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Survivor: South Pacific — Exit Interview With Keith Tollefson

November 22, 2011 12:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

Keith Tollefson became the second member of the jury when he lost the duel on last week’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific.  But his performance on the show is one that will likely be forgotten since his Survivor fame is now swirling around a romantic headline-grabbing relationship involving Whitney Duncan.  In a recent conference call with reporters, Keith briefly talked about his bond with Whitney by saying they hope to clear everything up at the finale in December!  What else did Keith have to say?  Read on to find out!

Question: Can you comment on your relationship with Whitney?

Keith Tollefson: In the game, Whitney and I became very very close.  She was one of my first alliances.  Me, Ozzy and her were in an alliance.  We just got very close in the game.  She’s a great person.  Outside of the game, I can’t really comment on that because she’s still playing right now.  But I know all of those questions that everyone is really really curious about, hopefully we can answer those at the finale and clear everything up.  Everything will be finally said and it should prove to be a very interesting finale.

Question: What was it like spending time with Ozzy?

Keith Tollefson: Ozzy is a very very nice guy.  It’s just like anybody with the show, sometimes it’s a little bit different from what is shown on TV than he is in real life.  He’s really really down to earth; really really nice.  Obviously, a beast in challenges.  He went out to fish almost every day.  We never just got down to like a very personal level and became very close friends out there, but you have to realize it is a game and you have to play against this person that you do potentially like.  So there was a fear of not being able to trust him because he is a very strong competitor just like I am.

Question: Do you regret the decision to blindside Elyse instead of Cochran?

Keith Tollefson: I tried to talk to Elyse about her feelings in the game or playing a strategy, or anything that she thought.  She really had nothing to contribute, basically zero conversation about the game.  Whitney, who I was in a very close alliance with as well, she went to talk to her. …  Whitney said that she said absolutely nothing.  The fact that she said nothing to me, she said nothing to Whitney, just gave me a sense that when her and Ozzy are sitting next to each other in the hammock that she’s only talking to one person about the game. …  If we get to the merge and Ozzy has Elyse in his pocket then he can go in a move with Coach and possibly change up the game that way.  Speaking with Cochran we thought he understood that he was in every final-three scenario with almost all of us. …  Why would you flip, in my eyes, when you can reach final three if you stick with the tribe?  He was, what I thought, tied to us more than ever.  But obviously things change very quickly in one day of Survivor.

Question: You were against Ozzy’s plan to voluntarily be sent to Redemption Island.  Looking back, what do you think of that move now?  Also, is there any way you would ever consider doing the same thing?

Keith Tollefson: I was more than willing to offer myself up as well, but I was not willing to offer myself up for someone that didn’t deserve it.  I didn’t think Cochran deserved to basically have somebody else fight his battle for him at that point.  He had been saved and it was so tiresome of dragging him along all the way to that point and then having him basically be 100 percent of a liability. …  I was tired of saving him.

Question: Would you play again?

Keith Tollefson: Those who answer no are basically trying to get people to beg them to come back.  Everyone would love to play again because you get to leave all your troubles, your worries behind.  Go to, more than likely, a beautiful place and play a game for $1 million.  Of course.  Yes.

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