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The Amazing Race Recap: Off To Bangkok

October 23, 2011 07:04 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS it’s another fight to the finish line on The Amazing RaceLast week Liz and Marie finished in last place, but were excited to learn it was a non-elimination round.  Will the twins be able to complete the extra task and stay in the game tonight?  Keep reading for all The Amazing Race details and see which team was sent home!

It’s the fifth leg of the race and Andy and Tommy are off first, since they were the winners of the last leg. These pro snowboarders have dominated the last couple legs of the race, we’ll see if they can continue to do so. Andy and Tommy arrive at the first challenge, which is an elephant ride to a road block. The other teams arrive shortly behind the leaders.

Liz and Marie finally arrive to ride the elephants, but they must first complete a speed bump. The twins must clean the elephants. The girls are shrieking with excitement, because they love the elephants. I have never seen a team so happy to participate in a speed bump.

Road Block:
The teams are led to a pool of water and must search for a clue. Andy dives into the water and quickly finds the clue, before any of the other teams have even arrived at the road block. Justin and Jennifer are the second team to find the clue at the road block. Amani and Marcus and Ernie and Cindy are in fifth and sixth place. As usual, Cindy is panicking that they are at the bottom of the pack.

Spirit House Challenge:
Andy and Tommy are already onto the next challenge where they must find a local store and dissemble a “spirit house”, which is basically a little shrine. The pieces have to be delivered to another location before teams can receive the next clue. When Justin and Jennifer arrive at the local store they have a hard time remembering where the pieces go, so they borrow the cab driver’s camera phone. Is that allowed? We will find out.

Second Road Block:
Now that the pieces of the spirit house are delivered, it must be put back together. Andy and Tommy did make sure they looked at the house before they took it apart, but not good enough. Since only one member of the team can put it back together, Andy and Tommy head back to the store to review the assembled houses again. Tommy finishes assembling the spirit house and the snowboarders remain in first place. Jennifer assembles the house, but doesn’t remember where all the pieces go. Instead of running back to the store she just has to go to the cab driver and look at his phone! Jennifer and Justin definitely saved a ton of time by using the camera phone. Unfortunately for Zac, he doesn’t have a photographic memory and he has to return to the store to take notes. Let’s just say Cindy is not pleased when Ernie has to drive back to the store, so he can memorize the pieces.

Travel To Bangkok:
The teams must now travel 13 hours by bus to Bangkok. Andy and Tommy, Zac and Laurence, Justin and Jennifer and Jeremy and Sandy get the first bus to Bangkok, which arrives at 6:00 a.m. But wait, Zac and Laurence realize they are on a first class bus. The father and son now must run three miles back to the bus station and catch another bus. Amani and Marcus, Bill and Cathi, Cindy and Ernie get seats on the bus that leaves at 5:30 p.m., while Zac and Laurence get on the 8:00 p.m. bus. Liz and Marie are in last place and are racing to get on the 8:00 p.m. bus, but they have completely run out of money! The twins don’t have enough money to pay their driver and the bus starts to leave without them. The driver decides to take the only money the girls have and actually drives them to meet up with the bus.

Cindy and Ernie’s bus is first to arrive in Bangkok, beating the other teams who left first. It’s now a race to find the first clue, where the teams must simply feed the fish. All of the teams are concerned where the other teams are, since everyone took different buses. Cindy and Ernie feed the fish first and receive the clue to head to the pit stop. A lot of teams get held up in horrible Bangkok traffic. Amani and Marcus and Bill and Cathi are in second and third place when they arrive to feed the fish. The twins are left walking the streets, because they have no money. Finally a generous cab driver takes Liz and Marie to their desired destination.

Most teams are headed to the pit stop, but Andy and Tommy get held up trying to figure out where to go. Finally the snowboarders receive a map to the pit stop and they hop in a cab.

Pit Stop:
Amani and Marcus are ecstatic to learn they are the first team to arrive at the pit stop. Bill and Cathi are right behind the leaders and finish in second place. To round out the top three, Ernie and Cindy arrive at the pit stop.

There are two teams that are left fighting for the final spot. Jeremy and Sandy and Liz and Marie are headed to the pit stop, but aren’t sure if they are the last team. Sandy arrives to the pit stop in tears, but she learns they are team number seven. That means Liz and Marie are the last to arrive and are eliminated from the race. The twins never gave up today, even though they had an extra task and had no money. “We wanted to do this for him (our dad) he would have been proud of us,” the girls tell Phil. Liz and Marie are happy they made it to the half-way point of the race, but are sad to go.

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