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The Biggest Loser Recap: Trainer Swap And New Teams

November 01, 2011 06:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, we watched a Halloween spectacular, and this week things get shaken up a bit. Tonight, the contestants will be swapping trainers and new teams will be created, but how will they fare with the changes? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicks off tonight as Alison Sweeney told the teams that they would be switching their shirts back to the shirts they wore on their first day in the desert. The next day as the group put on their old shirts with their ages on them, Ali asked them to split into three groups again, based on age. This time around, the three groups would be guessing the calories on their favorite meals. The closest person to guess correctly on each time would be able to choose which trainer they wanted to work with, followed by the second closest guess choosing between the remaining two trainers. Yes, they were switching trainers again, and this time it would be until the finale!

First up was Vinny, Jessica and Ramon were up first and Jessica came in first, followed by Vinny. Jessica chose to stay with Dolvett Quince, and Vinny chose Bob Harper. That left Ramon with Anna, which infuriated him after Anna called him out last week. The middle team was up next and Antone guessed the calories closest, followed by Sunny. Antone chose to stay with Bob, while Sunny chose Anna Kournikova, leaving John with Dolvett. The oldest team was up next and Joe was worried that he would have to go with another trainer, and after the guesses, he was correct. Becky came in first, followed by Joe, but Becky chose to move on to Bob Harper instead of staying with Anna. Joe chose next, and knowing about Bonnie’s dislike of Anna, Joe chose Anna, leaving Bonnie with Dolvett.

Bonnie was thrilled with her new trainer on The Biggest Loser, but not everyone else was. Ramon immediately called Anna out, telling her about how she handled everything last week wrong. John was upset also about the change, with nothing against Dolvett, just his fear of changes. Dolvett was thrilled to try and work with Bonnie, but he refused to let her slack as well – he told the camera that he would have that 63-year-old lady working out like a 25-year-old. Meanwhile, Anna was determined to gain her team’s trust, while Bob was dealing issues with Antone, who seemed upset over the team swap.

Bonnie made a major breakthrough on The Biggest Loser tonight as she broke down and opened up to Dolvett about her husband, who passed away, and how she may be open to finding love again. On the blue side, Ramon let his feelings of anger go for the sake of his journey, and he was amazed at the tough workout that Anna was giving him. Dolvett then cooked lunch for his new red team, teaching them a thing or two about calories, which completely helped ease John’s mind a little bit.

For the challenge this week, the teams had to participate in a giant water slide race, where they had to collect blocks, arranging them to create a phrase that would equal a prize. The blue team and black team were neck in neck, while the red team struggled a little as Bonnie and Jessica had a tough time on the slide. The blue team pulled through and won, arranging their blocks to say “immunity for one,” meaning one of their players would get immunity. When asked to chose who it would be, they decided to play “rock, paper, scissors” and Joe won, granting him immunity this week.

After their last chance workout, this is how the new teams fared this week:

Anna’s Blue Team:
from 286 lbs to 271 lbs (-15)

from 227 lbs to 218 lbs (-9)

from 302 lbs to 286 lbs (-16)
*Total team loss of 40 lbs and 4.91%

Bob’s Black Team
from 369 lbs to 353 lbs (-16)

from 203 lbs to 192 lbs (-11)

from 367 lbs to 355 lbs (-12)
*Total team loss of 39 lbs and 4.15%

Dolvett’s Red Team
from 344 lbs to 329 lbs (-15)

from 209 lbs to 201 lbs (-8)

from 228 lbs to 221 lbs (-7)
*Total team loss of 30 lbs and 3.84%

That meant, that for the first time in the new season, the blue team won a weigh in. The red team lost the weigh in completely, and John could not be eliminated due to having the highest percentage of weight loss. At this point, the other teams would be voting on who would be going home. Despite Ramon thinking that his team would not vote off his girl, both blue team members, along with Antone and Becky all voted for Jessica, which meant that Jessica was going home tonight. Today, Jessica weighs 185 lbs, and is down to a size 10 from a size 22. Jessica continues to work hard at home, and has vowed to take the marathon down!

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