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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Ozzy Lusth Volunteers To Be Voted Off

October 26, 2011 07:04 PM by Ryan Haidet

Redemption Island isn’t the place you would ever want to go as a castaway on Survivor: South Pacific.  Well, unless you’re Ozzy Lusth.  In an attempt to try and make a “worst-case scenario” strategic (?) move, Ozzy concocted a terrible plan to purposely send himself to Redemption Island.  Yes, you read that right!  In tonight’s episode, Ozzy came up with the strategically stupid idea to voluntarily be voted out so he could go to Redemption Island.  Where did this idea arise?  Did his plan land him at Redemption Island?  What else happened on tonight’s episode?  Read on to find out.

Ozzy’s Plan Hatches

Ozzy’s self-apparent brilliant plan to target himself came after witnessing another duel (this time with Cochran) at Redemption Island.  As he sat on the sidelines, Ozzy watched as Christine won another battle and sent Mikayla packing for good.  With five wins in a row, Ozzy felt like it might be time to send somebody to Redemption Island who could actually beat Christine.

He revealed his plan to Cochran as they both made their way back to camp after watching the duel.  Ozzy thought it made sense for a strong competitor like himself to go face-to-face with Christine and get her out of the game for good.  That way, when the merge comes, it would keep Savaii with the numbers advantage and stop Christine from possibly swaying back to Upolu.  But that’s all on the assumption that the merge is close.  Paging Shii-Ann.  “It might be one of those big moves that I might have to make,” Ozzy said.  If that wasn’t bad enough, Ozzy then told Cochran he would give the Idol away in exchange for a promise that he would get it back if he returned from Redemption Island.

Ozzy.  Ozzy.  Ozzy.  You really aren’t the brightest contestant we’ve ever seen on the show.  Is this a big plan?  Absolutely!  But is it a stupid plan with way too much risk?  For sure!  I think this proves that Ozzy’s bad moves on Survivor will never end.  He should just stick with other reality shows like Playboy TV’s “Foursome” — at least he scored some sex on that one!

Idol Secret Revealed

While Coach was in the mode of pumping his tribe up at camp, he decided to show the rest of Upolu that he had found the hidden Immunity Idol.  This put Brandon’s seemingly endless search to rest.  When Brandon held the Idol for the first time, he screamed and hollered with excitement — especially since he thought Coach found it only moments after they prayed collectively to God for help in finding it.

Adam Sandler Invades

In preparation for the challenge, each castaway was instructed to use body paint to decorate themselves.  But they all weren’t individual in their appearance because everybody had to paint themselves exactly the same way as one other member of their tribe.  Why?  It was all because of Adam Sandler.  This is truly one thing I never thought I would write when recapping an episode of Survivor, but Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie was the basis for the combined Immunity/Reward challenge.  The movie — “Jack and Jill” — features Sandler playing a male/female set of twins.  This is why the castaways were painted the same as one of their tribemates — to symbolize twins.  In addition to Immunity, the winning tribe would also win the right to see “Jack and Jill” that night on the island.  Yaaay.

The challenge involved blindfolded players maneuvering a course while listening to directions from two players (not blindfolded) who were shouting out orders from the starting point.  We’ve seen this challenge in some form many many many many many times.  This version wasn’t very exciting.  At least not until Cochran made a massive error and allowed the ropes his tribemates were attached to get tangled.  He didn’t even seem to help the problem.  Instead, Jim had to hop off his perch to help solve the issue.  And sure enough, Cochran’s mistake caused Savaii’s loss.

When Upolu was awarded the Idol, Coach told everybody to get on their knees as they prayed once again.  While they celebrated Jesus with a big “Amen,” Ozzy stomped around in the sand and even kicked one of the props.  He was fired up that they lost once again.

A Night At The Movies

I have never been a big fan of the cross promotion of movies on reality shows.  Big Brother is definitely the biggest culprit, but Survivor is starting to catch up.  I know the product placement helps pay for the show to be on the air, but watching the castaways giggle at non-funny trailer-like sequences from Sandler’s picture is like being force-fed a ton of boogers.  It’s just not fun or entertaining.

Although the Reward didn’t win me over, Upolu happily sucked down movie snacks, hot dogs, drinks and all sorts of other goodies as they laughed at Sandler’s new flick.  Coach naturally found a message in the movie: Family comes first.  Awwww.

Attention Turns To Cochran

Back at Savaii, Ozzy continued his eruption about how disastrous the challenge was before pointing the blame at Cochran.  And then, backing out of his plan to volunteer to be voted out, Ozzy said it was time for Cochran to go.  But instead of handling it in a nasty manner, Ozzy’s method of targeting Cochran got really positive.  Ozzy thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Cochran to redeem himself at Redemption Island.  That way he could prove his worth if he beat Christine.  Then everybody else at Savaii started agreeing with Ozzy and basically cheered Cochran on toward his elimination.

But Cochran wasn’t happy about the redemption praise.  He was totally bummed out.  He didn’t want to be sent to Redemption Island for any reason.  He didn’t want to be Savaii’s hero.  He wanted to be spared from the bad end of the vote.

Ozzy’s Dream

The next morning, Ozzy had another change of heart.  After saying he had a dream that the merge was coming fast, he decided (for the second time this episode) that he would be happy to be voted off.  To prove it, Ozzy took the hidden Immunity Idol, put it around his neck and waltzed into camp.  Everybody was very impressed that he actually had possession of it, but the mood quickly changed when he started pitching his plan.  Keith didn’t think it was a good idea at all to take Ozzy out next because it would leave Cochran in the mix as a weak component to their tribe.  And if there truly isn’t a merge on the immediate horizon, they would be screwed with Cochran instead of Ozzy.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy shocked Jeff Probst by saying that he was volunteering to go to Redemption Island.  Ozzy said it was a way to prove to Savaii that he’s a worthy player.  Plus, he wanted to make sure Savaii had numbers going into the merge, which he kept saying he expected would arrive soon.  He said that he would be more likely to beat Christine than somebody like Cochran.  Trying to understand the logic here, Probst told Ozzy that if he doesn’t win the next duel that he will be leaving the game as a bigger fool than he did on season 16.

Right before Probst read the votes, Ozzy handed his hidden Idol over to Cochran for him to hold with the promise he would get it back upon his hopeful return.  As Probst read the votes, Ozzy rose to his feet by the third one ready for the word that he had been eliminated. With the fourth vote, it was offiicial.  Ozzy was sent packing to Redemption Island.  Probst snuffed his torch with a smirk as Ozzy looked excited about the scenario that just played out.  Probst closed out the episode by summing the strategic move as one of the biggest he’d ever seen.

I think it’s possibly one of the worst moves I’ve ever witnessed.  It just seems like Ozzy is trying to use his ego to boost his bad social game a little too much.  Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.  I do realize that if he wins the duel and returns to the game that Savaii may view him as a martyr and his strategy will go down in history as one of the riskiest, most-amazing moves — but I seriously doubt that.  I think if he returns to the game, Ozzy will still be playing the terrible game he’s always known since he first competed on season 13.  Despite his honorable (blech) attempt to prove his worth, I think everybody in the game will view Ozzy as arrogant and threatening to their own success.  I think this is one move that he will regret forever.  Ozzy, I can safely say that you may be one of the worst players the game has ever seen.  Maybe you’ll prove me wrong and this plan will work out, but I hope not.

What are your thoughts on Ozzy’s strategy?  Do you think it was brilliant or stupid?  Why?  Can he beat Christine in next week’s duel?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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4 Responses to “Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Ozzy Lusth Volunteers To Be Voted Off”

  1. Louie Says:
    October 27th, 2011 at 1:23 am

    I totally agree that Ozzy is a complete idiot. I hope he loses to Christine at the duel, I feel for that girl. Most of the challenges haven’t been very physically exhausting, and the preview for the next one didn’t look to be so either, so I hope she beats him and he goes home even more embarrassed than last time.

  2. D. Snyder Says:
    October 27th, 2011 at 11:21 am

    I think Ozzy is an arrogant idiot that really does not know how to play the game. Who would have thought that coach could outplay him and not be as annoying as last time??
    I hope that Christine beats Ozzy and leaves him wallowing in his own self regret as he leaves the island!!

  3. M.Simon Says:
    October 27th, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    I think Ozzy has a good chance beating Christine, but I don’t think that they will keep him around for long after the merge.

  4. Jay Borcherding Says:
    October 29th, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Ozzy has always been most comfortable playing a solo game (or at most a pair’s game), and he loves individual immunity challenges, so I can see why he’d Redemption Island would appeal so strongly to him.
    Dumb or smart? Dumb for several reasons–not least due to the ample evidence that Christine would be very unlikely to ally herself with Coach if she reenters the game.
    But I can understand Ozzy’s move. His social and strategic game has always been weak, and he’s just smart enough to realize he has little chance to win it all. Losing in his own way in a one-on-one situation that he chose is just the sort of thing that speaks to Ozzy’s ego and self-perception. This is Ozzy’s best way out (short of winning), and will hopefully help him to walk away from Survivor.
    Ozzy’s not a bad guy, but its time for him to close this chapter and move on.


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