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Quints By Surprise Big Halloween!

November 01, 2011 08:07 AM by Christine McDow

Now that the famous TLC Quints from the Jones family (Quints By Surprise) are old enough to really enjoy Halloween they had their own ideas in mind about what they wanted to dress up as. Out went the plans Casey Jones had for her quints. What did they end up dressing up as? Keep reading for all the details and an exclusive interview with Ethan and Casey Jones.

“We have had a great time getting the kids geared up for Halloween this year! This is the first year that the quints have been able to really get into the Halloween spirit and of course Eliot is always ready to party! With this likely being one of the last times Casey will have 100% control over the costume decision for the quints, she planned on having the girls dress up as witches and having Jack go as a skeleton (Eliot chose to be a vampire). Well as you can tell by the pictures, her plan fell apart! The kids have been absolutely infatuated with The Wizard of Oz and when we went to the costume shop to get their witches and skeleton outfits, guess what was on display not two steps in the door? Of course, it was a full display of Wizard of Oz costumes and the kids were immediately hooked! So the plan failed, but we definitely had a classic Jones family moment at the costume shop and we’re really excited about the big day!” – Ethan and Casey Jones

1. Now that the quints are older, are you finding parenting five kids is getting easier?

Hmm, easier? Uh, not exactly! :) Some things get easier – they can communicate better, entertain themselves more, dress themselves (sort of), and do lots of other little things like that a lot better which definitely makes life easier. However……..along came the attitudes of any normal 2-year-old, the desire to do everything by themselves or in the exact way that they want it done, the fighting, the ability to get out of bed on their own when they are supposed to be sleeping, and a whole lot of other energetically defiant behavior that is generally not accepted in society, haha! They are great kids overall, but wow they are at a challenging age! Bedtime is really tough, meal times can be crazy stressful, and oh by the way, we’re potty training…aaaaggghh!! They are an absolute joy, but no easier to care for than the day they were born!

2. What is your favorite part of the day WITH the kids?

For me (Ethan), I have two favorites – breakfast and the last hour before bedtime. Breakfast is pretty cool because the kids are usually in good moods and they are all sitting around the table stuffing their faces and babbling about all kinds of different things. It’s fun to listen to their conversations and ask them about what they have planned for the day. And they are usually pretty subdued because it’s feeding time and they are hungry little monkeys! At the end of my work day, I’ll head up to help Casey get them ready for bed. I love being able to help Casey out with whatever needs to be done or simply send her off to get a break from the kids and I really love being stepping out of the business world I am surrounded by all day long and stepping into dad world! The kids love to wrestle and goof around with me before bedtime and I am a willing participant!

For Casey, anytime they are not screaming and getting along is the best!! She loves to listen to their conversations around the dinner table and now that they are starting to play pretend games with each other, she gets a kick out of watching them interact in that way. Right now a big thing for the kids is Wizard of Oz and they love to pretend like the different characters and they each have their favorite! They play school, mommy and daddy, puppies, princess, home builder, and many, many, many other things…it’s so cute!

3. Are you, as a couple, able to get out and have date nights, or have good quality time after the kids go to bed?

Date nights can be tough to come by these days, but they are a very high priority around here so we do not pass up any opportunity that we have to get away together! We believe our marriage relationship is the most important relationship in the home and if we do not tend to each other, the whole family suffers as a result. Quality time after the kids go down is pretty tough to come by. We generally manage about 30 minutes or so on most nights. By the time the quints go down, we finish helping Eliot with homework and spending time with her, play with Lilly Belle for a little while, and catch up on our own dinner, emails, cleaning the kitchen, etc. there isn’t much left of the day and we are both wiped out. Quality time for us usually has to be reserved for the weekends.

One of the upcoming episodes is kind of documentary-style and follows us on a typical day. We haven’t seen the footage yet, but I’m sure you’ll get a good sense of what it takes to keep this family rolling throughout each new day. We can’t wait to see it!

4. What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

Ooohh, kids that are potty trained and hopefully who throw fewer fits! We just got them little tot bikes (you’ll see this in the upcoming episodes) so we’re really excited about them learning to ride them and to hopefully take a ride around the neighborhood with the whole family soon. Their third birthday is in January so that will of course be a big event for us and the holidays just get better every year now that the quints are starting to understand what they are all about! And hopefully we can get them past the terrible two’s so venturing out of the house as a family won’t be such a challenge!

Want more of the quints?  Quints By Surprise season three begins one week from tonight, November 8, on TLC!

Photo credit: Ethan & Casey Jones

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