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Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: A Thong To Remember Them By

October 20, 2011 08:38 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore, Mike ‘The Situation’ caused trouble in the Club and found that no one was backing him up. The episode ended with Mike standing alone. Will he be able to make amends with his roommates and join them back in Jersey? Keep reading for all of the highlights from the season finale in Florence, Italy…

After causing problems in the Club, Mike amuses himself back at the house until he realizes Snooki stayed behind and is in bed. She ignores him. At the Club, the others are head out into the street and make their way back to the house. Sammi feels that she should talk to Mike because he’s making the house on edge. Ronnie wakes him up and gives him a talk about fixing the bridges he’s burnt. Ronnie says if he doesn’t apologize, he’s done with him. Sammi tells Ronnie he did the right thing.

Sammi, Pauly D, and Vinny go to work at the pizza place for the last time. Pauly D gets loud and has a lot of fun. Vinny says it’s like a family at the pizzeria – he’ll definitely miss them.

That night, Sammi and Ronnie lay tangled together on a bed and then head to the smush room. Pauly D and Mike chuckle at them ‘getting it in’. Pauly D is delighted when five minutes later they walk out doing the ‘in-house walk of shame’.

Mike phones a family member and talks about how he needs to get out of there and doesn’t want to go back to Jersey. Snooki hears and tells Deena, who thinks he’s doing it to get attention and doesn’t care anyway.

JWoww phones Roger and tells him she’s sick. She’s staying in tonight while the others go to the Club. Once at the Club, Mike does his thing and gets girls. Snooki and Deena decides to go somewhere else. Vinny is having a problem – the drunker he gets the less pretty the girls are getting. He wants to go elsewhere.

Snooki and Deena go to another Club and dance wildly. They spot a girl who dances like them. Vinny and Pauly D show up. The meatballs introduce them to ‘White Girl Wasted’.  Back at the other Club, Mike, Sammi, and Ronnie leave, wondering how to get home. Pauly D and Vinny leave with some girls who want to get it in, but Pauly’s girl is too drunk – he gets her a cab. Snooki and Deena wander the streets and get lost.

Everyone finds their way home and they all pass out. The next morning, they all root through their clothing – Marco at the pizzeria wants a piece from each of them to hang on his laundry line. They head to the pizzeria. Their clothing items get hung up, including Deena’s dirty thong, and they say their farewells.

Later, they decide to barbecue at the house – it’s their last American meal in Italy. Vinny wants to do some sight-seeing before they leave.  Everyone marvels at Snooki cleaning. Vinny says Snooki cleaning is like seeing Mike with a condom – it doesn’t happen. Vinny and Pauly D get on the phone to book a sight-seeing tour for the next day.

The next day, Mike tells Snooki he probably won’t go to Jersey. Snooki doesn’t say much as he talks about how stressful it’s been arguing with everyone. He’s surprised that Snooki doesn’t try to talk him into joining them in Jersey.

They head out for their walking tour. Snooki isn’t keen on history or walking tours, but the rest are interested to see where the Mona Lisa was painted, and the statue of David. As they go on, Mike keeps leaving the group to sit on his own. Pauly D shrugs it off – they’re not going to hold his hand. Vinny and the others are pleased with the tour – even Snooki seems to be paying attention.

After, they relax and look back on their trip. Mike observes that Jenni’s been mad calm this year. They all sip drinks by the sunset. Mike takes the opportunity to apologize to everyone and gives them all roses. Jenni says his apologies are always bull.

It’s time for a last blast at the Club. They all go out, dance, and get drunk. Upon their return to the house, Deena bails hard and bangs her head on a suitcase. She rallies in time to help Snooki put all of the plants on the kitchen table as a lark.

The next morning, spirits are high at the prospect of going back to Jersey. Mike offers to cook breakfast and confirms he will join them at the shore. He tells the camera he’ll have something up his sleeve and it will be a situation.  Snooki hopes that everything will go back to normal in Jersey. Vinny hopes his family isn’t disappointed that he’s not bringing home an authentic Italian wife.

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