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The Biggest Loser: Jessica Limpert Elimination Interview

November 03, 2011 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ

This week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, we watched as the contestants chose new trainers, and new teams were formed. Unfortunately, even though the revelation of her relationship with Ramon had just come out last week, Jessica Limpert was sent packing. In her post elimination interview, Jessica dished on the show, love, and her future. Read on for more!

Jessica Limpert was the latest eliminated contestant on The Biggest Loser, but Jessica is doing well at home, and spent some time today chatting with reporters. And since we know you are all wondering, Jessica and Ramon are still together, and have reunited since leaving the ranch (they are both home now training for the marathon/finale.) Here is what else Jessica wanted to share:

Question: How did it feel to have Ramon profess his love for you on the show?

Jessica Limpert: You know, it’s crazy. It’s very hard to take, because I’ve said from the very beginning, I’m a very private person and a lot of the stuff is hard to share. But on the flip side, we met on the show, and it makes sense, and that’s why we wanted to share it with people, because I think it gives people hope that once you feel good about yourself, you can fall in love again. It’s very strange, and it’s very weird to me when he says ‘I love you’ on television, but it’s very real, and I hope people can see that. And I’m okay with it. At first I was like, ‘Oh my God! Did he really just do that?’ But at the same time I’m like, you know, I love him too, and I want everybody to know just like he does, and we’re okay with it.

Question: What are your thoughts on being eliminated so early?

Jessica Limpert: I knew it was a strategic move. However, If I’m on the other side of the bench, and I had to vote for somebody else or, in this case, Bonnie, I would have done the same thing. You’ve got to protect yourself now, at this stage of the game, and you want to get the bigger competitors out because you know you can beat the other ones, so you know you’re a little bit stronger. So I totally understood that. I mean, it really stunk that I was the one who had to go home, but to be going home as a threat, as a big competitor, I’m okay with that. I’d rather do that than go home because I was weak or annoying or they just didn’t like me.

Question: Can you tell us about your nutrition and fitness schedule at home?

Jessica Limpert: I’m making sure I get five meals a day. I’m eating protein, fruits and vegetables. I try to work out four hours a day. I ride my bike all over town, which helps with my knee injury.

Question: Can you elaborate on your knee injury?

Jessica Limpert: I had stress fractures in my left knee. I was told by the doctor that I wasn’t allowed to walk, but that wasn’t going to happen. I was stuck in the pool with Jennifer and rode the bike.

Question: Why wasn’t your injury shown on The Biggest Loser?

Jessica Limpert: I didn’t want the whole show to turn into another avenue of injuries. I kind of wanted it to be a representation of, ‘Obviously Jess has something wrong with her knee or she wouldn’t be wearing braces, but she’s overcoming it and she’s not using that as a crutch and she’s not using that as a focus.’ I wanted that to be prevalent in the sense that, I used to cry before the show, ‘Oh my legs hurt or my feet hurt, and I can’t do this.’ But now I’m like, ‘All right. Throw some bandages on me, and let’s go, because I’m ready!’ That’s the avenue I was trying to take.

Question: How do you stay focused at home now?

Jessica Limpert: I live by Dolvett’s saying, ‘Hard work and dedication,’ every day of my life. And I take him with me every day, and that’s what pushes me to be a little bit stronger and a little bit more focused every day. Ramon keeps me focused as well. We push each other so much. We want to beat each other at everything. The grief we got pushed us even harder to prove everyone wrong.

Question: Ramon was pretty angry at the elimination table, were you able to speak to him before you left?

Jessica Limpert: Normally, you do not talk to other contestants once you’re voted off, but we were pretty upset, so they made a little exception for us. It was more of a motivational talk between us. You can see on television that we love each other…but when we were talking privately, it was, ‘You need to stay motivated,’ and he reminded me of what was at stake, and that I needed to go home and work my butt off for this marathon, and I reminded him that, ‘I might not be here, but I’m in your head, and you better be kicking Sunny and Joe’s butt.’ So it was more of a motivational talk than anything.

Good Luck to Jessica Limpert, we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

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