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Chaz Bono Threatens To Sue Magazine Over Death Story

November 04, 2011 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Chaz Bono may no longer be making headlines on ABC‘s Dancing With The Stars, but the show’s first transgender contestant is still the subject of bogus media stories, including one magazine story, which claims to know exactly when Chaz Bono is going to kick the bucket. Don’t worry though, Chaz Bono is not taking that one lightly. In fact, he already threatened to sue to the magazine. More after the jump…

The National Enquirer recently published a story claiming to know when Chaz Bono was going to die, even donning a photo of Chaz with the words “Only 4 years to live” on the magazine cover. According to TMZ.com, the article claims to have an expert on board, Dr. Patrick Wanis, who says that due to all the medications Chaz Bono is taking for his gender reassignment, along with his weight, is a cocktail for death. The article goes on to say that Chaz Bono will be dead by the year 2015, and is listed in the November 11 issue.

Chaz Bono is not taking it lightly, as his lawyers have recently sent a letter to the magazine, threatening to sue if they do not remove the ridiculous story, and demanding an apology to Chaz. An excerpt from the letter says: “The salacious and inflammatory headline and article were crafted for the malicious purpose of discriminating against our client’s gender and sexual orientation.” To view the full letter, you can check out TMZ or click here. So far, there is no word on whether or not the story is still there, but the magazine cover is still in plain view on the National Enquirer’s website.

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