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The Amazing Race Recap: African Adventure

October 30, 2011 06:44 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on CBS seven teams remain in the fight to win The Amazing Race. This week the contestants get to travel to Africa and are amazed at its beauty and the people.  Keep reading to find out all The Amazing Race details and learn which couple was eliminated from the race. 

Still in Bangkok, Thailand the teams head out on the sixth leg of the race.  Amani and Marcus, the winners of the last leg, are the first team to depart.  All the teams are excited to learn they will be heading to Africa.  At the airport the teams learn that everyone is on the same flight. Teams start to run as soon as the plane touches down in Africa. 

All the teams are headed to a tobacco company for their first challenge.  Bill and Cathi are the last couple to catch a taxi, while Jeremy and Sandy are in the lead. 

Road Block

Teams will now take part in the production of tobacco.  Wearing a uniform teams must steer massive bails of tobacco through a maze.  Using a dolly the person must carry ten, 200 pound, loads of tobacco – so this challenge is going to require some muscle.  All the guys take on this road block, because of the strength factor. 

Jeremy and Sandy are the first team to finish the tobacco challenge and head for their next clue.  Cindy and Ernie and Justin and Jennifer are right on their coattails.  Amani and Marcus are the last teams left at the tobacco factory. 


Teams must now decide if they want to participate in a sewing challenge or a toy making challenge.  Most teams decide to go with the toy challenge, but Ernie and Cindy choose to sew.   Unfortunately for Ernie and Cindy their cab driver doesn’t know the right location, so they lose a lot of time.  Bill and Cathi and Amani and Marcus also choose the sewing challenge. 

Efficient Cindy is the first to complete the sewing challenge and they leave Cathi and Amani to duel out who will be next to complete the task.  The grandparents actually finish sewing before Amani and Marcus.  Finally Amani and Marcus complete the task and grab a cab to their next destination.  It must not be their day, because the taxi they choose breaks down!  Amani and Marcus are left stranded in the busy street.  Finally the couple catches a ride with another truck. 

Jeremy and Sandy and Jennifer and Justin tackle the toy challenge.  All the children from the school encourage the teams to finish quickly.  Jeremy and Sandy are the first to complete the toy car and they head off, but Jennifer and Justin are right behind them.  As for Zac and Laurence and Andy and Tommy they also finish building the toy cars quickly. 

Pit Stop:

The final challenge of the day is to transport two beds to a local village.  In this challenge, transport means carrying the beds.  The last team to complete this challenge might be eliminated from the race. 

The teams fight over the trucks, which will take them to a path where the teams will have to carry the beds.  Jennifer and Justin are the first team to carry the beds to the finish line, but learn they didn’t pay their truck driver. Therefore, Andy and Tommy, who originally came in second, learn they have come in first place.  Cindy has some major problems trying to carry the bed.  Jeremy is pushing Sandy to hurry up, but Sandy is struggling carrying the heavy bed.  Bill and Cathi, the oldest couple, pass two teams while carrying the beds.  After running back to pay the driver, Justin and Jennifer still place second.  Jeremy and Sandy come in third place.  Bill and Cathi, who would have place third, find out they didn’t pay their cab driver and must turn around.  Laurence and Zac come in fourth place, while Ernie and Cindy place fifth.  Amani and Marcus know they are in last place, but see a glimmer of hope when they see Bill and Cathi running back.  However, Bill and Cathi beat them back and place sixth.  As for Amani and Marcus, they finish last.   

The good news is, it’s a non-elimination leg and they can remain in the race!  Excited by the news, Amani cries and says they will not give up!

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