-14)

from 366 lbs to 354 lbs (-12)

from 282 lbs to 274 lbs (-8)
*total team loss of 14 lbs or 5.81%

Dolvett’s Red Team
from 382 lbs to 372 lbs (-10)

from 311 lbs to 304 lbs (-7)

from 219 lbs to 213 lbs (-6)

from 237 lbs to 231 lbs (-6)
*total team loss of 29 lbs or 2.52%

This meant that Dolvett Quince’s red team was up for elimination, as Sunny saved her team (she only needed to lose 7 lbs) and kept the black team together for one more week. The red team was up for elimination, but Jessica could not be voted for as she had the highest percentage of weight loss for the week on her team. After they all gave their pleas, it was time for the voting begin. It was an emotional elimination, as Courtney felt she was targeted, with Vinny saying that she had more issues with her confidence than anything. Jennifer voted for Courtney as well, even though she was her best friend there, simply because the men needed the medical help more.

Courtney was eliminated as Ramon also voted for her, but rest assured that Courtney is doing great at home. Courtney is continuing her hard work at home, and is now down to 205 lbs, losing over 60 lbs total thus far. Courtney is paying it forward by helping her sister, who is overweight, while she is home. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our interview with Courtney!

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