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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Semi-Final Performances Bring More 10′s And A New Leading Couple

November 14, 2011 08:12 PM by Lisa Princ

ABC‘s Dancing With The Stars was back tonight, and the remaining contestants took on two routines and one Cha Cha relay. On this week’s semi-finals, which contestant earned a perfect score? Read on for all the highlights!

Dancing With The Stars kicked off tonight as Tom announced that the couples would be performing three routines each, one of which will consist of an Argentine Tango, which Brooke informed us that they would be able to do lifts during. So, who rocked the floor? Here is a rundown of how the couples did tonight:

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Hope and Maks were up first tonight, and during her rehearsal, Hope Solo shared how much pain she is in from dancing. Their first routine consisted of the Paso Doble to Can’t Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus. In this routine, Hope definitely looked more confident in her sexiness, but I am not sure she is finale material. Len kicked off by saying that he loved that Hope had so much attack, but she lost finesse. Bruno said he loved the aggression as well, but that Hope lost the artistry, while Carrie Ann thought that Hope Solo nailed the dance, but the hold was off. For their first routine, Maks and Hope scored a 21 out of 30, as all three judges gave them 7′s.

Before her next routine, we learned how Hope Solo struggled with her parents divorce, and revealed how her father kidnapped her and her siblings when they were young. Hope’s mother filled us in that her family troubles played a part in Hope’s determination. Then it was time for their Argentine Tango to Whatever Lola Wants, and Hope definitely gave a better performance with this routine. Len thought it was better than the last performance, and Bruno agreed that it was much better and had more control. Carrie Ann thought the pair worked together in their movements tonight, but she didn’t think the lifts were great. Maks and Hope earned three 8′s for this performance, for a 24, making their total 45 for both dances.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff
Our perfect scoring couple of last week was up next, and during their rehearsals, J.R. wanted to let his fans know that he has never had any professional dance lessons, or prior experience. Then, J.R. twisted his ankle, and he looked to be in a lot of pain, but did it hurt his performance? J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff were up with their Paso Doble to a tune from The Mask Of Zorro, and J.R.’s performance did not suffer from his ankle. The crowd went wild, and Bruno loved the role play, but said his posture was off a bit. Carrie Ann said that the hurt ankle did affect his posture, while Len said the dance did not suit J.R. at all. They scored a 23 out of 30 for this routine.

J.R. Martinez revealed details of his horrific accident in Iraq, and how that made him a stronger person. His mother gushed about his spirit, as did many of J.R.’s co-stars from All My Children. Then it was time for J.R.’s Argentine Tango with Karina Smirnoff, and it was near perfect. J.R. definitely looked as though he was no longer in pain, or at least for the routine. Bruno kicked off by saying it was incredible, and he loved the lifts. Carrie Ann said that when J.R. was dancing she could see his true fire, and she gushed about how well he handled the difficult lifts. Len told them that they came back strong. J.R. Martinez and Karina scored a 27 this time around, for a total of 50 out of 60 for their two routines.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke
Rob Kardashian learned quickly during his rehearsal, that his butt was the key to his Samba. Cheryl and Rob took the floor and Ron rocked his hips, this was by far one of his best performances yet! The crowd went wild, and the judges adored him. Carrie Ann kicked off by asking Rob who he was, and then went on to gush about how amazing it was. Len was up next, and also loved it, while Bruno told Rob there was no stopping him once he started shaking it. These two scored a 28, gaining a 10 from Carrie Ann and two 9′s from Len and Bruno.

Before his next routine, we learned how Rob Kardashian struggled with his father’s death. Kris Jenner filled us in on how Rob dealt with dealing with his three older sisters, and how he went on to graduate college with stellar grades in honor of his father. Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke then tackled their Argentine Tango, and Rob definitely brought his sexy side to the routine. At the end of his performance we saw Kris and Bruce Jenner cheering him on in the audience. The judges loved him, with Carrie Ann telling him it was good and strong, adding there was no faking. Len said it was strong as well, while Bruno said it was great and loved how Rob turned into a man on the dance floor. This pair earned a 27 this time around, giving them a 55 out of 60 for their total of both routines.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough
Ricki and Derek were up next with their Samba to Shake Shake Senora, but could they work their way back up to the top? Ricki performed almost flawlessly, and she definitely looked to be back in her element. The crowd and the judges loved her. Len kicked off by saying it was fabulous, and that Ricki just took a giant step into the finals. Bruno was dazzled, while Carrie Ann thought the technique was incredible, and she loved the routine. Ricki and Derek scored a perfect 30 from the judges for this perfect routine.

Ricki Lake recalled a tough childhood, including being molested in her home, which made her turn to food. Ricki then shared how much fun she had in Hairspray, but also how much her weight gain affected her happiness. Ricki and Derek’s Argentine Tango was spot on, and Ricki looked stunning in a red, satin gown that hugged all her new curves – she has definitely lost weight on the show. Len started by saying it was really good, and he loved the contrast of movement. Bruno blabbered that he loved it and the mood was spot on, while the dancing was fierce. Carrie Ann said Ricki has always had the passion, but now she has the pop. Ricki and Derek scored a 29 for this one, with the only nine coming from Carrie Ann. That brings their total for both routines to 59 out of 60.

Finally it was time for the Cha Cha relay on Dancing With The Stars, which would earn each couple some extra points. Hope and Maks ended up in 4th place with 4 additional points, followed by J.R. and Karina in 3rd place with 6 additional points. In 2nd place was Ricki and Derek with 8 additional points, while Rob Kardashian took 1st place and earned an additional 10 points. Once again, the point totals are:

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough – 67
Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke – 65
J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff – 56
Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – 49

Remember to cast your votes! Tune in tomorrow to find out which couple will be eliminated!

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