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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Silicone and Séances

November 07, 2011 08:24 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Bravo, the girls from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are throwing a séance.  Plus, Kim Richards finally opens up to her sister about her new boyfriend.  Keep reading to learn how Kyle reacts to Kim’s news, plus learn all the details from tonight’s RHOBH episode. 

It’s “Paul’s night of beauty”, which means Adrienne’s hubby is showing off his latest plastic surgery gadgets to the ladies.  Kyle is trying to shrink her muffin top, so she is getting a laser treatment. 

In another room, Taylor is waiting for Paul to inject her face “with everything he’s got in this place.”  Enter Lisa who tells Taylor that instead of getting fat injections in her face, she should eat! 

Camille is having some bad divorce drama with Kelsey, so she isn’t meeting the girls at Paul’s office.  Lisa and Kyle call Camille to check in with her. After the phone call, Lisa checks her email and she receives an email from Russell.  The message tells Lisa that his and Taylor’s relationship is great and she shouldn’t spread rumors.  Lisa is confused about the message, but Kyle knows that it is because Russell believes Lisa leaked a story to the tabloids.  When Taylor is leaving the party, Lisa questions her about Russell’s email.  “I don’t have time for this,” is how Taylor responds and basically heads out the door. 

Late as usual, Kim finally arrives to Paul’s office.  The girls talk about her not coming to Kyle’s séance party.  Kim says that she feels uncomfortable going to the séance, because it’s against her religion. Kyle finds that odd, since she knows her sister sees a psychic.  

Now it’s Kim’s turn to meet with Paul for some “beauty” help.  First Paul asks Kim her age, which she answers 46. Then Paul asks the question we all want to know – what medications are you on?  Kim rambles off three medications, which Paul then says “it all makes sense.”  He tells Lisa, “you have that sedated look on you.”  Basically Paul feels Kim should meet with a psychiatrist to talk about this medication cocktail she is on, because he doesn’t think it’s working well for her.

Adrienne and Kyle enter the room to watch Paul work his magic on Kim’s face.  Kim is joking around with Paul and Adrienne, when Kyle rudely says, “shh shh Kim, you are talking too much.”  Immediately Kim snipes back, “You are not my mother, thanks.”  Not happy by being called out by her sister, Kyle leaves the room. 

From beauty party to séance party – these girls run the spectrum of themed parties.  While getting ready for the party, Kyle extends an olive branch by calling Brandi to make sure she is coming to the party.  Taylor stops by the party early to chat with Kyle about her problems with Lisa.  Apparently Taylor is livid with Lisa because Lisa is going around town saying that Taylor doesn’t have any friends.  “It hurts my feeling so badly,” Taylor cries to Kyle.  Taylor admits that she is scared of Lisa, but she knows she needs to say something to her. 

Enter Rebecca, the clairvoyant, who is going to help with the séance party.  Plus, our favorite chef Bernie is catering the party!  All the girls start arriving at the party, including Brandi and her crutches.  All the girls gather around a candle-lit table. 

Immediately the psychic starts in on Adrienne and her father who had passed.  Adrienne gets choked up as Rebecca tells her about her father.  As for Brandi, the psychic tells her that she is going to have a girl one day.  Now for the eerie part, when the psychic talks to Taylor she talks to her about Russell.  Rebecca picks up that there are very dark spots in her relationship with Russell. 

Not attending the party, Kim is packing up her house in preparation for her big move.  Elizabeth, Kim’s housekeeper is helping her pack.  Again, Kim is doing the cleaning while the housekeeper looks on laughing at her. 

The next day Kyle heads over to Kim’s house to visit with her and see how the packing is going.  Immediately Kyle asks, “What is the big secret?”  The two sister head outside to chat. 

Finally, Kim admits to Kyle that she has been seeing a guy for over a year and she is moving in with him!  Kyle is completely taken off guard and asks, “why would you keep that a secret?”  Immediately Kyle shuts down and puts on her sunglasses as tears start to roll down her face.  “I feel that is not something you really want to do,” cries Kyle.  Kim says she is doing this for herself, and she is excited about it.  In the private interview Kyle thinks that Kim is doing this because she is lonely, and that’s it. 

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