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The Biggest Loser Recap: Halloween Brings Tricks, Treats, And Romance

October 25, 2011 07:32 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, we watched as the contestants had to depend on one player’s weight loss, but this week the teams will be combined into one team. With it being Halloween week, we will see tricks, treats and romance! Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser was back tonight with Halloween week, and the contestants were greeted to a very scary Alison Sweeney. Okay, really, she tried to look scary, but she was still gorgeous. Ali then informed them that they would be working as one united team of ten this week, and working out with all three trainers. Next, she offered them a treat – if they could lose a combined total of 100 lbs, no one would be eliminated. But then Alison offered them a temptation, err, trick – a cauldron full of Halloween candy on scale hanging in their kitchen. For every one pound of candy eaten, they would lose one pound off that 100 lbs they needed to lose. But, did anyone bite?

Believe it or not, no one took any candy, despite Sunny and Joe kidding around about taking the candy. Instead the entire team ate healthy and worked out intensely. Bonnie seemed to smile for the first time in weeks, and it was something about Bob (as she stated) – maybe Anna really needs the boot now? Most of the contestants seem to get along fine with all the trainers, with the exception of Jennifer, who only gave her effort to Bob, which seemed almost disrespectful to the others.

When it was time for the challenge, the team had to go through a haunted maze, gather apples and bring them back to put them in a bucket, which was hanging from a scale. The treat? If they gathered 150 lbs of apples in 10 minutes, they would get a 5 lb advantage at the weigh in, and if they gathered 200 or more lbs, they would get a 10 lb advantage. The trick? Every single person needed to be out of the maze before the time was up, or they would not only lose the challenge, but they would be given a 5 lb disadvantage at the weigh in. Luckily, they all made it out in time, and ended up with over 200 lbs of apples.

Then it was time for a trick from the contestants. They decided to take all of the candy in the kitchen and hide it, while telling Bob Harper that they ate it. Bob believed them at first and was furious, until they revealed that they had actually hidden it – it was quite comical. But Bob gave it right back to them at the workout, as they then had to work out with all three trainers, one right after another. Bob took some time this week to get to know Vinny, who coincidentally if part of the country band, Trailer Choir. We learned that Vinny was abused as a child and used food to make himself bigger, as a self defense mechanism – a very sad story.

Meanwhile, there was also romance on the ranch as we found out tonight that Ramon and Jessica have a relationship going on, and we also watched them share a picnic, some kisses, and an “I Love You.” Anna, however, had some concerns about the romance and pulled Jessica to the side. Anna warned Jessica to put herself first, especially since Jessica just came out of a bad relationship. Then it was time for their last chance workout, and this is how the contestants fared this week:

Anna’s Blue Team:

from 229 lbs to 228 lbs (-1)

from 204 lbs to 203 lbs (-1)

Bob’s Black Team *note that while all the players weighed in, only Sunny counted tonight
from 294 lbs to 286 lbs (-8)

from 381 lbs to 369 lbs (-8)

from 227 lbs to 232 lbs (+5)

from 354 lbs to 344 lbs (-10) * hit the 100 lb mark, tying Moses for the 6 week record

from 274 lbs to 270 lbs (-4)

Dolvett’s Red Team
from 372 lbs to 367 lbs (-5)

from 304 lbs to 302 lbs (-2)

from 213 lbs to 209 lbs (-4)

This meant the total team loss was 38 lbs, well under their needed 90 lbs. It was such a pathetic loss, that I think most of us at home were waiting for Alison to tell us the scale was broken as a prank, but she didn’t. When it came time for elimination, everyone gave their pleas, but Vinny called out Jennifer on her lack of respect for the other trainers, which seemed to tick everyone off. Needless to say, it was Jennifer who was eliminated tonight, but she is doing great at home now and is down 102 lbs!

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