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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Two Routines Bring Two Perfect Scores To One Couple Tonight

November 07, 2011 08:06 PM by Lisa Princ

ABC‘s Dancing With The Stars was back tonight, after David Arquette’s elimination last week. Tonight, when the remaining five couples took on two sets of routines, one couple earned a perfect score, not once, but twice! However, it may not be who you think it is. Read on for all the highlights!

Dancing With The Stars kicked off tonight as Tom announced that the couples would be performing two routines each. The five remaining couples would be taking on one normal routine, and one Instant Dance, which they would have only 20 minutes to learn.  So, who rocked the floor? Here is a rundown of how the couples did tonight:

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke
Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke were up first with their Quickstep to Take On Me by Aha, and with some help from Cheryl, Rob made sure his family drama did not interfere with his performance, as he was a bundle of fun tonight and his moves were spot on! Len was up first, and despite not loving the start of the routine, he called it Rob’s best dance so far – and he even loved the booty shaking by Rob! Bruno said they were the best lines Rob had done so far, while Carrie Ann told Rob that he was the ideal contestant for the show. Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke had their best score yet tonight as well, as the pair drew in a 27 from the judges.

For their Insta-Jive, Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke drew Maneater, and it was another fun performance by this pair. Rob definitely looks like he is loosening up more in his performances lately, and the judges enjoyed it. Len said there were no mistakes, while Bruno said it was a great job. Carrie Ann was impressed as well with how great they did in such a short time to rehearse. For this routine, Ron and Cheryl got a 24, giving them a total combined score of 51 out of 60 tonight.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
This week, Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were up next and during rehearsals, Maks admitted to being too competitive in past weeks, while Hope told him she needed more security from him. Maksim Chmerkovskiy then took Hope Solo to meet his family in an effort to get her to learn more about him, then we saw a less aggressive Maks training Hope. The performance was great, and Hope showed definite improvement. Bruno said it was the night of miracles tonight and he loved it, while Carrie Ann asked for a hug from Hope Solo as she gushed that it was in sync. Len Goodman said it was Hope’s best dance yet. The new tactic worked for the pair as they also scored a 27 from the judges, giving them their best score to date.

Hope Solo and Maks were back for their Insta-Jive to The Best Damn Thing, and Hope was determined to make this better than her last Jive. This performance was so fast paced, but Hope seemed to do a good job with all the fast footwork. Bruno called Hope a wild child, gushing that it was good, but then he said she needed to keep her weight on her toes, leaving Maksim Chmerkovskiy not looking too thrilled. Carrie Ann said it was better than last time, although she thought Hope had some crazy hand issues. Meanwhile, Len thought it was fantastic, and a perfect Jive. Hope and Maks scored a 25, giving them a total combined score of 52 out of 60 tonight.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough
Ricki Lake and Derek Hough kicked off their rehearsal on Dancing With The Stars with working on Ricki’s shoulder movements, which were the judges biggest critique for her last week. Then Ricki met up with Jennifer Grey and got some great advice from her. Ricki and Derek took on The Waltz tonight to Natural Woman, and it was beautiful and graceful. Carrie Ann was up first and pointed out a stumble by Ricki and her shoulder issues again, but she loved how Ricki lost herself in the dance. Len said it was beautiful, but then told Ricki that she would never get a 10 from him unless she could nail the footwork. Bruno called it beautiful. Ricki and Derek got two 9′s from Carrie Ann and Len, while Bruno gave them a 10, for a total of 28.

Ricki and Derek were then back for their Insta-Jive to Land of 1,000 Dances, and Ricki went into it confident since her first Jive went over so well. Ricki and Derek put on a great performance, but how did it stack up to their last Jive? Carrie Ann kicked off by saying her energy was great, but she got lost in the crowd a few times. Len said Ricki coped very well, but he agreed with Carrie Ann. Bruno agreed and said some sections didn’t go as well as they should have. For this routine, Ricki and Derek earned a 24, giving them a total of 52 out of 60 for the evening.

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus
After last week’s disastrous performance, Nancy Grace was determined to come back this week. Nancy Grace told us that she was definitely the underdog, and we watched as Nancy and Tristan had a spat during rehearsals, where Nancy scolded Tristan for being tired….because after all, she has twins and a full time job so no one can possibly be as exhausted as she is. Wonder what Nancy would do with four kids? Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus took on The Tango and it was alright, but nothing spectacular. Len started by saying this week was better than last week, while Bruno muttered on in his usual un-human chatter – we think he liked it? Carrie Ann called it clean and sharp. Nancy and Tristan earned a 24 for their first performance tonight.

Nancy and Tristan were up next with their Insta-Jive to Upside Down, and Nancy vowed to Jive her heart out, and Tristan MacManus tried to ease her mind by reminding her that this was also his first Insta-dance. This was by far the worst of the Insta-dances all night. Len kicked off by telling Nancy she was the Cinderella story of the show, but that it has hit midnight and it’s now time for her to go home. Bruno said the Jive needed to be fast and this was too laid back and loose, while Carrie Ann said Nancy got lost in the choreography of this one. Nancy Grace and Tristan got a score of 20 for this one, giving them a 44 for their total combined score tonight.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff
Finally, it was time for fan favorite, J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff to kick off their Waltz. J.R. was down about his performance last week, and he was determined to come back, and possibly get the first 30 of the season in scores. J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff left the audience standing with their beautiful Waltz to What The World Needs Now Is Love, which was definitely the best performance of the evening. Bruno called it divine, and Carrie Ann said something happened tonight that was magic. Len Goodman finished off the comments by telling J.R. that he came back with guns blazing this week! J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff got the first perfect score of the season, with three 10′s by the judges!

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff were up with their Insta-Jive to Tutti Fruiti, and J.R. was nervous since his first Jive did not go over well. The second time around proved to be much better for J.R., as he perfected the Instant Dance – it was flawless! Bruno said J.R. was off like a rocket, and called it sensational. Carrie Ann told J.R. and Karina that they were in a class all alone tonight, and no one was coming close. Len Goodman told J.R. that he came out with the best Jive ever. For their Instant dance score, J.R. and Karina were given a another perfect score of 30, giving them a total of 60, and a completely perfect score this week!

Remember to cast your votes! J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff were in the top spot tonight, while Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus fell to the bottom spot. Tune in tomorrow to find out which couple will be eliminated!

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