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Survivor: South Pacific — Exit Interview With Stacey Powell

October 19, 2011 09:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

She went out of Survivor: South Pacific very vocal about her disdain for Benjamin “Coach” Wade.  Stacey Powell was so upset with the guy we’ve come to know as “Coach” that she wouldn’t even consider calling him by his reality-famed moniker.  Although she was fired up about Coach, she couldn’t pull off a victory at the duel on Redemption Island and found herself becoming the third person booted from the competition.  In a recent conference call with reporters, Stacey weighed in on Coach, Christine and life on Redemption Island.

Question: When you see Coach in December at the finale, is he going to be Coach or Benjamin to you?

Stacey Powell: What is his name?  His name is Benjamin, right?  He’ll say, “Hi Stacey.  Hi Benjamin”

Question: Did he rub you the wrong way from the start or was it something that progressed throughout your time there?

Stacey Powell: It progressed because I didn’t know him personally as doing the game because I was never a big watcher.  I gave him the opportunity.  I talked to Benjamin a lot.  But then as you watch a person — it progressed on and on and on.  You know why?  He got lazy.  He never did anything.  Anything he wanted to do, he wanted everybody else to do it.  To me, I’m like, they don’t see this?

Watch Stacey’s rant about Coach and the duel she lost:

Question: What is something about Benjamin, or Coach, that we didn’t get to see that you saw this season?

Stacey Powell: Lazy! I’m telling you.  Do you think he did a challenge?  No.  He put everybody else up to do his dirty work ’cause he couldn’t do it.  He came in and tried to be what his a.k.a. is — a Coach.  He could not do anything.  He was lazy, he was sorry, he was greedy. It was all about him.  He always had to meditate.  Selfish.  Just selfish.

Question: Did he ever convince you to meditate with him?

Stacey Powell: No.  No.  I don’t play with God like that.  He didn’t get me to meditate with him.  But you know what?  That meditation for him was for him to walk off and for him to go be looking.  Walk off so he can go be trying to find it, but if you try to find an Idol or a clue, you got a target on your back.  Mighty funny, they let him walk off and do what he wanted to.  My eyes were on him at all times.

Question: What was it like being on Redemption Island with Christine?

Stacey Powell: It was a bittersweet moment.  Hate to be there, I hated for her to see me come there, but I couldn’t do nothing but love on her.  I was excited to see her.  It was just like a girl’s night out.  We sat as if we had margaritas, but we had coconut.  We were sitting there drinking water and coconut and just talking about everything. …

Question: What was it about Christine that made you so close to her?

Stacey Powell: To be honest, I don’t know.  We just started talking and the conversation just met up with each other. …  We didn’t talk about family, we would just talk about life in general. …  She made me laugh.  I made her laugh.  The chemistry was just there.  She was very genuine to me and very kindhearted to me.

Question: Jeff Probst said on his Twitter that you didn’t appear to be focused during the duel against Christine.  What was going on with you there?

Stacey Powell: It’s hard for me to say I wasn’t focused.  I came in with my hands ready, my eyes ready, my mind ready.  I can’t say I wasn’t focused ’cause I was.  I was ready.  I was ready to be in the game.  My eyes had to be there to catch the balls, I had my hands out there. …  I was ready for the game.  So I don’t know what he said about me not being focused, but I was focused.

Question: You said you weren’t a big fan of the show, so how did you get placed on it?

Stacey Powell: I wasn’t a fan.  I had watched it before and then I started getting back into it.  But how I got on the show was I went to an open call that they had here.  I just so happened to get there and I got called.  So I got called to be a contestant and I was there.  So I did look at previous seasons like 22 and 21 and get into it.  So when they showed it on TV I’m like, “You know what, I’m gonna go in there.  I’m ready for this.  I wish I could do this.”  And look, I got called.

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