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Dirty Soap Recap: Fluent In Fary

October 30, 2011 09:02 PM by Lori Wilson

Week six of Dirty Soap finds Kelly doing a fitness photo shoot, Farah undergoing surgery, Galen living vicariously through his kids and Fary spreading her negativity around. Keep reading to find out what went down on the E! reality show.

Kelly prepares for a shoot for Self magazine depicting her taking three types of dance classes. She worries about losing more weight in the process, so her General Hospital co-star Steve Burton brings his trainer in to talk to about her nutrition and work out regimen. Kelly also decides to take a cooking class so she can learn how to incorporate easy, quick, high protein meals into her diet. During the shoot, Kelly takes an Afro-Brazilian class, a hip hop class and a sexy stripper kind of dance class. When all is said and done, Kelly feels proud she can project a healthy image.

In L.A., Farah’s friend Danny brings up the fact that he has been asking her for years to donate her eggs so he can have a baby. She agrees to move forward on the issue and ask her doctor about it. She is 100 percent certain she wants to do this for him. After her appointment with her OB/GYN, Farah tells JP she has to go back to New York. She needs surgery because they found pre-cancerous cells on her cervix. She’s nervous about the surgery, but also about if she’ll still be able to be a donor for Danny. JP assures her he will be there for her during her surgery.

The day of her surgery in New York, Farah feels JP failed in the supportive boyfriend department because he dropped her off and didn’t return until she was done. He explains parking was brutal and he had to park far away. She accuses him of not being there for her as he promised. Danny visits Farah as she recuperates and learns he’s going to have to wait on getting her eggs. She needs to heal before considering being his donor. He says he’s in no rush.

At home, Brandon and Nadia talk about a photo shoot they’re doing for In Touch magazine. Nadia thinks it’s a good time to talk about their décor. She wants to ask her mother for help, since she used to be a decorator, but Brandon doesn’t think her taste meshes with theirs. Nadia brings her mother over for her input anyway and Fary criticizes everything in the house, except for the couch. Nadia realizes it was a bad idea to get her mom’s advice because she would turn their home into a Persian place if she could. Fary gets offended when Nadia wants to all her designer friend. Brandon tries to smooth things over, but Fary tells him to zip it and leave it to the women. Nadia, Brandon and Fary meet Nadia’s friend Michelle at a store to get ideas for the photo shoot. Fary rejects all of Michelle’s ideas.

Michelle comes over the day of the photo shoot to decorate. Fary is on hand to criticize, but Nadia asks her to know when to quit. Fary admits she is hurt because Nadia brought in someone else to decorate. Fary’s negativity carries over during the photo shoot, as she calls the shots ridiculous and scoffs at the photographer, who compliments the house. Afterwards, Nadia shows her mother proofs from the shoot, but Fary calls them ugly. Nadia wants them to just agree that they have different tastes and for Fary to respect that it’s her life and her house.

Over in the Gering family unit, Galen wants to get his boys involved in sports because when he was growing up, he was encouraged to go to ballet over playing baseball. Galen takes Dillon to Karate, but Galen’s so excited, he keeps interrupting class to tell his son how good he’s doing. The instructor has to tell him to stop.

At home, Galen wants to make sure his sons aren’t wimpy mama’s boys so he sets up a dojo in the backyard where Dillon breaks boards, but younger Jensen hurts himself when he tries to do the same. Galen encourages Dillon to run around the house practicing his karate, but he kicks Jensen’s blocks down making his brother cry. Jenna tells her husband he’s going overboard. Galen just wants to give his boys the best chance to succeed and to have what he didn’t. Jenna reminds him it’s about the boys, not him and they agree to no more karate in the house.

Next week on Dirty Soap, Kelly connects with a friend she let down, Brandon gives JP his two cents on his relationship, and Brandon is reaching his limit where Fary is concerned.

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