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Survivor: South Pacific — Exit Interview With Mikayla Wingle

October 30, 2011 11:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

Mikayla Wingle was an early target on Survivor: South Pacific all because Brandon Hantz thought her good looks made her dangerously appealing.  After surviving several weeks after Brandon’s initial attack to get her out of the game, Mikayla has officially become the latest person eliminated from the competition.  In a recent conference call with reporters, Mikayla said she still has hard feelings against Brandon, explained why Coach was so fake and told us why she will not be dressing up as a Survivor contestant this Halloween.  Read on for all that and loads more!

Question: What was the deal with Brandon?

Mikayla Wingle: Brandon, obviously, brought his own personal problems into the game.  Usually people leave their personal lives outside while playing this new game with no relation to real, everyday life.  He brought his own problem in and unfortunately, it just didn’t work out in my favor.  Whatever he’s done in his past, obviously he’s got a guilty conscience. …  I find myself the furthest thing from a flirt.  At all.  Ever.  I think I’m one of the guys.  A total tomboy.  It makes me laugh now looking at it, but when I was watching the episodes before, my jaw was going “Oh my gosh.  Really?  I had no idea.”

Question: How much of an impact was it that Brandon is Russell Hantz’s nephew?

Mikayla Wingle: The fact that he hid it for so long, I think it was a really big deal because what other things could he have been hiding at that point?  The Hantz name, it’s the villainous name and you just think bad.  It’s different ’cause even though he is a Hantz, he’s playing the complete opposite of his uncle.  He’s just like a loose cannon when his uncle does stay loyal.  Even though it’s a villain name, I don’t even understand it because his uncle would have stayed loyal, played with the right people and brought them to the end.  Brandon was all over the place.  The name really didn’t give him any bearing, it was just one more thing to think what other secrets is he hiding.

Question: Do you harbor any hard feelings toward Brandon for the way he treated you in the beginning?

Mikayla Wingle: I do, because look where I am now.  I’m not playing anymore and that really stinks.  I feel bad for him.  I feel like if he can’t handle being around attractive females on a deserted island with nine people in your tribe, what are you doing in the real world, you know?  I think he’s young and he has a lot of living to do.  He just had a daughter.  I hope nobody ever treats his daughter the way he treated me.  Honestly, you never spit in the wind because karma comes around.  I just hope he never has to deal with the things he just did to me.

Question: We’ve seen an interesting thing where Coach is constantly pushing for loyal, honor and integrity, but he kept the fact that he found the hidden Idol a secret from most of the tribe.  What’s your take on Coach?

Mikayla Wingle: He’s played the game differently every time he’s gone into it; third time, maybe try something different and it might work this time.  It definitely stunk because he had Brandon, pretty much, by the tip of his finger because they had a connection with God.  Brandon played like Coach did his first season. …  Coach is a piece of work, man.  I could never connect with him.  He has such a weird personality.  I’ve played sports all my life and every coach I had connected.  Him, when he talked to me, I felt like I just couldn’t buy it.  I just couldn’t buy it.  I felt like when he was trying to talk that he read a line out of a book or a movie.  I felt like everything was just so fake.

Question: How was life on Redemption Island with Christine?

Mikayla Wingle: Christine was awesome.  Let me tell you, Redemption was awesome. …  Unfortunately we didn’t really have an alliance together, but just because you don’t have an alliance with somebody doesn’t mean that you don’t like them.  You know what I mean?  It just didn’t work out in our favor.  Hanging out with her, going in there, being able to b.s. with her, oh my gosh she’s awesome.  It was a breath of fresh air. …  I’m gone from all that craziness, I don’t have to worry about somebody being a loose cannon, blowing up on me.  I don’t have to worry about crazy Coach. …

Question: Would you ever volunteer to go to Redemption Island like Ozzy?

Mikayla Wingle: No way!  He’s crazy!  I don’t know what he’s thinking!  It’s funny because I’m watching my Twitter and everyone’s like, “What is he thinking?  What is he thinking?  What is he thinking?”  I’m watching it like thank gosh I’m not the only one that thinks this.  I think he’s absolutely crazy.  He goes from being a free agent and then trying to be back with the tribe.  He’s all over.  He’s just trying everything right now.

Question: Is there anybody left in the game that you’re rooting for?

Mikayla Wingle: Of course.  I want Christine to go the whole way.  I’m rooting for her to take Redemption Island, go back into the merge and just rock it.  Then of course, Sophie and Albert.  I’m calling them my top three.  I told Christine, “If you get back in the game, you hook up with those people.  You guys rock it.  Take it to the end.”

Question: How were you selected to be on the show?

Mikayla Wingle: I sent in my video and we went through all the casting.  About a week and a half before they were about to leave they said, “All right.  Let’s roll.”

Question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Mikayla Wingle: I think I’m gonna be a cop.  … I keep getting some good things on Twitter that tell me to dress like Brandon Hantz and go sit in a corner and cry all night.  I could go as Brandon Hantz.

Question: You don’t want to be a Survivor contestant?

Mikayla Wingle: No!  Hahaha.  I didn’t get my buff yet!  Hahaha.

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