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The Biggest Loser Recap: Thanksgiving Week Brings Temptations, Jacob’s Ladder, And Bob Harper Opens Up

November 22, 2011 07:57 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we said goodbye to Bonnie Griffin, but who will fall the victim of the yellow line after Thanksgiving week? This week, we saw temptations, Thanksgiving meals, contestants breaking down their walls, as well as Bob Harper opening up about his family. Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicked off this week in Thanksgiving style! The remaining six contestants were greeted by Alison Sweeney, who took them into the kitchen, which was filled with Thanksgiving goodies – from turkey covered in gravy to pies of every variety. Of course, this meant there was a temptation challenge – under each plate was a number, and the lowest three numbers would win prizes, if they ate the food on the plate. Each contestant could eat as many plates as they wanted, and the prizes consisted of: $500 for every pound lost this week, a $25,000 home gym, and a 3 pound advantage at the weigh in. The lowest number would get to choose which prize they wanted, followed by the 2nd and 3rd.

Just when we thought that no one would eat, they all decided to eat! Becky ate one plate and was not happy with her number of 96, since the numbers went from 1-100, so she decided to eat another, which gave her a 38. Antone ate two plates as well, one with an 81 and one with a 46, while Sunny debated eating anything, and when she did, she ended up with an 85. John pulled a 52, but he was determined not to go up for a second plate, as Vinny did not either. In the end, Vinny had a 10, which put him in first place, Becky in 2nd, and Antone in 3rd. Vinny, who only ate a plate a ham, chose to go with the 3 lb advantage, while Becky chose the home gym for herself and her family. That left Antone with the $500 per pound prize, which only made him more determined to lose as much as possible.

After the trainers heard the news, Bob was not thrilled, but he was proud of his contestants for winning all three prizes. Then we watched as Dolvett Quince bonded with John, as John was the only member of the red team still standing, and Dolvett was determined to break down John’s walls. After a heart to heart, John admitted that he sets extremely high standards for himself, and he cried into the camera, he revealed that is because he took someone else’s spot, who could have been on the show, therefore he refuses to take the easy road. Meanwhile, Bob Harper and Vinny were bonding, and Bob made Vinny realize how close to death he really was. Vinny, who has a beautiful girlfriend at home, is ready to marry her and adopt her son, and he vowed to Bob that he would hit the 100 pound mark this week.

Next up on The Biggest Loser, the trainers decided to surprise the contestants with a Thanksgiving dinner – healthy of course! They made turkey rolls with healthy stuffing, greens, desserts, and they all sat around chatting about their families and what they were thankful for. Bob Harper took this opportunity at the dinner table to share his own personal story about his sister, who happens to be overweight. It turns out that Bob Harper has been trying for years to get his sister to take the healthy route, but she does not see it. Bob gushed about how much Sunny, who had been encouraged to get healthy by her family for so long, reminded him of his sister. By doing this, Bob Harper proved to the contestants that he was human, and he had struggles just like everyone else.

For their challenge this week on The Biggest Loser, the contestants had to climb a mile on the dreaded Jacob’s ladder. This challenge also had 3 prizes, which would be chosen by the winners, in order of 1st place to 3rd. The prizes consisted of: 6 months of The Biggest Loser meal plan for the contestant and 6 months for them to give to someone else, $2500 for one contestant and $2500 for them to give to someone else, and a one pound advantage for the winner, which came with a 1 pound disadvantage for another player. John, Sunny, and Ramon fought it out, and John ended up in 1st place, with Sunny in 2nd, and Ramon in 3rd.

John chose the 1 pound advantage, and he needed to chose a player to give the 1 pound disadvantage at the weigh in. Sunny chose the meal plan, and chose to give the other one to Bonnie, who was eliminated last week. Ramon ended up with the $2500, offering the other $2500 to Vinny. Alison asked John to let her know at the weigh in, who was getting the disadvantage, and the other contestants were very worried. As they all sat around chatting minus John, Vinny offered to ask John to give him the 1 pound advantage, which would bring him to a 2 pound advantage, and possibly save one of the others from elimination based on that 1 pound.

Then it was time for a last chance workout, where Dolvett was determined to push John, to prove that they were not giving up. At the weigh in, John decided to give the 1 pound disadvantage to Sunny, for no legitimate reason. And here is how the weigh in went down:

from 207 lbs to 202 lbs (-5) total percentage of 1.93% *including the 1 lb disadvantage

from 273 lbs to 268 lbs (-5) total percentage of 1.83%

from 339 lbs to 331 lbs (-8) total percentage of 2.38% * Antone earned $4000.00 for his loss

from 182 lbs to 177 lbs (-5) total percentage of 2.75%

from 335 lbs to 324 lbs (-11) total percentage of 4.18% with the 3 lb advantage * Vinny hit the 100 lb mark this week

from 310 lbs to 305 lbs (-5) total percentage of 1.94% with the 1 lb advantage

That meant that both Sunny and Ramon were below the yellow line tonight, and Sunny was upset that she ended up there because of John. Both Sunny and Ramon pleaded their cases, and John could not apologize enough to Sunny, but would he vote for her at the elimination table? Vinny was up first, and he chose to send home Sunny, for obvious reasons, as the pair are very close friends. Next up was Becky, who chose to send home Ramon, because Sunny is her roommate and friend, while John said that because Ramon was a competitor, he chose to send Sunny home. Antone however, chose to send Ramon home, as Sunny was his teammate at one point.

Needless to say, Antone was ticked at the elimination table because of John. Antone told John where to stick it, and how he could have manned up and written Ramon’s name down, since Ramon was the player who earned the spot below the yellow line, while John gave Sunny the spot by giving her that one lb disadvantage. Then, Alison announced that Ramon would be headed home after the votes, but no worries because Ramon is doing well at home with Jessica. Ramon decided to get a makeover before heading home to Jessica, including cutting off all his hair and beard. To date, Ramon has lost 110 lbs, and guaranteed to us that either he or Jessica would win the marathon.

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