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The Biggest Loser Recap: Dolvett Quince Gets Emotional And Apolo Ohno Visits The Contestants

November 15, 2011 07:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the players competed as teams, but tonight that changed as they went back to singles. Olympic medalist, Apolo Ohno made a visit to the ranch for a challenge as well, but who was sent packing? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight was Alison Sweeney informed the remaining contestants that they would be competing as singles with a yellow line, and they would be competing in a Biggest Loser pentathlon – a pentathlon is a contest which features five events. For each event, the players get points, and the player with the most points at the end of the events would win immunity, while the last place player would get a one pound disadvantage. For the first event, each player had to go into a voting booth, and vote their competitors in numerical order as to who should win the show. The catch was that they could not vote for themselves, and whoever had the highest number of votes would get 7 points, going down the line by one point until they hit last place. The first event’s results would not be revealed until the weigh in.

For the second event, the contestants had to race to cover up pegs of their competitors, and as each player’s pegs were covered, they would be eliminated. Those remaining the longest would get the most points. Sunny decided to play smart and let the guys take each other out, and it paid off because she won. Ramon however, was not as fortunate as he was in last place since he was pegged out first. Then the trainers got a hold of the contestants and were determined to kick their buns this week. Following the workout, it was time for a trivia challenge as part of the pentathlon, which was swept by Antone, who got 6 out 7 correct. After the challenge, Antone was in first place, while Ramon was still in last place, but the funniest part was how Becky got the math problems wrong, when she teaches math!

Dolvett Quince had some one on one time with John in the gym, where he tried to encourage John that he was strong and he could do everything he set out to do. Later that day, Dolvett was determined to get John to let his walls down, so that he may start trusting Dolvett. And then things got emotional as Dolvett shared his troubled childhood, and showed John a “lifebook” with all of Dolvett’s memories. We knew he was adopted, but Dolvett went into detail about his birth father took off, which led his mother to try and find him and left the kids behind. In the end, social services came and took Dolvett and his siblings away from their mother and placed them into an adopted home. Dolvett was breaking down and we could see tears in his eyes as he continued with his story of how his adopted father hit him so hard once, that it left a hand imprint on his face for a day.

John definitely appreciated Dolvett’s effort, and we all got an inside look at Dolvett. After a while, John met up with Dolvett, and showed him a memory book that he made. John said that he wanted Dolvett to see that he was trying very hard to open up and trust people, and then he went on to reveal how his father died of a heart attack and how much he wished he was still there. After an emotional heart to heart, John vowed that he would change his ways and told Dolvett that he would change how he communicates for his sons, so they would not feel the way he did about his dad’s lack of communication.

The next event was a physical challenge, in which the contestants had to pull themselves with a rope across a pool, all while riding a float. The quickest time would win, and in this case, that was Sunny, with Ramon coming in last again. After this event, Sunny and Antone were tied for the lead, while Ramon was still last and about to give up on gaining any points. Next up on The Biggest Loser, we watched Apolo Ohno join the contestants, and he showed up with some Subway meals for everyone. For the final challenge, the contestants run 5 miles alongside Apolo Ohno, and Ramon actually stepped up his game and pulled off first place, while Bonnie ended up in last place for the race.

Next, it was time for the weigh in on The Biggest Loser, and the results of the first challenge, where we found out who earned points with their rankings, and who would get the prize. After the votes were tallied, the winner of the first event was Antone, which pushed him back into first place, and gave Antone immunity for the week. Meanwhile, at the bottom was Bonnie, who ended up with a one pound disadvantage on the scale. Here is how the contestants fared after their pentathlon week, which was complete with workouts.

from 216 lbs to 207 lbs (-9) total percentage of 4.17%

from 280 lbs to 273 lbs (-7) total percentage of 2.50%

from 348 lbs to 339 lbs (-9) * Antone hit the 100 lb mark tonight!

from 186 lbs to 182 lbs (-4) total percentage of 2.15%

from 345 lbs to 335 lbs (-10) total percentage of 2.90%

from 319 lbs to 310 lbs (-9) total percentage of 2.82%

from 213 lbs to 208 lbs (-5) total percentage of 1.88% with the 1 lb disadvantage

This meant that both Bonnie and Becky were beneath the yellow line, and were up for elimination. Sadly, these two ladies are the last of the elder team, and are the best of friends. Bonnie went decided to speak to the others without Becky, and she begged that they send her home and keep Becky – for two reasons. Bonnie was sacrificing herself because Becky was her dear friend, and also because she wanted to see a teacher win The Biggest Loser. This is one of the few episodes that has left us in tears – what a selfless woman!

Bonnie is doing incredible at home, and is down to 168 lbs. Bonnie looks wonderful, and is showing her friends all her tricks. Best of luck to Bonnie, we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

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