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The Amazing Race Recap: Race Through Malawi

November 06, 2011 07:53 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS, seven teams remain in the fight to win The Amazing Race.  Will Andy and Tommy continue to dominate the race in Malawi?  Keep reading to find out all The Amazing Race details and learn which couple was eliminated from the race. 

Andy and Tommy are the first to depart, since they won the last leg of the race.  Today the teams are taking a crowded two hour bus ride to a small town of Salima.  There is a double U-turn in this leg of the race, so teams are nervous.  Amani and Marcus know they have a speed bump to overcome, but are confident they can do so.  All the teams make it on the same bus to Salima. 

Road Block:

The first challenge of the day is to be a bike taxi. One member of the team will ride a bike, and carry a passenger to the next clue.  The person must navigate the busy streets on the bike, which looks rather dangerous.  Amani and Marcus find out that their speed bump is a sliding puzzle. 


All the other teams are headed out on the bikes.  Unfortunately, for Andy his bike breaks down and he is left in the streets.  Some locals stop and help Andy put his bike back together, so he is back in the race.  Sandy and Laurence seem to be lost on their bikes.  Cindy finishes in first place and receives the next clue.  Finally Amani and Marcus finish the puzzle and head to the bikes.  Poor Jennifer is lost because she left her clue back with her brother.  She is trying to wait for another team so see what she needs to do next, but she is wasting a ton of time.  Still standing there, Jennifer finally decides to take her bike back to the starting point.  When Jennifer goes back to the starting point, she realizes that’s what she should have done in the first place.  Jennifer and Justin are now way behind the other teams; it will take a lot of effort for them to catch up. 


Teams now must choose between two tasks dugout or lugout.  In dugout the teams have to use a canoe and paddle out to some drummers and then head back to land.  In lugout, the teams will have to unload cargo from a ferry boat.  Both Ernie and Cindy, and Tommy and Andy choose the canoe challenge.  Ernie and Cindy are having trouble on the water and are left spinning their canoe in circles.  Frustrated by the canoe, Cindy and Ernie decide to use their express pass for this challenge.  Jeremy and Sandy are also having trouble steering the canoe, while Bill and Cathi seem to be doing great! 

The only team to attempt the lugout challenge is, Amani and Marcus.  This is quite a workout for the couple, who is wading through the water carrying items on their shoulders. 

Jamaica Shop

After using the express pass, Cindy and Ernie are left scrambling around trying to find the “Jamaica shop.”  Andy and Tommy catch up with Ernie and Cindy and they start looking for the next clue together.  In front of the Jamaica Shop is the double U-turn.  Cindy and Ernie decide not to U-turn anyone on the race, neither do Andy and Tommy.  The teams get the clue and it’s now a race to the pit stop.  Amani and Marcus are in a rush, but also decide not to use the U-turn.  But then Laurence and Marcus reach the U-turn and decide that they should U-turn Amani and Marcus. 

Pit Stop:

It’s Cindy and Ernie and Andy and Tommy in a footrace for first place.  Both the teams want first place badly and are running as hard as they can to the mat.  The first team to hit the mat and win first place is Andy and Tommy!  That is five out of seven wins for Andy and Tommy. 

Cindy and Ernie finish in second place, a second too late for first.  Cindy is extremely frustrated they used the express pass and didn’t come in first.  The grandparents kicked butt today and finish in third, while Amani and Marcus finish fourth.  Laurence and Zac finish in fifth place for the day.  There are two teams left in the race, but Jennifer and Justin are just too far behind today.  Jeremy and Sandy are safe today, so that means Justin and Jennifer are eliminated from the race.  Jennifer tells Phil, “money or not, this still has been an amazing journey.”   

What did you think of tonight’s Amazing Race? Did Ernie and Cindy use their express pass too early?  Let us know, leave a comment below.

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