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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Engagement Party Gone Wild

October 31, 2011 07:23 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Bravo, the ladies from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills attend Pandora’s engagement party.  As in true Beverly Hills style the party is over-the-top with snakes and a camel to greet the guests.  Will the animals behave better than the girls?  Keep reading to learn all the details from tonight’s The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills episode!

Lisa calls Kyle to remind her about Pandora’s engagement party. The two chat and have a laugh when Lisa tells Kyle the story about Adrienne washing the chicken with hand soap.  Then Lisa calls Taylor and has an awkward conversation about not being able to invite Russell to the party.  Apparently Russell and Mohamed, who is hosting the party, had a falling out and Russell is not on the guest list!  Hmm – now I want to know what happened between Russell and Mohamed! 

Taylor is throwing Kennedy a fifth birthday party, so she invites Dana to go shopping for cakes. 

Will Taylor spend another $40,000 like she did last year?  This year Taylor is throwing a “ranch style” party, for 200 guests.  The ladies begin to taste the cake to figure out which is the most “kid friendly” and will fit the ranch theme. I’m assuming a Costco sheet cake wouldn’t suffice for a Beverly Hills party. 

Now onto Kyle who is at the plastic surgeon’s office with her mother-in-law, Estella.  Estella is excited to have a face-lift, but Kyle is apprehensive about the procedure.  Of course Paul, Adrienne’s husband, is the doctor performing the surgery.  Paul begins to doodle on Estelle’s face with his marker, while Kyle looks like she is going to pass out. 

It’s back to the operating room, where Paul is working his magic on Estelle’s face.  I don’t know about you, but the surgery is something I would rather not see.  How about when Paul says to his anesthesiologist, “sorry I just squirted fat on you!” Then he actually makes a call to Mark Wahlberg during the surgery!  Yes, he has the nurse call Mark’s voicemail to leave a message that the anesthesiologist looks like Mark’s twin.  Is that legal to make phone calls while operating on someone’s face? 

Now for the big reveal of Estelle’s face, right after surgery. OMG, she looks like a burn victim that was wrapped in bandages. Kyle freaks out and runs behind the curtains, so her mother-in-law doesn’t see her.  Kyle breaks down into tears, “because it is really scary looking.”  It was definitely scary.  It was a good scene for Halloween night; I might have nightmares about it!

Taylor walks into her house and a chef is working hard preparing dinner.  Kyle and Mauricio are coming over to Taylor’s house for a homemade, Beverly Hills homemade by a chef, dinner.  The adults sit down for dinner and there is an awkward silence among the group.  Then Russell brings up a tabloid story that has upset him.  Taylor brings out the magazine that claims that Taylor and Russell have separated.  Russell blames Lisa for leaking the article to the magazine.  Then Russell drops the bomb that he is going to sue the magazine to find out who the source for the article was.  Kyle becomes very uncomfortable with this dinner conversation about her girl Lisa. 

It’s the day of Pandora’s engagement party!  Lisa and Pandora head upstairs to primp for the party.  After getting ready Lisa gives Pandora a gift, which is a diamond necklace.  The necklace, which was made out of diamonds from a piece of jewelry that Lisa had when she was pregnant with Pandora, is now $68,000 piece of custom jewelry. Not to feel left out Ken gives Pandora’s fiancé a $27,000 watch.  Now that they are blinged out – it’s time to go to the party!

Lisa and her family arrive at Mohamed’s mansion.  A camel is waiting out front to greet the guests to the Moroccan themed party.  There are also mermaids dancing by the pool and girls belly dancing with snakes.  There was also a scary looking girl sliding  down a banister – that was just weird! 

Kim, who didn’t attend the engagement party, introduces us to her secret boyfriend. 


Kim has been dating Ken for a year and no one knows about him.  She met Ken when she was walking through her neighborhood and the two just clicked.  Kim is afraid that her family won’t accept Ken.  It seem like Kim will have to drop this relationship bomb to her family soon. 

Back at the Moroccan party, the drinks continue to flow and the girls are having fun.  Kyle decides to join in on the acrobatic fun.  After doing splits on the table, Kyle puts her leg above her head – someone needs to cut her off. 

What did you think about tonight’s episode?  Let us know your thoughts, comment below!   

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