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Padma Lakshmi Talks About Top Chef And Being A Mom

October 26, 2011 10:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

An all new season of Top Chef debuts November 2 on Bravo. Host, Padma Lakshmi has a very busy schedule these days hosting on the reality TV competition and taking care of her daughter. The 41 year old recently spoke with RTVM about teaming up with Huggies to promote a new slip on diaper, her cook books and dishes about the new season of Top Chef which gets a little bit country in Texas!

You’re a big fan of the Huggies Little Movers Slip on Diapers which recently launched how is the campaign going?
Huggies sent me these Little Movers Slip On diapers and I just thought all diapers were created equal but they’re really not and if you’re like me and you’re always on the go they are a real time saver; especially if your baby’s kind of squirmy or wiggles a lot–they’re really easy. The great thing about them is that they come with these velcro strips on the side so they work like a traditional diaper, they’re just as absorbent but because they have that velcro they start out kind of like underwear so you can just slip them on so you can change your baby in a number of positions: lying down or standing up.

What can fans expect to see on season nine of Top Chef which debuts on November 2?
Well, we’re in Texas which is really fun and Texas is such a big state so we travel. We move four times during the course of the season–which keeps everyone on their toes especially me and my team because my daughter’s with me on set so talk about being on the go! It’s quite a challenge when you have to move all of your stuff and all of your baby’s stuff and any mother or any parent–any dad too–will tell you what it’s like traveling with a baby.

Do you think moving the participating chefs around this season has been more difficult for them?
We always want to keep the show fresh and I think it certainly kept the contestants guessing because they had no idea that they were going to have to pack up and move every week and they had no idea where they were going and when they were going to go there and the show is much bigger this season and I just think it’s always good to evolve for everybody and keep the competition fresh.

What is it like working with head judge and Chef Tom Colicchio?
It’s great!

With two cook books out, “Easy Exotic” and “Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet” what has been the reaction from fans?
It’s been really wonderful. My food career really started because of that first book, “Easy Exotic” it was just a really elevated hobby of mine and because of that book I went on a very modest book tour and it was out of that book tour that I began my career in TV and food. I had, had a career in TV in Italy but in America I really had not so it kind of mushroomed and blossomed into really the major work of my life at this point but I love going on book tours, I love meeting people who have the book and listening to them and it’s also very helpful for me to know what they’re interested in and which recipes resonate with them. One of the great things about doing Top Chef is that I get to talk shop with all the other people in my industry. I don’t own a restaurant I’m not a chef, I’m a home cook and I’m a food writer and much of that is done in the privacy of my own home in my kitchen in a room alone at my desk so it’s really nice to be able to connect with other people.

You were one of the first internationally successful Indian models, are there any projects you’re working on in the modeling world?
I just did a campaign for Danskin and one of the reasons I did that is because they made a really big contribution to my charity and they’re committed to women’s health and that was really fun because there were other really beautiful women of all ages associated with that and work-out wear when you’re just turning 40 it’s different than modeling lingerie at 22 (laughs).

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