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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Season Two Finale

October 26, 2011 08:44 PM by Lori Wilson

It’s been a long road for the contestants of season two Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo, but the finale is here. It’s down to Matthew, Chris and Sally vying for the title and $100,000. Who earned it? Keep reading to find out.

Elimination Challenge
For their final challenge, Johnny and Gail tell the final three Top Chef: Just Desserts contestants they must create a showpiece, a cake, a bread element, bon bons and a dessert inspired by a special person in their life. They are introduced to three revered pastry chefs, Jacques Torres, Sebastien Canonne and Stephane Treand, who will be used as mentors during the first day of preparation and will be part of the judging during the tasting.

As the finalists collaborate with the renowned chefs, Chris notes he has had Jacques Torres judging his kitchen before so he isn’t that rattled by their presence. Matthew feels he is the underdog because both Chris and Sally have competed at the highest level and won. Sally is shocked the guest chefs are actually helping them prep and even doing the dishes. She’s also concerned about constructing a showpiece.

The next day, Sally, Matthew and Chris encounter the eliminated Top Chef: Just Desserts chefs upon entering the kitchen and learn they each get two of them to be their sous chefs. Sally gets Vanarin and Orlando (who she is thrilled to use for the showpiece), Matthew gets Megan and Carlos and Chris gets Rebecca and Amanda. As they work, Sally realizes she screwed up her entremet, which puts her back time-wise. She worries she’s using Orlando so much on the showpiece, but he’s utilizing her ideas and she needs to pay attention to other areas. Matthew is impressed by Chris’ showpiece, as Chris notes the tension in the kitchen because there’s so much they have to do in a short amount of time.

In addition to the regular Top Chef: Just Desserts judges, Sally, Matthew and Chris must impress an array of chefs and pastry shop owners including Jordan Kahn, Hasty Torres, Valerie Gordon, Jacquy Pfeiffer and Ludo Lefebvre. As the contestants present their showpieces and other desserts, Matthew explains he wanted to convey his love for his family in his work. It’s noted Sally has a nice flow of colors throughout her centerpiece and desserts, but when asked, she is forced to admit Orlando did most of the centerpiece work. Chris presents his industrial themed desserts and showpiece, which Johnny notes is falling apart. Chris makes sure to point out he did it all himself though with no help from his sous chefs.

After presenting their initial creations, the final three must serve the judges a plated dessert. Sally is up first and tells the chefs she was inspired by her mom and sister’s love for coffee and cashews. The judges agree Sally’s dish is technically amazing, but the presentation could have been better. Matthew’s dessert is next. He tells the judges he made the desert for his wife and daughter. His plating is supposed to represent a playground and his wife’s favorite: chocolate chip cookies. The judges get a sense of family, but not all of them feel the chocolate chip cookie concept comes through. Chris’ dish is a variation of a dessert he did for a competition years ago. He adds that his wife recognized his passion and she wanted to be part of it. The judges don’t get the connection between the dessert and the story, but feel it’s great nonetheless.

Judges’ Table
The final three chefs face the judges. Matthew is told he was adventurous in his desserts, but Johnny doesn’t understand why he crafted a sugar showpiece if he was more comfortable with chocolate. Matthew wanted to stand out from his other two competitors. He is told his plated dessert was too much and too complicated. There was no focus. Johnny loved Sally’s flow of color throughout her showpiece, but he questions why Orlando did most of it. She explains she used him to his greatest advantage. When it comes to her plated dessert, Sally admits it was her downfall. Herbert agrees saying it lacked the finesse the rest of her presentation had, but Danielle praises the taste. Chris is brought to task for his showpiece falling apart, but praised for his plated dessert. Johnny tells him it was the only dessert they all finished.

After deliberation, the entire cast of season two Top Chef: Just Desserts join Chris, Sally and Matthew as they learn who will win the $100,000 prize. The final three are largely praised, but it’s Chris who is named the winner.

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