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Dirty Soap Recap: Choosing Their Battles

November 06, 2011 10:10 PM by Lori Wilson

On the penultimate episode of season one of Dirty Soap on E!, John-Paul deals with Farah’s bossiness, Nadia and Brandon confront Fary, and Kelly does a good deed. Keep reading for more.

After Farah declares John-Paul needs her to push him because he is too afraid to try things on his own, she enlists her friends Danny and Nathaniel to convince JP to buy a new pair of pants. While at the store, JP says he’s happy with his pajama bottoms, but the group thinks he might need a new look for L.A. and for auditions. JP doesn’t need Farah to run his life and tells the camera she sucks the life force out of him.

Nadia invites her mother Fary over because Brandon’s family is coming in from out of town. After a long pause, Fary tells her daughter she has a cold. Fary tells the camera she doesn’t respect Brandon’s parents because he’s garbage and he came from garbage. When Brandon’s family arrives, he notes how much calmer their house is compared to when Fary is there, but is hurt realizing Fary didn’t come over because she doesn’t like them.

Brandon and John-Paul have lunch and talk about Farah’s domineering personality. Brandon thinks JP should let Farah have her way sometimes to avoid her attitude. JP doesn’t want to just roll over, but Brandon suggests he pick and choose his battles. Conversation turns to Fary. Brandon admits he puts up with her because it makes Nadia happy. Besides, Nadia is the only one who can stand up to her, but she won’t. JP suggests he request Nadia do that.

Despite her inappropriate attire and lack of skill, Farah takes JP golfing. At the 18th hole, she surprises him with a lunch and a membership to the course. She doesn’t want him to change and promises to layoff him.

Back at home, Brandon tells Nadia Fary’s constant criticism needs to be addressed because she is affecting their lives. They invite Fary over for a talk. When she is confronted, Fary accuses Brandon of being rude and of being a drug dealer. Brandon demands to know who told her that, but she won’t name names. Brandon calls her a liar and Nadia defends her man. Fary doesn’t believe Nadia when she says Brandon makes her happy and continues to badmouth Brandon. She calls him names and storms out. Brandon tells a crying Nadia that he appreciates her standing up for him because he doesn’t always feel she does. She’s just trying to avoid Fary’s wrath, but Brandon reiterates that Fary won’t hear anyone else but her when it comes to this issue.

At her house, Kelly gets a visit from her best friend Lauren, who she hasn’t seen in two years because of her relationship with Mike. Kelly explains to Lauren that they were both going through traumatic things – Lauren was dealing with cancer – and she just shut everyone out. Kelly feels bad for not being there for her. Lauren was extremely hurt that she didn’t come to the hospital when she said she would, but forgives her. Kelly cries and apologizes saying she needs Lauren in her life. The friends make up and decide they each need to be happy, hopefully together.

Kelly surprises a girl she met named Mikayla, who has leukemia, by bringing her to the General Hospital set. She tells her she will be part of the show for the day. Mikayla gets treatment from hair and makeup and gets professional photos taken with Kelly. Mikayla receives her script for the day, which involves a quick scene with Jason Cook, who plays Matt Hunter on General Hospital. After Mikayla gets fitted for a new wig, which Kelly originally burned with a curling iron, Kelly watches Mikayla in her scene. She feels like a proud mom.

Next week on the season finale of Dirty Soap, the group goes camping where relationship issues seem to reach a boiling point.

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