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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Tribal Council Twist

November 16, 2011 08:11 PM by Ryan Haidet

The Te Tuna tribe was in for a shocker when they arrived at Tribal Council on tonight’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific — that’s when Jeff Probst revealed they would be voting two people out of the game and send them to Redemption Island.  But a lot happened before we got to that moment as strategy discussions showed fractures within the former Upolu tribe that had vowed to stick together.  Coach sniffed out the problems early and was started to get very nervous.  Would they all stay loyal to each other and take out the last two solid Savaii members?  Read on to find out!

Rule #37

In his paranoia with possibly getting stabbed in the back, Coach hilariously revealed what he called rule #37 of Survivor 101 during one of his confessionals.  “Anybody that’s on the bottom of an alliance better not feel like they’re not on the bottom of alliance or they’re gonna revolt and try to scramble and find themselves a better place in the game.  I keep talking to people about unity and respect because people get scared in this game.  Blindsides happen every day — in fact, more blindsides happen than alliances sticking together.”  Like him or not, Coach is absolutely right with this so-called rule of the game.  I definitely think he’s stepped up his game and is actually playing much better than we’ve ever seen him before.  I’m rooting for ya, Coach!  Go get ‘em!

Coach Kool-Aid

On the beach the next morning, Coach was leading Cochran in a meditation session.  While we’ve seen Coach do this many times every season he’s played the game, I think this one was the weirdest.  Cochran, in his usual ways, was not smooth with any of his movements.  In confessional, Cochran said he was slowly sipping the Coach Kool-Aid like almost everybody else.  But I don’t think Cochran was meditating on the beach with Coach simply for strategic purposes.  I think part of that was the Survivor fanboy coming out of Cochran.

The most interesting part of this meditation came when they were finished.  Coach told Cochran that he was very worried about the tides shifting within the former Upolu tribe.  He admitted that he was nervous there would soon be an uprising to blindside him.

Survivor Three-Way

At Redemption Island, all of the Te Tuna members were witnesses to the three-way duel featuring Keith, Ozzy and Jim.  The challenge was one we’ve seen before — and it’s one I absolutely love.  With their arms outstretched, the three guys had to use their hands to hold two poles by pushing them against a piece of wood above.  The first two people to drop their poles would be eliminated from the competition and become the first members of the jury.

Jim was the first person out of the challenge with Keith falling out shortly after.  With that, Ozzy won the challenge and survived another day on Redemption Island.  Oh, goody.

As Jim and Keith said their goodbyes, Ozzy told the Te Tuna tribe the same stuff he’s been saying since he first got to Redemption Island.  He vowed to keep eating lots of food to build enough strength so he could beat them one by one in the duels.

Balance Battle

This was a really cool challenge that I hope they do again.  Probst said in one of his Tout messages that the challenge worked out so well that they probably will use it again in a future season.  Could that possibly mean they already re-used this challenge in the upcoming season titled Survivor: One World?  Anyway, the challenge had each castaway fill a bowl with rice and balance it on their head as they maneuvered along a course with two teetering balance beams.  The first person to transport enough rice to the container at the end would win Immunity.  While many of them struggled right off the bat, Dawn, Sophie and Brandon shined.  But it was Sophie who won it all and claimed Immunity.

After she put on her Immunity necklace, Probst told everybody there would be a twist coming up at Tribal Council.  Hmm…  What could it be?  Please don’t tell me you already forgot what I wrote in the first paragraph!

Pitching A Plan

One thing was clear when everybody returned to camp after the challenge: Dawn and Whitney were the obvious targets.  Or were they?  Albert was starting to think it might be time to make a big move to take Edna out of the game.  He though Whitney and Dawn deserved to be in the game more than her.  When talking about his plan with Sophie, who seemed to be on his side, Albert said Edna has brought “zero to the table.”  He said the game is not “outorganize, outclean and outgather — it’s frickin’ Survivor.”

Coach noticed that Albert was talking to the enemy and stepped in as the mob boss.  “If anybody wants to go against the five, it’s instant death,” he said.  With that, they were all off to Tribal Council.

Big Move?

At Tribal Council, Dawn made one thing clear: Now would be the time for people to use she and Whitney to make a big move.  But that big move never arrived as the solid Upolu alliance (with Cochran) voted Dawn out of the game.  I just wish somebody would have told Brandon how to correctly spell Dawn’s name.  Why would she spell it like a dude?  Don?  Really, Brandon?

Moments after her torch was snuffed, Probst turned to all of the players to reveal the twist.  “We are going to go right into another Immunity challenge with a vote to follow,” he said.

The on-the-spot Immunity challenge wasn’t anything exciting as they were all asked survival-related questions.  When it came down to only two contestants, Whitney, the only one in obvious jeopardy, found herself up against Sophie.  In the end, Sophie got the final question was right and earned her second Immunity win in a row.  Without any hesitation, the voting began and everybody’s ballot fell against Whitney.

Now all that remains at Te Tuna’s camp is the Upolu six and Cochran.  Can the geek make another big move and convince others to keep him around beyond seventh place?  It should be an interesting episode next week when two more are officially booted out of the game after the next three-way duel at Redemption Island.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Ozzy is still around?  Do you think Coach is actually a good player this season?  Can Cochran pull off another strategic surprise to save himself next week?  Who is your favorite player left in the game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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One Response to “Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Tribal Council Twist”

  1. Marcia Says:
    November 16th, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Coach is my favorite. While he is not Rob Mariano, he has Charisma and he is playing the game well ~ much better than Ozzy. Coach gets my vote.


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