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Dirty Soap Recap: Icing On The Cake

October 23, 2011 09:04 PM by Lori Wilson

It’s all about family in week five of Dirty Soap, as JP and Farah visit her parents, Nadia senses her father’s presence and Kelly visits her hometown. Keep reading to find out what went down on the E! reality show.

While on the set of her movie Divorce Invitation, Nadia gets a call to sing the National Anthem at a San Diego Padres game. She’s not thrilled, calling it her worst nightmare because she flubbed it the first time she ever performed it. When Nadia tells her mother and Brandon the news, Fary points out last time she did, “Poop, poop,” but Brandon is encouraging, reminding her many great singers have messed up the song. He assures her he and Fary will both be there for support. Fary suggests getting a vocal coach so she will be ready. Fary tears up saying Nadia’s father will be watching over her.

Brandon, Nadia and Fary get stuck in traffic on the way to the Padres stadium in San Diego. Nadia panics, but Brandon gets her there with just seconds to spare. Once at the stadium, Brandon and Fary watch on the field as Nadia belts out the National Anthem without any “poop, poop.” Back at home, Brandon tells Nadia it was nice spending the day with Fary, who was actually nice to him. He gives Nadia a gift, which is a framed photo of Nadia performing with her dad at her sister’s wedding reception. She cries recalling that day.

After a five-hour delay at the airport, Kelly visits her family in Poconos Pines, PA. Once at her parents’ house, Kelly’s mom tells her she’s too skinny. Kelly brushes her off, but after weighing herself, she learns she weighs just 92 lbs. Kelly is glad she was called out on it because it opened her eyes. Talk turns to dating and her family encourages her to put herself out there. Kelly’s mom suggests she go on The Bachelorette, but Kelly will have none of it. The family discusses going out to a local bar. They tell her Mike might stop by because they’ve remained close with him, but Kelly orders her mom to uninvite him.

Kelly and her family head to a local bar where she had her first job. She knows everyone there and catches up with the town, as Mike walks in, despite being told not to come. He sits down with Kelly and tells her she is the love of his life. He wishes he could take back the things that hurt her. She tells him actions speak louder than words and he betrayed her. He’ll never stop caring about her and will always want the best for her. She wants to not hate him, but he killed her soul. She declares it’s over because he can’t love her if he can’t love himself. She tells the camera she is glad Mike came to the bar because it put all the nails in the coffin.

The next day, Kelly talks with her mother alone to request the family distance themselves from Mike. She has to close this chapter in her life and needs her family’s support. Kelly’s mom tells her she’s got it. Kelly feels she’s gotten her final closure and is putting her foot in the right direction.

Farah and JP road trip to Lexington, Kentucky to visit Farah’s family. They also do a photo shoot together for a bourbon company. Later, JP golfs with Farah’s dad Greg, who tries, but fails, to convince JP to put a ring on Farah’s finger and have kids. After hitting the links, Greg takes Farah to a bar for bourbon to talk about JP and marriage. He knows they love each other, but suggests Farah really decide if she wants kids, because if she does, she should leave JP and find someone else. Farah is sick of this conversation, but tells her dad she is content never being a mother. She’s also content with JP right now, but if she wants more later, she will leave him. She calls JP her icing, not her cake, so she can move on from him if she decides that’s what’s best for her.

Away from her family, Farah tells JP she feels bad so much pressure is being put on him, but reminds him this is what adults do and talk about. To the camera, Farah predicts JP will propose on his own time. He just needs to be left alone.

Next time on Dirty Soap, Fary drives Nadia and Brandon nuts, Galen goes overboard teaching his kids karate, and Farah needs surgery.

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