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Dirty Soap Recap: Relationship Drama Comes To A Head In The Finale

November 13, 2011 10:10 PM by Lori Wilson

The season finale of Dirty Soap on E! is here. The gang goes camping, Fary tries to set Nadia up with another man and JP and Farah reach a crossroads. Keep reading for all the drama.

Farah brings John-Paul to the Pacific Ocean where they discuss their potential move to the West Coast. She asks if he’s scared to make the move. He says he’s leaving a lot of happiness in New York to come there. She is the only thing in L.A. that makes him feel he’s not out of his element. She promises to make sure he has a good life there.

The cast, minus Kirsten and Kelly, meet for dinner in L.A. The topic of men wearing wedding rings comes up and John-Paul firmly announces he will never wear one. Farah gets upset over this. Brandon asks the group to go on a camping trip. John-Paul hates the idea, as he’s never been, but says he’d go because it’d be funny. Nadia isn’t thrilled by the prospect of camping either, because she hates dirt and bugs. Brandon talks up the experience, but tells her there will be no iPads or cell phones allowed.

To ensure she has something to fall back on should General Hospital get cancelled, Kelly meets with a tastemaker to help further her “brand.” He thinks she should educate herself on clothing lines and suggests she go to a fashion convention in Vegas. Kelly likes the idea and meets with a designer at the convention whose line she would love to represent.

Farah’s friends Danny and Nathaniel, as well as Kelly are invited to go camping with the rest of the group. They all set up near the ocean and as they relax, Danny asks Nadia about her mother’s feelings towards Brandon. He wonders if Fary is one of the reasons why she and Brandon haven’t discussed getting married. She admits it could be true and he turns therapist by encouraging her to live her own life and not let other people’s opinions influence her.

Kelly shows up and the group gets their drink on and go swimming. Farah talks with Jenna about being career oriented and how motherhood has never been a calling for her. Kelly joins in, saying she would love to be a mother. Farah asks her why she never married her ex-boyfriend. Kelly believes in commitment, but it’s not a necessity to have a certificate. Farah just wants to know if JP will marry her because he will not tell her.

At night around the campfire, the women discuss the shaky state of Daytime and not knowing what the future holds. Farah asks about the actress who took over for Kirsten on “General Hospital.” Kelly says she’s doing a good job, but she’s not Kirsten. Farah notes there’s no word on her former friend’s health and they toast to her getting well. Later, the men and Kelly discuss Brandon’s issues with Fary. They are all on Brandon’s side and swear a lot as Brandon admits he has had fears their relationship wouldn’t work out, especially if Nadia believed anything Fary said.

When the group convenes together, Danny needles JP in front of everyone about him not proposing. Galen calls Danny out on ambushing JP. He thinks JP should discuss it with Farah and no one else. Privately with a drunk Farah, Danny works her up to the point where she starts to cry over JP not wanting to get married. She thinks she deserves an answer because she’s so good to JP. Danny tells her to demand it from him and calls JP over. JP says he wants to spend his life with her, but she wants him to tell her flat out if he doesn’t want to get married. She needs an answer and he responds he just wants to hang out. Farah tells him she’s going to break up with him. JP doesn’t want to break up, but Farah knows he doesn’t want to get married either and says they’re done.

The next morning as the group leaves the campground, JP says he can’t imagine being without Farah and is scared his life with her is all over. Meanwhile, Farah thinks she needs to move on. At home, JP and Farah discuss his indecision. JP finally tells her that one day they will get married. She claps and they kiss.

Nadia meets Fary for lunch and discovers her mother brought Fernando along to meet her. Nadia feels awkward so she texts Brandon to meet them. Fernando steps away and Nadia tells her mother she won’t leave Brandon, but Fary talks Fernando up. Fernando returns and flirts with Nadia, as Fary encourages him. Brandon shows up, much to Fary’s displeasure. Fary tells Brandon she wanted Nadia to meet a real gentleman and praises Fernando while making digs at Brandon. Nadia announces lunch is over and Fary and Fernando leave. In the car, Fary bitches about Brandon to Fernando, who encourages her hate of Nadia’s beau. Meanwhile, Brandon and Nadia argue about how to handle Fary. Brandon knows he can’t win with Nadia’s mother. Later at home, Brandon and Nadia kiss and make-up.

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