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Bonnie Griffin Can’t Thank Anna Kournikova Enough For All Her Help On The Biggest Loser

November 16, 2011 06:45 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night fans of The Biggest Loser watched as Bonnie Griffin sacrificed herself for the sake of the teachers left at the ranch. In her post elimination interview, Bonnie shared her thoughts on Anna Kournikova and her time on the ranch! Believe it or not, Bonnie Griffin had nothing but great things to say about Anna Kournikova! Read on for the full interview!

The Biggest Loser fans watched this season as Bonnie Griffin and Anna Kournikova clashed on the ranch, but Bonnie feels nothing but love for Anna – or at least that is what she told us! Check out Bonnie’s post elimination interview below!

Question: Can you tell us about the tension between yourself and Anna Kournikova?

Bonnie Griffin: There were three trainers on the ranch, and I can honestly say that each trainer had their own way to get us to our goal. From the beginning, I had told Anna Kournikova that she was going to lead me to the next chapter of my life. She did the best she could do with what she had – a 63-year-old lady with knee problems. I fooled them all when they all thought I would be voted off the first week. Anna was amazing. Then when Dolvett came on board, he worked with my knee issues more than she did. I cannot thank Anna Kournikova enough for all she did for me to get me headed in the right direction.

Question: What advice can you offer others your age for reaching their goals?

Bonnie Griffin: One thing I tried get out to the seniors was that for many seasons I have watched and ate the wrong things while watching The Biggest Loser. Now that I have experienced this, I can say, if you can’t walk, or do things like that, just try sitting on a chair and getting up and down. I mean, any way you can find to get your heart rate up is helping you. It’s not all about nutrition, but exercise as well. No matter what age, you can do something about your health and welfare.

Question: What has been the hardest part of being home now?

Bonnie Griffin: The hardest thing was to set up a time to workout. I didn’t have to find a gym as The Biggest Loser did that for me. Setting up what time I was going to go to the gym, since I didn’t have the convenience of walking to the gym from my dorm. Also, going to the grocery store and getting my food plan together was kind of hard. Once I started getting to the gym, it all came into play. I am retired, so I was lucky in that aspect, since it allows me more time to devote than most.

Question: Since you are retired, what is next for you?

Bonnie Griffin: I want to go on trips, I want to see the world. I would love to do some motivational talking so people can know how happy I am with my life and my new body. I want to let them know that anyone can do this.

Question: Can you explain why you have such a soft spot for teachers?

Bonnie Griffin: My oldest sister was actually in the convent for 10 years of her life, not getting paid to teach our children. She eventually got out and went into teaching again. I just feel like she spent so much time teaching, and teachers never get paid enough. John, from the ranch, teaches mentally challenged children in High School, and as you know, I have a mentally challenged grandchild. Becky has also worked with mentally challenged children in the past. You know, I knew the money was not my goal. I knew if I succeeded I was already a winner.

Question: Was your sacrificial elimination something that you thought out, or was it spur of the moment?

Bonnie Griffin: It was spur of the moment. I was actually getting excited for makeover week, as I wanted to see how they would makeover an old lady. But when Becky fell under the yellow line with me, that is when
I made the decision.

Question: How was it watching yourself and the way you were portrayed on television, for both you and your family?

Bonnie Griffin: The good ways I was portrayed I feel very blessed for. I have sisters that read the negative and I told them “I don’t want to hear it.” We actually had a premiere party at my daughter’s house and it was so much fun. Last night we had a finale party, and I can say I was crying watching Bonnie crying on television.

Question: Tell us about your relationship with Dolvett Quince.

Bonnie Griffin: I just think that Dolvett and I meshed a little bit better than Anna and I did. He had more inspirational comments for me. Everyone’s personalities are different. It was just a different relationship. All in all, I cannot thank both of them enough for getting me started on this journey.

Question: What are your healthy eating tips?

Bonnie Griffin: I eat a lot of fish for dinner and chicken breast. I get the non-processed turkey that the stores bake there in the store because it has so much less sodium. I eat that on fiber bread, loaded with lettuce and tomatoes. I do a lot of grains and vegetables – I do not seem to have problem with my food at home.

Question: What’s been something you can do now at home that you couldn’t do before?

Bonnie Griffin: I have a 2 year old grandchild, and I couldn’t get on the floor and play with her. Now from Dolvett making me do the bear crawl on the floor, I can get down and play with her.

Question: Are you planning on competing in the marathon?

Bonnie Griffin: I have intentions of going up there, but we will see. I am going to see how much my knee can do. Tune in and see what I do.

Best of luck to Bonnie Griffin – we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

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