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The Amazing Race Recap: Muscles In Brussels

November 20, 2011 07:33 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS, the remaining contestants on The Amazing Race bear it all in a bodybuilding competition.  Find out which teams receive high marks from the judges and which teams needs to work on their muscles.  Keep reading to find out all The Amazing Race details and learn which team was eliminated!

The teams start the ninth leg of the race in Denmark.  Ernie and Cindy are the first to depart and are looking for a statue to find their first clue.  The grandparents and Andy and Tommy are the next teams to leave.  Amani and Marcus and Jeremy and Sandy are the last teams to head out for the day.

Road Block

Teams must memorize the poem on the statue, take a bike ride and then recite the poem at a theatre in order to receive their next clue.  Cindy is the first to memorize the poem and recites it perfectly on the first try. Both Cathi and Tommy get lost trying to the find the theatre, so Amani is able to get in front of both teams.  Finally Cathi finds the theatre, but she missed one word of the poem and must head back to the start.  Tommy gets the words right, but he doesn’t realize he needs to act out the poem.  Finally he goes back and recites the poem with actions.  Sandy is the last person to repeat the poem and she does it correctly the first time. 

Lego Land

While the other teams are back at the road block, Cindy and Ernie have already moved onto their next challenge at Lego Land.  The teams must work on a puzzle while on a ride, but they can only work on it while the ride is spinning.  When the puzzle is complete it will provide the teams with their next clue.  The puzzle will reveal the teams must now travel to Hamburg, Germany.  Amani and Marcus arrive second to Lego Land, but Cindy and Ernie are already on their way to Germany.  After almost throwing up on the ride Amani and Marcus complete the puzzle and off to the next location.  Andy and Tommy and Jeremy and Sandy are the next teams to arrive at Lego Land.  Cathi and Bill are completely lost and can’t find their way to Lego Land.  The snowboarders finish quickly, but Jeremy and Sandy are having trouble because they dropped a piece of the puzzle.  Since Jeremy dropped a piece, they team has to start all over again. The grandparents are the last team to arrive, but complete the task quickly. 

Headed to Brussels

Ernie and Cindy arrive at the train station first, but are bummed to find out that everyone will be on the same train to Brussels.  Annoyed by the news, Cindy actually drops her train tickets on the floor. All the teams meet up at the station and get on the train together.  Ernie and Cindy still don’t have their tickets for the second part of the train ride and Cindy is freaking out. “I’m very disappointed in myself,” Cindy tells the camera.  There was no conductor checking for tickets, so Cindy was worried over nothing.  All the teams are tied at this point, so it’s any ones race.  


Teams must earn a score of 12 or more in a bodybuilding competition. Professional bodybuilders will teach the teams certain poses and they will need to perform in front of judges.  The outfits are small, but don’t worry all the teams get a complimentary paint on tan.  “Our kids are going to die when they see us in this little clothing,” Cathi tells the camera.  Ernie and Cindy are up first in the competition and they only receive nine points. 

Cindy is furious because the judges mostly tell Ernie he needs to improve.  The snowboarders are up next.  The guys flex their muscles and only receive four points!  Ouch!  It’s back to practice for the boys.  Amani and Marcus take the stage next.  The audience claps, so Marcus really gets into the routine and they pull off a 12.  Andy and Tommy do a second routine and only receive a five. 

Ernie and Cindy earn a 12 in their second round and are off to the pit stop.  The grandparents are up next and show off their physique, but they don’t impress the judges.  In their first try, Jeremy and Sandy, earn a 13 and are off to the finish line. 

Pit Stop

Teams are now headed to a gazebo in a park.  Amani and Marcus stop and ask for directions, while Ernie and Sandy hop in a cab.  It’s a race for first place between these two teams, but Amani and Marcus are named team number one.   Amani and Marcus are excited about their win, but learn the race is still going and they must be on their way.  The show ends with a “to be continued….” 

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