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Dancing With The Stars The Results Recap

October 25, 2011 07:22 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on ABC, the results are in on Dancing With The Stars.  There was definitely some controversy with the judges last night.  Did the judge’s comments influence which couple was sent home tonight?  Keep reading to find out if your favorite star is still in the competition. 

It’s straight to the encore dance tonight.  As for last night’s performances, Len says “It was a mix of fights, flights and delights,” but he has one dance that he wants to see again.  For the encore dance of the night Len chooses J.R. and Karina’s quick step.  The couple hits the dance floor and again puts on an amazing performance.


It’s time to see if J.R. and Karina are still in the competition.  The couple stands alone on the stage, awaiting their fate.  Tom announces that this team will be back to dance again next week.  Karina and J.R. hug each other and are obviously excited to be still in the competition. Karina gives Brooke some insight about their next performance for Halloween week, “He’s going to be chasing me and I’m going to be a ghost.” 

The musical guest, Kristin Chenoweth, takes the stage to sing a song from her latest CD.  Her new CD is “Some Lessons Learned” which is now available in stores.  “I’m honored to be sharing the stage with these amazing dancers,” Kristin tells Tom. 

More results are going are revealed for two couples; Ricki and Derek and Nancy and Tristan take the stage.  Ricki and Derek received a high score of 29, while Nancy received her highest score of the competition a 24. Will these high scores be enough to keep these couples in the competition?  Tom announces the next couple who is safe is Ricki and Derek.  As for Nancy and Tristan, they are also safe!   All the contestants give each other a group hug. 

The stars of Dancing With The Stars share how the show has been tougher than they thought.  “These five weeks have been absolutely insane,” Hope tells the camera.  As for Chaz he feels, “You are keeping the schedule of professional athletes, but you don’t have the years of training.”  All the stars talk about the highs and lows of the show, but also share how addicting dancing is and they don’t want to be sent home!

Now it’s time for the Macy’s Stars of Dance. The group performs a hit from the Broadway show 42nd Street.  The dance is followed by a performance from Martina McBride singing, “I’m Going To Love You Through It.” 

It’s time for more results! Kym and David, who earned a 23 last night take the stage with Lacey and Chaz.  Lacey and Chaz danced to Phantom of the Opera and received a low score of 19. In the behind the scenes interview Chaz gets heated about Bruno’s comments.  “Bruno f***ing makes comments about me being cute and cuddly, like I’m some fat troll dancing with this beautiful woman every week and I’m sick of it!”  Tom announces the couple who is returning next week is David and Kym! As for Chaz and Lacey the duo is in jeopardy of leaving the show.  The crowd gives some loud boos in response to Chaz being in the bottom. 

To take a break from the results, some of the pros take to the dance floor to perform a spooky Halloween dance. This is a preview of what fans will get to see next week on the special Halloween-themed show. 

Up next to the stage are the final two couples, Rob and Cheryl and Hope and Maks.  Brooke asks Hope how she felt about Maks lashing out last night.  “Maks is my teammate through and through and so I stand by my teammate and of course I always love someone who is opinionated.”  Maks does apologize for saying it was “my show” he says it didn’t come out right.  Tom jokes that he was disappointed because he was going to ask Maks for a raise.  Good thing he apologized for that, you should have seen the judge’s face when Maks made that comment.  Tom announces the couple who will be returning to the dance floor next week is Rob and Cheryl.  So that means Hope and Maks are in the bottom with Chaz and Lacey.

Final Results:

The two couples in jeopardy of leaving the show are Hope and Maks and Chaz and Lacey. Both teams stand on the stage and look nervous waiting for the announcement.  Tom tells Chaz and Lacey that they are the couple going home tonight!  Chaz tells Tom, “I took so much away from this.  It was an amazing journey that showed me I could do so much more than I thought I could.”  

What do you think about Chaz leaving Dancing With The Stars? Let us know your opinion on who is going to take home the mirror ball trophy. 

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3 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars The Results Recap”

  1. Sarah Says:
    October 25th, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    It’s about time the Chaz was se nt home. He can’t
    dance and should have gone home a few weeks ago

  2. Cindy Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I know Chaz was not a strong dancer and I really do not have a problem with him being sent home, but I do have a problem with the rude bullying that was directed at Chaz. Comparing him to animals and such is just total disrespectfulness! And totally unnecesssary. Shame on you, Bruno!!!!!

  3. Sandy Stone Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    It is about time Chaz is gone. This is a family show and the first night all he can do is talk about his sex change. Disgusting for young people to hear! He had no talent, was totally out of shape and I bet Sonny is rolling over in his grave. and he is no star, he is just a kid from a star family. Thank God. Maybe I can watch the show now


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