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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Ozzy Lusth Throws Temper Tantrum

October 19, 2011 07:59 PM by Ryan Haidet

Feeling betrayed by his own Savaii tribemates when they voted out his woman, Ozzy Lusth decided to get back at them on tonight’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific.  No, he didn’t make a Russell Hantz move and dump out their water.  He didn’t burn their socks.  Instead, Ozzy threw a temper tantrum.  When he returned to camp after the Tribal Council in which Elyse was sent to Redemption Island, he laid his frustrations on the table.  Then he idiotically admitted he had possession of the hidden Immunity Idol.  Oh boy…  Ozzy’s playing the same game again!  What else happened on tonight’s episode?  Read on to find out!

Happy With Ozzy’s Attitude

The next day, Ozzy spent some time to himself by going on yet another antisocial fishing trip.  As he worked to spear some fish, everybody back at camp was growing irritated with Ozzy’s hissy fit.  “The guy couldn’t have made any worse moves than he did,” Jim said in confessional.  Cochran, one of Ozzy’s constant targets, was thrilled with Ozzy’s temper tantrum because it was taking the attention off of himself.  He even said that Ozzy was behaving like a “stupid bitch.”

Brandon’s Silly Idol Hunt

At Upolu, Brandon started acting like his uncle Russell as he was desperately searching for the hidden Immunity Idol.  But one thing he didn’t know is that Coach already found it.  Despite his hopeless hunt, Brandon’s efforts weren’t fruitless because he found the hidden clue for the Idol.  After sharing the clue with some of his allies, Brandon vigorously searched for the Idol as Coach cheered him on.  At one point, Brandon even asked Coach if he thought somebody already found it — which Coach hilariously said probably not.

Another Gets Eliminated

For the first time at a duel, Christine, who has been undefeated thus far, broke down and cried when discussing life on Redemption Island.  Everything was definitely starting to take its toll on her.  Despite her desperation to be done with Redemption Island, Christine won her fourth duel in a row.  The challenge, which was a game of Survivor shuffleboard, was actually pretty close — coming down to just one point.  As Elyse walked out of the game for good, she said that she gave her all.  “I’m stronger than I think I am,” she said before burning her red Savaii buff in the fire.  “See ya, Elyse,” Probst said as Ozzy’s biggest ally became the fourth offiical elimination of the season.  After she won, Christine muttered that she didn’t want to go back to Redemption Island.  But off she went.

Tonight’s duel proved one thing: Christine does not like her former Upolu tribe.  As Rick sat on the sidelines as a witness to the battle, he offered up some encouragement to Christine telling her that she could do it.  But instead of taking his remarks as a form of motivation, Christine gave him the middle finger instead while acting as if she was scratching her nose.  Then we cut to confessionals of Rick and Sophie each saying how bad it would be for Christine to come back into the game from Redemption Island because she is so furious with them.  Could this be forshadowing?  Can Christine survive another duel?  Will she get redemption?

Ozzy Admits Mistake

Back at Savaii, Ozzy realized he made a mistake with his temper tantrum, which he initially thought was the right way to show he was standing his ground.  So, he apologized to the rest of the tribe for his actions.  Jim loved having Ozzy in this position because he has been knocked down a few pegs.  Jim also thought Ozzy will help them win challenges before the merge.  And after the merge, Ozzy will be a bigger target.

Mikayla’s Challenge Troubles

Tonight’s combined Reward/Immunity challenge was actually very cool.  It combined several different elements, which ended with a great finale involving firing coconuts on slingshots at standing tiki targets.  Upolu had a massive lead for the entire challenge — at least until they got to the final step.  Mikayla kept using one hand to fire the coconuts and kept missing the tiki targets.  Coach noticed her lack of success in the battle and asked her to just sit out of their rotation several times.  But instead of following his request, Mikayla told him that she was doing just fine and stayed in the challenge.  Despite being so far ahead at one point, Upolu lost the challenge when Jim toppled the final tiki target to give Savaii victory.  Savaii also won Reward in the form of a trip to the sliding rocks with a picnic lunch.

Loyalty Or Strength

Back at camp, Upolu was clearly divided on what move to make next.  Coach wanted to keep Edna and take Mikayla out for her poor performance.  Brandon didn’t want to vote against Edna because he made a deal with her.  Although he actually declared his desire to keep Mikayla in the game, he vowed to be loyal to his word with Edna.  On the other end of the spectrum, Albert and Sophie were desperate to get Edna out on the argument that she is just a weak player.  Coach completely disagreed with them.  This left the tribe split directly in half with cowboy Rick stuck in the middle.  Both sides pushed for Rick to vote on their side.  And at Tribal Council, Rick sided with Coach, Edna and Brandon by voting against Mikayla.  With that, Mikayla was sent to Redemption Island to square off against Christine.

As Mikayla walked away from Tribal Council, Coach hilariously rubbed Brandon’s shoulders and said, “I love you, man.”  Brandon responded, “I love you, too.”  It was like something straight out of a beer commercial.  Amazing!

What do you think about tonight’s episode?  Are you happy or sad that Elyse lost the duel?  Do you think Christine can survive another week on Redemption Island?  Was it smart for Upolu to get rid of Mikayla?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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