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The Amazing Race Recap: Double U-Turn In Denmark

November 13, 2011 07:34 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS, six teams remain in the fight to win The Amazing Race.  A bunny challenge and a double U-turn are some of the obstacles the teams will face in this leg of the race.  Keep reading for all the details of tonight’s The Amazing Race and learn which team was sent home!

Malawi is the start of the eighth leg of the race, but now the teams are  travelling to Northern Europe.  Andy and Tommy are the first team to depart for Denmark, since they won the last leg of the race.  There is a double u-turn in this leg of the race, so teams are worried.  Everyone heads to the airport to find the quickest flight.  All the teams get on the same flight, except for Zac and Laurence who go through London.  Their gamble pays off, since Zac and Laurence arrive in Denmark hours before everyone else. 

The remainders of the teams arrive in Amsterdam and look for an earlier flight into Denmark.  All the teams are successful in getting on an earlier flight, except for Amani and Marcus.  Amani and Marcus didn’t realize the other teams were searching for flights, so they just took a nap. 

The next morning Amani and Marcus realize they made an enormous mistake, which has put them way behind the rest of the group. 

Everyone, except Amani and Marcus, meet up at the first clue in Denmark.  The teams must climb hundreds of steps to find the clue to their next challenge.  The clue points all teams to drive to a castle.  Jeremy and Sandy have trouble finding the castle, so they have to return to the steps to start over.  To their surprise, they see Amani and Marcus climbing the steps looking for the clue.  Jeremy and Sandy are crushed that the last place team has caught up with them.  Both teams leave for the castle at around the same time, but Amani and Marcus get lost. 

Road Block:

At the castle, the teams learn it’s the road block.  In the road block teams must learn a complex three part dance routine.  When the person accomplishes the routine they will be given the next clue.  Ernie and Cindy and Zac and Laurence are the first to arrive at the road block.  Cathi and Bill and Andy and Tommy are the next teams to arrive to the road block.  Zac is having the most difficulty learning the dances, while Cathi nails it and moves her team to second place.  Amani and Marcus are last to arrive at the dance challenge, but are determined to keep moving forward. 


Ernie is the first to complete the road block, so Cindy and him are on the road to the next challenge.  It’s detour t time.  Now teams must decide between; all hopped up or all churned out.   All hopped out is running a bunny through an obstacle course, while all churned out is making butter the old fashioned way.  Cindy and Ernie choose to churn some butter.  Cathi and Bill arrive at the detour and also choose the butter challenge.  Andy and Tommy and Zac and Laurence are churning butter at the same time, while Amani and Marcus choose the bunny challenge.  Jeremy and Sandy get lost heading to the detour, leaving them in last place. 

Cindy and Ernie are first to finish the road block and they head to the windmill.  At the windmill they encounter the double u-turn.  Cindy and Ernie are determined to win this leg of the race, so they use the u-turn on Bill and Cathi.  Bill and Cathi aren’t too upset about the u-turn, but decide to u-turn Zac and Laurence to assure their safety.  The grandparents finish the bunny challenge fairly quickly and are headed to the pit stop. “This is bloody ridiculous,” is Laurence’s response when he sees his name on the u-turn.  Amani and Marcus are relieved to see their name isn’t on the u-turn and they head to the finish line. 

Final Pit Stop:

Ernie and Cindy finally finish in first place and are excited to win a trip to Fiji. 

Bill and Cathi are team number two and Andy and Tommy are team number three.  Amani and Marcus beat all the odds today and are team number four at the finish line.  The last two teams left racing are Jeremy and Sandy and Zac and Laurence.  Unfortunately, Zac and Laurence get lost on the way to the finish line which costs them the game.  Jeremy and Sandy are team number five, while the father and son team are eliminated from the race. 

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